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Krabi Four Islands Tour: The Best Island Hopping Day Trip From Krabi!

The Four Islands Tour is one of the most famous activities to do in Krabi, and is a great way to see some of the most beautiful islands in Thailand by boat!

railay eco tour four islands

The popular tour can be done in a half-day or day trip, and takes visitors to some stunning desert islands near Krabi where you’ll be able to relax on the stunning beaches, go swimming or snorkelling, and get some incredible photos of the unique landscapes!         

railay eco tour four islands     

The water is crystal clear, the sand is white, and there are impressive rock formations all around – it’s literally like you’re in a postcard.

thailand beach

I took the 4 Islands half-day trip by longtail boat and it was honestly one of the highlights of my latest trip to Krabi!

Here’s all the important information you need to know about the Krabi Four Islands Tour, including all the islands and attractions you’ll see and how to book the trip.

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Why Is The Four Islands Tour A Must-Do When In Krabi?

Island hopping is a must when you’re in Krabi to experience the stunning paradise islands located just off the coast.

It’s a really fun way to spend a few hours, and the scenery is so stunning and dramatic!

railay eco tour four islands

With the towering limestone cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and pristine white sandy beaches – these really are some of the most breath taking coastal landscapes in Thailand!

The four islands are some of the most iconic and photogenic beaches in Krabi, from the striking cliffs of Phra Nang Beach to the sandbar at Tub Island.

railay eco tour four islands secret beach koh poda

Plus, you’ll get to do plenty of snorkelling in the clear waters with the colourful fish and reef!

The islands are in a convenient location very close to the mainland, so the tour is easily accessible from Ao Nang and Railay Beach – Krabi’s two most popular beaches.

The variety of tour options available makes it easy to select the exact type of trip you want, whether you’re after a more budget tour, a sunrise or sunset tour (great to avoid the crowds!), or a more luxurious chartered tour.

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Where Do You Visit On The Krabi Four Islands Tour?

The four Islands tour takes you to – surprise surprise, four islands near to Krabi. The four islands are: Tub Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island & Phra Nang Cave Beach.

secret beach koh poda thailand

Tub Island (Koh Tup): 

Koh Tup is a small yet incredibly stunning islet that is famous for its sandbar connecting the two islands of Koh Tub!

This sandbar, also called Talay Waek (meaning ‘separated sea’), is a lovely unique spot where visitors can walk between the two islands and enjoy the shallow waters.

The sand is so soft here, the water is turquoise blue, and you can see some colourful fish if you go snorkelling!

The best time to visit – if you can time your trip with the tide times, is at low tide.

koh tub sandbar chicken island 4 islands tour

At low tide, a second sandbar emerges, joining onto the main one in a T shape, that connects Tub Island to Chicken Island.

You can walk across to Chicken Island, which is a fun and unique experience, plus it doesn’t feel as crowded as people are spread out more!

If you can arrive here first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon, when you get the island to yourself – it must be so magical!

railay eco tour four islands longtail boat

When I visited during the middle of the day, there were longtail boats and people everywhere! 

Even though if you visit on a day trip it does get very busy with tourists, I really enjoyed visiting this island and definitely recommend checking out this beautiful sandbar! 

Chicken Island (Koh Gai): 

Chicken Island lies just south of Tub Island and is also a lovely place to visit on the Four Islands Tour.

The island is famous for its distinctive rock formation that looks like a chicken’s head and neck – hence the name of the island!

Chicken Island is a lot quieter than Tub Island and is the ideal spot for some snorkelling and swimming.

thailand beach

There’s also a nice shaded viewpoint where you can get some nice photos at low tide of the sandbank connecting Koh Tub and Chicken Island, as well as a beach shack if you want to purchase some snacks!

Once you’ve enjoyed the beach and are back on the boat, your skipper will take the boat round to the other side of the island so you can see the famous chicken head and neck formation from the water.

chicken island krabi 4 islands tour

Poda Island (Koh Poda): 

Koh Poda is another really picturesque island, with white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and imposing rock formations all around the island.

It’s a great spot for swimming and snorkelling with the impressive coral reefs surrounding the island and really clear visibility!

koh poda four islands tour krabi

The snorkelling here was my favourite – we even managed to spot a baby shark!

Koh Poda is also a really nice place to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach as it’s a lot quieter than the other islands, plus you can find some shaded spots under the trees!

Most of the island trips stop for lunch here, but as this island is bigger than the others, the beach is fairly long so it’s very easy to find a quiet spot. 

railay eco tour longtail boat thailand picnic

After your lunch, take a stroll along the long stretch of sand that goes around half of the island if you wish.

On one end of the beach is a quieter cove where you can look across to Tub Island, but if you walk to the other side you will see the stunning Ko Ya Man rock formation coming out of the water, which is so impressive!

Our skipper then took us to Secret Beach on Koh Poda – a lovely secluded beach where there were only a couple of other people.

railay eco tour four islands secret beach koh poda

Phra Nang Cave Beach (Railay Beach): 

Phra Nang Cave Beach is the ultimate picture-perfect Railay beach, with crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning scenery.

It’s one of the most famous beaches in the Krabi area and is simply breath taking!

It is known for its stunning high limestone cliffs and jungle surrounding the beach, as well as Phra Nang Cave.

phra nang beach railay

Phra Nang Cave houses a small but sacred shrine dedicated to the deity Phra Nang: a mythical sea princess and the goddess of fertility.

The shrine is a fertility shrine dedicated to the goddess, and inside it is full of penises of all different shapes and sizes that many visitors find very interesting! 

Phra Nang Cave Beach isn’t actually located on an island – it’s located on the Railay Peninsula and can be accessed by footpath from Railay Beach.

Despite not being on its own island, Phra Nang Cave Beach features on every 4 Islands Krabi tour as it’s such an iconic beach in Krabi!

It does get very busy during the day, so if you are staying overnight in Railay and want to visit without the crowds, you can walk there early in the morning.

The cliffs behind the beach are also a popular place for rock climbers, so look behind you and you may be able to see some adrenaline junkies clinging onto the rocks!

phra nang beach railay

Many of the boats don’t stop at Phra Nang Cave Beach due to the line of buoys preventing boats docking – meaning you just get close enough to get some photos of the beach.

Therefore if you want to properly visit the beach you’ll have to walk from Railay East after your tour is finished.

The walk only takes around 10 minutes and you may encounter some shy monkeys on the path!

Where Do The Krabi Four Islands Boat Trips Depart From?

The most popular way to do the Four Islands Tour is from Krabi (pickups can be from Ao Nang Beach or Railay Beach/Railay East Pier).

It is also possible to do the tour from Phuket or even Khao Lak, it will just take longer to get there, and therefore cost more.

phra nang beach railay

How To Book A Boat Trip To The Krabi 4 Islands:

There are many companies that offer the Four Islands Tour, and the tours here are generally organised very well, with transport, meals and snorkelling equipment included on the tour.

railay eco tour longtail boat thailand picnic

This certainly makes it easier for you to experience the best of the islands without the hassle of planning!

Plus, all the tours will visit the same spots so the itinerary is generally the same regardless of which company you pick.

longtail boat krabi

It’s always best to book online in advance, especially during peak season or if you only have a couple of days in Krabi so you don’t miss out!

Most of the tours are reasonably priced and offer good value for money, although prices for the tour do vary a lot, depending on the season, how far away your pick-up point is, and which tour provider you use.

It also depends what boat you pick: joining a longtail boat tour will be the cheapest option, a speedboat tour will be the next priciest, and a private longtail boat will be the most expensive option.

railay eco tour four islands

The tours will all visit the same spots, just sometimes in different orders! 

You can book through Get Your Guide, or if there is a particular company you want to use – like I did, then you can book straight through their website.

I did the 4 Islands luxury longtail half day trip with Railay Eco Tour and had a great time.

The team was so lovely, the lunch was really good, and the skipper was able to be flexible with the itinerary if I wanted to spend more or less time in one of the islands!

railay eco tour four islands

Speedboat Or Longtail Boat? Tour Or Charter? Full Day Or Half Day?

There is the option to do the trip by speedboat or by traditional longtail boat, so have a think about which you prefer.

I honestly prefer going on longtail boats as opposed to speedboats as the ride is much more pleasant and relaxing – and it’s a much more Thai experience!

The islands are so close to the shore, that even by longtail they are really quick to reach!

If you go for a longtail boat, also consider if you want to join a tour or hire the whole boat for yourself.

Some people are happy to join tours to lower costs, whereas other people prefer to pay more for a private experience – it’s up to you what to pick!

longtail boat krabi

As it’s a popular day trip and all the boats visit the same spots, you’re not going to get the beaches to yourself anyway, so bear that in mind!

If you want to avoid the crowds as much as possible, consider booking on either a sunrise or a sunset cruise.

The cool thing about the sunset cruises is that you may even be able to see bioluminescence too!

The islands are all very close to one another and it takes just a few minutes to get from one to the other, so it is easy enough to visit them all on a half day trip while not feeling rushed.

koh tub sandbar chicken island 4 islands tour

That being said, I would have loved to spend more time here so if I was to do it again I would choose a full-day tour!

Some of the full day trips even take you to three more islands so you get to visit 7 Islands! What a way to spend a day at sea!

Who Is The 4 Islands Tour Suitable For?

The Krabi 4 Islands Tour is suitable for all ages. The beaches here are safe with calm waters, so it’s a great day trip for families.

You will need to climb in and out of the boat to get to the islands so you will need to be fairly fit, plus only go swimming or snorkelling if you know how to swim!

longtail boat krabi

Speedboats are a no-go for pregnant women, but they can go on longtail boats up until around halfway through the pregnancy. Just make sure to tell the staff beforehand.

I did this trip when I was pregnant in my second trimester and had no issues. The water was very calm so the ride was very smooth.

National Park Entrance Fee

As the islands lie in a National Park, you must bring 400 baht in cash with you for the National Park entrance fee.

This gets paid when you are on the island and is a mandatory fee payable to the Thai Government.

This is generally not included in the price of your 4 Islands Tour price.

longtail boat krabi

What To Bring On A 4 Islands Krabi Tour?

Remember to bring 400 baht (cash) for the National Park entrance fee.

We take our waterproof backpack on all our boat trips, kayaking trips, trips to waterfalls, or any trips where there is the possibility our bag could get wet.

It provides so much protection to your belongings, it is quite comfortable and has plenty of space for all your belongings!

A fast drying towel is also really useful as you’ll be getting in and out of the water lots!

longtail boat krabi

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Four Islands Tour is a great day out, making it a highlight of any trip to Krabi and a must-do on any Thailand itinerary or South East Asia bucket list!

If you’ve done the Krabi 4 Islands tour and are looking for another epic tour from Krabi, check out the Phi Phi Island day tour!


This post was sponsored by Railay Eco Tour. All views however are my own.