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A guide to visiting Brighton Beach Boxes, Melbourne!

You’ve probably seen pictures of the famous beach boxes down at Brighton Beach near Melbourne. They are one of the most photographed spots around Victoria, but why exactly are they here? Read on to find out more about the Brighton Beach Boxes near Melbourne!

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne


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Just a few kilometres away from the city is Melbourne’s favourite seaside destination: Brighton Beach and its 82 iconic brightly coloured wooden bathing boxes. Built in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s to preserve bathers’ modesty, so ladies could change into their swimwear in private, following Victorian morals and ideas of seaside bathing. Victorian bathing boxes had their roots not only in Australia, but also in England, France and Italy, all of which also still use them today.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

Brighton is one of Melbourne’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, and whilst despite only being the size of a garden shed, these beach boxes sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are only available to buy for local residents and usually only 1 or 2 go on the market each year, making them extremely in demand but hard to come by. Click here to see how much the bathing boxes sell for!

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne  Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

The beach boxes are known internationally, and hundreds of tourists come to Brighton Beach each day to marvel at and photograph the boxes – all of them unique with their own character. The owners can decorate them as they wish; some are decorated just in a couple of colours, whilst others have been more creative.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne  Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

The beach boxes are more than just a convenient place for the owners to keep their beach gear: they are a family treasure, passed down through generations, along with all the memories. Whilst being over 100 years old, the beach boxes still retain their historic charm and uniform size – they are not allowed running water or electricity, nor can they be used as accommodation. They still keep the timber and corrugated iron roofs, so the purpose and the classical architectural features of the beach boxes remains unchanged; reminiscent of a bygone era.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne  Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

The views from the boxes are incredible; you can see Melbourne’s skyline in the distance or look out to Port Philip Bay, and the contrast between the vibrantly coloured beach boxes and the beach makes for some wonderful shots. You’ll also see lots of waterspouts going on, and you’ll even see the Melbourne skyline in the background.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne  Brighton beach Victoria

When to visit the Brighton Beach Boxes

Bear in mind it is always busy here – even at 09.30am on a spring morning when I was there, there were several tourists already taking their snaps for Instagram against the beach boxes. The afternoon gets much busier though, especially as the sun is facing the beach boxes then (during the morning the sun is behind the beach boxes). Stay until later and be rewarded with an awesome sunset.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

How to get to Brighton Beach Boxes

Brighton Beach Station can be reached in 20 minutes by train from Flinder’s Street Station in Melbourne’s CBD. You will need a ‘myki’ travel card to use public transport in Melbourne – A$6 to purchase at the station. Take the Sandringham line, then when you exit the station turn right and you will need to walk about 15 minutes from Brighton Beach Station to get to the beach huts. They are located on Dendy Street Beach.

Alternatively, you can walk or cycle there from St Kilda. It is 7km away but it is a beautiful coastal walking and cycle path with great views, so no chance of getting bored!

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Brighton beach boxes Brighton beach boxes