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Comuna 13, Medellín – From notorious murder capital to tourist attraction

comuna 13 Medellin Colombia

Comuna 13: a Colombian neighbourhood that was once considered the most dangerous place in the world’s most dangerous city, has transformed itself and is rapidly becoming a very popular tourist destination. Not too long ago, the city of Medellin suffered from terrible violence, but nowhere was it more prevalent than in Comuna 13. Learn how […]

OVERNIGHT TRAIN FROM BANGKOK TO CHIANG MAI – how to get the cheapest tickets!

overnight sleeper train Bangkok to Chiang mai Thailand

Taking the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, or vice versa – from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, is a really popular option for backpackers and people travelling around Thailand! It is certainly a memorable experience, however many websites and companies WILL overcharge you for the ticket! Read on to learn all you need to […]


From the Stars Valley and it’s beautiful rock formations to idyllic beaches, Qeshm Island is an untouched paradise full of attractions that are bound to impress any tourist. The island has lots of natural sites and wildlife and is surrounded by incredibly blue waters – a complete contrast to the rest of Iran. Qeshm has it […]

The Most Instagrammable Places in Edinburgh!

arthurs seat Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a charming historical city to visit with many Instagrammable places. There are also many secret places to visit in Edinburgh! The city has such a lovely atmosphere and friendly locals and is perfect for a short city break with friends, family or a partner! Read on to find all […]

Housesitting enabled me to give up my job & travel!

Because of housesitting, I have been able to give up my job and travel the world, with all my accommodation costs paid for! Want to learn how you can do the same? What is housesitting? First off, what is house sitting? Read here all about housesitting, the advantages of it, which people it is suited to, and […]

Siosepol Bridge – Bridge of 33 Arches in Isfahan, Iran

Siosepol bridge iran Esfahan 10 days

Siosepol Bridge is a stunning two-storey bridge and one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Isfahan, Iran. Also written as Si-o-se Pol or 33 Pol, it means “bridge of 33 arches” or more correctly “33 bridge” in the Farsi language as there are 33 arches across the lower level of the bridge. Passengers walk […]

Why I quit nursing to travel! (guidance for healthcare professionals)

why I quit nursing X-ray radiographer

Why did I quit? First things first. Nurses and healthcare professionals are THE most AMAZING, SELFLESS people. Second, I absolutely loved going into that hospital every day. So why did I quit? And why do so many quit nursing (or other healthcare careers)? Why did I quit? I quit after working for 5 and a […]


10-days-in-iran things to do in Tehran Golestan palace

Despite there being so many things to see and do in Tehran, Iran’s capital, tourists often skip visiting this modern city and head straight to the picturesque and historical cities of Shiraz and Isfahan. But Tehran definitely deserves a mention on the Iran tourist trail. Tehran is modern day Iran – you’ll see beautiful women […]

10 days in Iran – detailed travel itinerary!

jame mosque yazd iran

After having travelled to Iran twice now I have put together this travel itinerary for 10 days in Iran to include all the best bits of this fascinating country! Iran is not your typical holiday or backpacking destination and it certainly doesn’t have a great reputation nowadays. But you know what? IRAN IS SAFE. I […]

Poem Mountain (Bai Tho) in Halong Bay – Finding The Secret Entrance!

Poem Mountain, also known as Bai Tho Mountain, offers one of best views of Halong Bay. With over a thousand towering limestone karst islands and emerald coloured waters, Halong Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders and should be included on every itinerary of Vietnam. Seeing Halong Bay by boat is the most popular way to […]