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How To Install Presets In Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

This Installation Guide will tell you how to install presets straight in to the Lightroom Mobile app, as well as on Desktop. It might seem daunting at first but it is quite simple – just follow the instructions below.


Follow these instructions below if:

  • you have bought just the Mobile presets
  • you only use the free Lightroom app on your mobile phone
  • you don’t pay for an Adobe monthly subscription on Lightroom Desktop.

You will be able to download and use the Lightroom mobile presets straight away. You don’t need a computer at all to get the presets onto your phone – you just install everything on your phone!

If you have the Desktop version of Lightroom you can skip this part and follow the steps at the end of this article to sync your presets between Lightroom Desktop and Mobile.

To Download the Preset to Lightroom Mobile:

Just to explain how the process works:
You basically download an image (it contains all the preset code) onto your phone from the email containing your presets. Upload this image to the Lightroom app and all the editing adjustments for the preset are there – you just need to press ‘Create Preset’ and all the information for the preset is saved in the app for you.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  • Once you have purchased the preset pack you will receive an email with DNG files that contain the preset.

email DNG download files

  • On your phone download these DNG files individually. They will get saved to your camera roll on your phone.
  • Go into your camera roll. Sometimes there isn’t an image, sometimes there is, so don’t worry if the screen is blank – the preset will still work!
  • Click on the photo then send it across to the Lightroom app (click on the bottom left hand corner if using Apple and scroll across to Lightroom, or if using Android press the share button and click on Lightroom).

how to install Lightroom presets on mobile

  • Go into the Lightroom app and click on the imported preset photo.
  • Click on the three little dots on the top right hand corner.

how to install Lightroom presets on mobile

  • Click ‘Create Preset’.

LR preset installation guide

  • Name the preset – you can name it the same as the name of the preset, or a name of your choice.
  • Press on the tick on the top right hand corner.

how to install Lightroom presets on mobile

  • The settings of the preset are now stored on the Lightroom app.

To Use the Preset:

  • Scroll across on the bottom menu and click on the ‘Presets’ icon.

how to install Lightroom presets on mobile

  • You will see all the default preset folders, but scroll down and you will see the folder containing the preset you have just imported. It will either be under ‘User Presets’ or under the name of the preset pack (mine are called 24 Hour Presets for example). Click on the folder name and you’ll find the preset.

how to install Lightroom presets on mobile

  • To try this preset out on other photos, go out of that photo and then click on any other previously imported photo in your Lightroom pictures.
  • Select the photo, scroll over to ‘Presets’, click on the preset and the preset should then apply to this photo!
  • Once you have imported all the presets they will all be in this same preset folder.

Lightroom presets

And that is how you install presets in Lightroom Mobile! I definitely recommend you to back up the presets incase you get your phone stolen or you get a new phone! You definitely don’t want to lose all the presets you have bought! Open the DNG files on a computer and save them to your hard drive or desktop so you will always have them handy if you ever need them again!


To install presets into the desktop version of Lightroom is MUCH quicker!

  1. Download the zip file you will have received in your email.
  2. Unzip the file. To do this simply click on the zip file and it will unzip it and create a new folder.
  3. Open Lightroom and click on ‘File’ at the top right hand corner of your computer.
  4. Click ‘Import Profiles & Presets’.
  5. Select all the presets in the folder then click ‘Import’.
  6. Alternatively just drag and drop them onto the Lightroom icon!

You will then find the presets installed in the ‘Presets’ section in the bottom right of Lightroom.

24 Hour Presets:

There are currently 12 presets in my preset package. You can use whichever preset you like to edit a picture – each of them have a unique mood so you can create whichever look you like! Here is a bit more information about what each preset was designed for:

You like dark, moody pictures? Then ‘Mood’ preset is the one to help you achieve this and create some rich tones in your images!

Use ‘Mystery Greens’ if you want to create a sun-kissed skin look, whether the photo is taken indoors or outdoors!

Mood Lightroom Preset Mystery greens preset 24 hours

‘Distant Days’ adds warmth and pink tones to your picture giving it a tropical feeling.

If you want to create a dreamy look, use the ‘Far Off Lands’ preset.

Distant Days LR mobile preset Far Off Lands preset

You want a vintage, classy look? Use the ‘Vintage Times’ preset. I find it is perfect for Old Colonial style buildings to bring out the grandeur. When used on portraits it also creates a nice vintage look.

vintage times preset

‘Desert Dreams’ and ‘I Got Sunshine’ are the most versatile of the presets and can be used on literally any photo! They make photos bright and vibrant and really make your photos pop!

Desert Dreams Lightroom Preset labelled install Lightroom preset images

The everyday preset perfect for outdoor pictures is ‘Rainforest Vibes’.

Use ‘Brighten My Day’ when your photo is a bit dark or underexposed and it needs an extra lift!

rainforest vibes install lightroom presets 

And now the ‘Tropical Sunsets’, ‘Wind Down’ and ‘Carefree Days’ presets. These are actually my favourite ones, and it was so fun to create them! They are made specifically for sunrises and sunsets and they literally transform any sunrise or sunset, creating a truly eye-catching image. Each preset has different settings, whether you want dramatic sunset colours or a more subtle pinky orange sunset. These presets don’t often work well on other photos as they are created specifically for the sunrise and sunset light!

labelled preset images Lightroom Carefree_Days_ 24 Hour Presets Wind_Down_ Lightroom Preset

Editing Tips:

You’ll sometimes find that even after applying a preset you still want to tweak the image. This is perfectly normal as every photo is taken in different conditions, different environments, with different lighting, at different times and with different cameras! Here are some tips if you need to tweak any of my presets on your images:

Exposure – adjust the exposure if the preset makes your image too dark or too light. Every photo is taken in different conditions so just edit the exposure if you are not happy with how it has turned out.
Temperature/Tint – if the photo looks too cool or too warm then adjust the slider along the temperature or tint scales until you are happy with the result.
Shadows – if you want to reduce the shadows move the slider to the right. If your images looks a little washed out, decrease the shadows to create more depth in your picture.
Luminance and saturation – if your skin tone doesn’t look right, edit the oranges and reds in the luminance and saturation!


If you have any questions please send me an email at

If you would like to purchase my preset package for $12 click here!


If you are looking to find out how to create your own presets click here to see my detailed guide on How To Make Lightroom Presets.

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