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Staying At A Capsule Hotel In Singapore – Jyu Capsule Hotel

Located in Singapore’s Chinatown, Jyu Capsule Hotel is a great choice of accommodation if you’re looking to visit Singapore – one of the world’s most expensive cities, on a budget.

If you’ve never stayed in a capsule hotel before, you’re in for a treat. I first stayed in a capsule hotel in Tokyo several years ago, and fell in love with the concept!

They’re a unique, affordable accommodation and definitely something you should add to your Asia bucket list and experience at least once in your life!

jyu capsule hotel singapore chinatown 

What Is A Capsule Hotel?

Capsule Hotels are hugely popular in Japan and are slowly gaining popularity in other countries around the world.

They were originally created as a cheap place for businessmen in Tokyo to crash for the night after work if they missed their train home (as the taxis are so expensive), before returning to the office the next morning.

These days however, capsule hotels are very popular with travellers.

Capsule hotels are named so as each sleeping quarter is a capsule (pod) as opposed to a private room. You’ll find several capsules in each room – side by side and on two levels, with top pods (reached by a little ladder) and bottom pods.  

The capsules are minimalistic and are only really big enough to fit the mattress and some belongings. You crawl into the pod – but there’s enough room to sit up and get comfortable!

While the description of a capsule may make it seem like it’s like staying in a hostel, in reality capsule hotels are definitely a big step up from hostels!

Location Of Jyu Capsule Hotel

Jyu Capsule Hotel is situated in Singapore’s Chinatown – a convenient and lively area of Singapore.

Chinatown is a lovely vibrant touristic neighbourhood with lots of food and culture nearby, and there’s always something to see, so it’s the perfect place to base yourself if you only have 2 or 3 days in Singapore.

chinatown explore singapore on a budget

Both the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (one of Singapore’s popular Instagram spots) and the Hawker Centre (great for cheap food!) are just a 2 minute walk from Jyu Capsule Hotel.

Plus there are many cafes, restaurants and market stalls as soon as you step out into the street – including Cafe Monochrome, Singapore’s first 2D cafe!

cafe monochrome singapore 2d cafe chinatown

The location of Jyu Capsule Hotel is great – being right in the middle of Chinatown it means both the Chinatown MRT and Maxwell MRT are less than a 5 minute walk away.

It’s pretty central too, with Gardens By The Bay just 2.5km away – meaning it’s possible to walk there in just over half an hour if you have the energy.

Or if you prefer to get around by taxi, it’ll take you less than 15 minutes to reach Gardens By The Bay!

About Jyu Capsule Hotel

Jyu Capsule Hotel is set in a lovely historical building in the heart of Chinatown, but inside is so modern and fresh.

It is exceptionally clean, and is definitely a great place to stay if you are visiting Singapore on a budget yet don’t want to compromise on quality or location.

The staff at Jyu Capsule Hotel are also very friendly and helpful, they are always around during the day and keep everywhere very clean and tidy. They also have good English so communication is easy.

Check In/Check Out

The check-in and check-out process is very easy. If you’ll be checking in after hours once the staff have left in the evening, they’ll send you an email with a code for the self check-in via the machine downstairs, which is very easy (that’s how we checked in!).

Just type in the code, scan your passport, and the machine will give you your key card.

When you check in, you’ll be assigned a capsule number. Make sure you go to the right room and capsule (they are all numbered). 

Head up in the lift to your floor – you’ll come to the shoe locker room to keep your shoes (as shoes aren’t allowed in capsule hotels), and some slippers will be provided for you to wear inside the capsule hotel.

Your key card gives you access to your floor, and it opens your assigned room and lockers (including shoe locker, locker in your capsule and bigger locker in the room), which means it is a very secure system.

jyu capsule hotel singapore chinatown

Amenities At Jyu Capsule Hotel

The amenities at Jyu Capsule Hotel are very good.

Inside your capsule the staff leave a fresh towel and a handy amenities kit (including a bottle of water, a razor, toothbrush and toothpaste).

Feel free to use the amenities but don’t forget to return the amenities bag at the end! The bedding is also really comfortable.

You’ll also have your own power socket, reading lights and a TV inside your capsule so you can charge your electronic devices, or read well into the night without disturbing others!

Wifi is available throughout the building, and hair dryers and irons/ironing board are available – all for free. If you want to do laundry, the price is reasonable.

There are also plenty of toilet/shower cubicles in the bathroom so you’re never waiting.

Breakfast isn’t included, but you can help yourself to free tea and coffee, and there are a couple of fridges here for you to put your food.

There are lockers in the room, but big suitcases don’t fit inside, just backpacks and small suitcases. Leave your suitcase by the lockers and put any valuables inside your locker.

You can also keep smaller valuables in the small locker inside your capsule.

You don’t have a lock on your pod – you just pull the blind down for privacy! This means you’ll need to keep any noise down as others can hear you – and you can hear them!

People staying in Capsule Hotels are usually very considerate though and keep the noise down to a minimum so you can get a good night’s sleep. Earplugs are provided in the toiletries bag though if you are a light sleeper!

If you do want to watch something on your phone, just use the headphones, or head out into the common area if you need to make a phone call or anything!

jyu capsule hotel singapore chinatown

The bathrooms at Jyu Capsule Hotel are cleaned multiple times a day by the staff so they are always clean! There are plenty of toilet/shower cubicles so you’re never waiting for the bathroom!

The common areas are very fresh too, with plenty of spaces to sit. People in the common areas are considerate and it’s not noisy if you want to sit and work on your laptop!

What Kind Of Travellers Is Jyu Capsule Hotel Perfect For?

Jyu Capsule Hotel is perfect for solo or couple travellers who want affordable yet tasteful accommodation. They have single as well as double pods which I loved, so you can sleep with your partner, which was a first for me in a capsule hotel!

Jyu Capsule Hotel ideal for those who don’t want a typical party hostel vibe, but rather somewhere comfortable that offers a clean space and privacy.  

Capsule Hotels aren’t like hostels in the sense that they don’t run social events. So if you’re really keen to meet other travellers and be social, it’s not as easy to do in a Capsule Hotel compared to hostels.

jyu capsule hotel singapore chinatown

How To Get To Jyu Capsule Hotel 

To get to Jyu Capsule Hotel from Singapore Changi Airport on public transport will take just over an hour.

Take the East West (Green) line from Changi Airport one stop to Expo Station. From there, change to the Downtown (Blue) line and ride just over 30 minutes to Chinatown Station.

Take Exit A, then it’s just a 3 minute walk to Jyu Capsule Hotel. It’s located on Smith Street – a main street so it is easy to find.

If you’ll be coming by taxi from the airport, it should take around 35 minutes to reach Jyu Capsule Hotel.

Is Jyu Capsule Hotel Value For Money? 

Absolutely! While you can find cheaper hostels in Singapore, don’t think capsule hotels are just like hostels. Capsule Hotels are usually priced in between that of a hostel and a hotel for a reason.

The quality you get in a capsule hotel is really great, and a hostel can never compare to the amenities and cleanliness you get in a capsule hotel.

While capsule hotels ARE more expensive than your regular rock-bottom hostel in south-east Asia, remember that Singapore is a very expensive city, and Jyu Capsule Hotel is still a lot cheaper than regular hotels in Singapore!

Jyu Capsule Hotel is great value for money – the facilities are just like in the pictures on the website, the location is great, it’s secure, clean, and the capsules are super cosy! Overall we had a great time here!

Make sure to book ahead to ensure they have availability on your requested dates.


This post was written in exchange for a complimentary stay at Jyu Capsule Hotel. All views however are my own.