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I Lost My Drone In Water! Do Drones Float?! – HELP!

I lost my drone in water! I knew the day would eventually come – it’s happened to many drone pilots in the past, but still – losing a drone is pretty traumatic! Drones are definitely not cheap, plus you can lose lots of great raw images and videos you took! More often than not if […]

Editing Sunset Photos – How To Edit A Sunset Photo In Lightroom!

Editing your sunset photos well can literally transform your photos from average to spectacular! But how to actually edit a sunset photo and make it look dreamy? You’ll find all the information here! Over the years I have mastered the art of editing sunset photos and I just love the process to edit my photos […]

Sunrise Predictor: How To Predict A Good Sunrise Or Sunset!

Are you a photographer or lover of sunsets and sunrises, and looking for sunrise sunset predictor websites and apps on how to predict a good sunrise or sunset? You’ve come to the right place. As a photographer myself, I love chasing sunrises and sunsets and the colours and lights that come with it – whether […]

Drone Photography Sydney – Bondi Aerial Shots!

bondi beach icebergs swimming ocean pool sydney drone aerial photography

Sydney is a fantastic city for aerial photography and drone shots! With miles of rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and the iconic Sydney Harbour and unique architecture, Sydney is a droner’s paradise! Aerial photography offers a totally different perspective that just cannot be achieved from the ground. It can turn a seemingly average image into an […]

How To Install Presets In Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Mystery Greens Preset

This Installation Guide will tell you how to install presets straight in to the Lightroom Mobile app, as well as on Desktop. It might seem daunting at first but it is quite simple – just follow the instructions below. HOW TO INSTALL PRESETS IN LIGHTROOM MOBILE Follow these instructions below if: you have bought just […]

How To Make Lightroom Presets

Far Off Lands Preset

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PRESETS IN LIGHTROOM This is the definitive guide to how to make your own presets in Lightroom for both Desktop and Mobile! Many articles on the Internet do not provide all the information you need to complete this process from start to finish but I have included it all here! […]


indoor home photoshoot ideas

Looking for inspiration for unusual indoor photoshoot ideas, whether it is for inside your home, in a hotel or a cafe? Wondering how you can come up with unique ideas and poses? You don’t need much equipment, just a bit of imagination and some creativity! Check out the ideas below for your next photoshoot! Before […]

How to take photos of yourself when travelling alone!

how to take photos of yourself when travelling alone

So the most frequently asked question I get is: “Who takes your photos for you if you’re travelling alone?”. Sorry to break it to you guys, but I don’t have an Instagram boyfriend or a photographer following me around and snapping shots for me every two seconds (although at times I WISH I did!!)! I […]