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The Perfect 4 Days In Jordan Itinerary

If you’re looking to see the best of Jordan, including Petra, The Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Amman and Aqaba in a short amount of time, follow this 4 days itinerary as there’s a lot to fit in!

Jordan is the ideal country for adventurous travellers to visit. It’s full of culture, history, and incredibly beautiful places to see such as The Dead Sea – famous for its healing properties, The Ancient City of Petra, and the stunning Wadi Rum desert with its unique rock formations and eerie landscape. 

It’s honestly one of the most impressive countries I’ve ever been to – as someone who loves photography, Jordan is full of great photo spots, plus the people here are so friendly.

This detailed 4 day Jordan itinerary will help you maximise your short time in Jordan, and ensure you have a great time!

the treasury instagrammable places Petra

Things To Know Before You Visit Jordan

Let’s get the boring stuff out the way – here’s the important stuff to know before you head to Jordan:

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jordan?

The best time to visit Jordan is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). During these seasons, the weather is mild and comfortable for outdoor activities.

The winter months of December to February can also be a good time to visit as the winters in Jordan are mild. 

If you visit during the summer months of June to August, it’s going to be very hot, humid and uncomfortable. Remember that Jordan is located in The Middle East and has a dry desert climate, so summer is best avoided.

The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

Visa Requirements For Jordan

Jordan offers visa on arrival to citizens of most countries, however always check the specific visa requirements for your country beforehand to be sure!

The visa on arrival in Jordan is 40JD – however I recommend buying the Jordan Pass before you enter Jordan as then your visa fees are waived.

Plus with the Jordan Pass you get free entry into over 40 tourist attractions in Jordan – including Petra (which on it’s own would cost 50JD entry), so you definitely save a lot of money! The cheapest pass – The Jordan Wanderer (70JD) is fine.

the monastery petra photography in Jordan

Is Jordan Safe?

Jordan is not only one of the best countries to visit in The Middle East, but it is one of the safest.

Regardless, just as when you visit any country, you should take precautions. Look after your belongings as well as be aware of people trying to rip you off.

Remember that Jordan is a conservative Muslim country, and females should dress conservatively, covering their shoulders and knees to respect local culture and avoid any unwanted attention.

instagrammable places in Jordan wadi rum sun city desert camp

Best Way To Get Around Jordan

The best way to get around Jordan is to either hire a car yourself and visit independently, or hire a driver to take you round. Public transport around Jordan is very difficult and far too time consuming so you’ll want to avoid that.

Note if you want to hire a car yourself, you’ll need to be at least 25 years old and have held a valid drivers licence for at least one year.

Driving around Jordan is fairly easy as the roads are pretty good and not too busy. Apart from when you get to Amman. The traffic is insane in Amman and personally I wouldn’t want to drive there.

I have been to Jordan twice now, both times with my tour guide/driver (and now friend) called Mohamed who’s been running tours for almost 10 years now.

Personally, as I was only in Jordan for 4 days and the itinerary was pretty packed, I preferred someone else to do the driving so I could rest in between the sightseeing!  Jordan is a small country, but there is a lot of driving involved!

the siq Petra photography Jordan instagrammable places

If you’re looking for a guide I definitely recommend you book Mohamed to travel around Jordan if you don’t want to visit alone, you want to get a true local experience, or you just want someone else to do the driving. 

I have recommended him to several friends and family members who all had great things to say about him once they did a trip with him. He’s professional, has a great sense of humour, has perfect English and drives safely.

I am not normally someone who ever books trips with a guide, but his prices are very reasonable and he gave me so many tips and local knowledge that I was so glad I used him.

Drop me a comment below or send me a message and I’ll pass his number onto you.

amman citadel photography in Jordan

Day 1: Dead Sea

Arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, pick up your rental car or your driver from here. and then head straight for the northern part of The Dead Sea!

It’s roughly an hours drive from the airport. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth so it is hot here!

The Jordanian side of The Dead Sea is quite different to the Israeli side. On the Israeli side, you’ll see the impressive salt islands and The Dead Sea tree, whereas on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea you’ll experience the black mud on the beach – known for its therapeutic and healing qualities. 

The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

There are several resorts here on the Jordanian side of The Dead Sea, such as the Crowne Plaza, Ramada and Marriott where you can buy a day pass and visit their Dead Sea beach for a few hours even if you aren’t staying overnight as a guest.

The day pass gives you access to float in the sea and use the facilities, including the Dead Sea mud.

The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

Make sure to cover yourself in it before heading into the water to make your skin super soft! Relax and have the unique experience of floating in the water as you soak up the views.

The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

The Dead Sea is extremely salty so it’s very important to always stay on your back and don’t splash when you’re in the water. The water will sting your eyes so much, it will be incredibly painful. I even wore sunglasses in the water to make sure I wouldn’t get any splashes in my eyes.

Don’t shave for a couple of days beforehand (ouch), and you’ll also want to be careful if you have any cuts – otherwise it will really sting in the water!

After your dip, have some lunch – which is included in the price of your day pass, and then when you’re ready to leave, drive south towards Wadi Musa, the town next to the Ancient City of Petra.

You’ll stay parallel to the eastern shore of The Dead Sea for a while, where you’ll be able to see more of the salt formations along the edge of the sea.

The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

It is easy enough to pull over when you wish if you want to stop for a close look or take a photograph.

  The Dead Sea photography in Jordan

The drive to Wadi Musa is around 3 hours, and you’ll stay overnight at a hotel here ready to be up bright and early in the morning to visit Petra. Make sure to pick a hotel in a location where you can walk to the entrance of Petra.

Optional: Petra By Night

If day 1 of your trip coincides with a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday and you arrive at your hotel before 8pm that evening, you can get the chance to explore Petra at night in a really atmospheric and magical way!

Petra by Night involves the ancient city being lit up with over 1800 candles laid on the ground. 

Petra By Night costs 17 JD (it’s not included in The Jordan Pass or the regular Petra entrance fee) and it runs from 8.30pm until 10.30pm.

Tickets for Petra By Night cannot be purchased online. You can buy them from the Visitor Centre, local tour companies or your hotel in Wadi Musa. It does get quite busy, so it’s a good idea to arrive early.

The walk starts from the Visitors Centre, and runs 1.2 kilometres to the Treasury. You are led by guides, but the path is quite bumpy and uneven, so be careful when you are walking as it is really dark and easy to trip up.

It’s a good idea to bring your own flashlight or use your phone torch so you can see better! Also bring a jacket or something as it does get a bit chilly in the evening.

When you reach The Treasury there are hundreds of candles on the ground, and The Treasury is lit up in different colours.

You sit amongst the candles as the bedouins tell you stories and play you their local music. It sounds quite romantic, but in reality there are hundreds of tourists here and it is getting more and more popular!

Petra by night photography in Jordan instagrammable places visiting tips

It can be really hard to get a good photo here, firstly because of the low level of light, and secondly because of all the other people.

To try and get a picture without other people in you can either be amongst the first to rush there, or stay until the end once people start to leave.

Personally I think the latter one is better as you have time to sort out your camera and composition whilst you’re still waiting for people to leave.

At the beginning it will be very rushed and you’ll only have a couple of seconds before other people come into your shot (and that’s only if you’re the first to arrive in!).

Day 2: Petra

Wake up early and explore Jordan’s most famous tourist attraction: Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Explore the city on foot, where you’ll first walk through the Siq – a narrow gorge that leads to the Treasury. 

the siq Petra photography Jordan instagrammable places

The Treasury is probably the most famous photo spot in Jordan so the best tip for visiting Petra is to get here early to escape the crowds.

Petra opens at 6am – try to get here as close to that as you can! By 9am, the tour groups arrive and it is very busy. If you arrive early, you’ll be able to get photos without other people in, as well as avoid the midday heat!

the treasury from above Petra Jordan visiting tips

After exploring The Treasury you can visit the viewpoint from above, as well as walk to The Monastery, another really impressive site at Petra.

The Monastery is several kilometres walk from The Treasury, but it is equally stunning and the vibe there is much more laid back as there are less people.

the monastery petra photography in Jordan

Petra is big so you’ll be walking a lot, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Bring water with you, as well as some cash if you want to buy any souvenirs or food here.

the treasury instagrammable places Petra visiting tips

You’ll spend the majority of the day exploring Petra, then when you’re ready to leave, make the 1.5 hour drive to Wadi Rum, also known as Valley of the Moon.

Here at Wadi Rum you can have an unforgettable desert experience and camp overnight in a traditional Bedouin Wadi Rum desert camp.

Note that rental cars are not allowed in the Wadi Rum Protected Area. If you hired a rental car, you will need to leave it at the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre and then take a 4×4 Jeep with a guide to your desert camp.

instagrammable places in Jordan wadi rum sun city desert camp

There are several desert camps here, ranging from basic to luxurious. You can choose to stay in the bedouin tents, or in a more luxurious bubble tent like we did!

instagrammable places in Jordan wadi rum sun city desert camp

Make sure to enjoy the sunset, then you’ll have a traditional Jordanian bedouin dinner, where the food is cooked underground and it tastes so good. 

instagrammable places in Jordan wadi rum sun city desert camp

Sit and chat with the locals, or sit outside your tent and admire the stars. It can get quite cold here in the night time so bring some warm clothes!

instagrammable places in Jordan wadi rum sun city desert camp

Day 3: Wadi Rum & Aqaba

Wake up early as sunrise is the best time to see the stunning desert landscape of Wadi Rum!

desert wadi rum Jordan

Go on a sunrise camel ride in the morning, then go a 4×4 jeep tour to explore Wadi Rum’s unique rock formations and desert landscapes. Spots such as Lawrence’s Spring, the rock bridges and the Red Sand Dunes are great for taking photos.

camel ride sunrise wadi rum Jordan

In the afternoon, drive 1.5 hours to Aqaba – a lovely seaside town located in the south of Jordan. Stroll down the promenade, visit the Aqaba Fort, and if you’ve got time, go for some snorkelling or diving in the Red Sea – Aqaba is famous for this!

The Red Sea has really diverse marine life, such as turtles, dolphins, colourful fish and coral reef – plus the water is so clear!

In the evening, make the 4 hour drive from Aqaba back to Amman and check into your hotel for the night, ready for a day of exploring the capital city in the morning.

Day 4: Amman

Start your day in Amman by visiting the historic Citadel, located in the centre of Amman ontop of a hill.

Here you can explore ancient ruins – including the Temple of Hercules, the Byzantine Church and the Umayyyad Palace, as well as enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city.

amman citadel photography in Jordan

Then head to the Roman Theatre, another famous landmark in Amman.

All the main tourist attractions in Amman are in the centre of the city and within walking distance of each other.

Afterwards, explore the bustling streets of downtown Amman, known as Al-Balad, look around the markets, and enjoy some authentic Jordanian cuisine (try the Jordanian specialty mansaf if you haven’t already!) at a local restaurant before heading back to the airport.


And there we have it – the perfect 4 day itinerary for Jordan! Whilst there is so much more to Jordan, this is a great introduction to the country, and a way to see all the best bits in a short amount of time!

If you have more time in Jordan, be sure to check the the Baptism Site at the Jordan River, as well as Jerash and Wadi Mujib.

Jordan is such a stunning and unique country, and you’re sure to want to come back for more!