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Visiting Thale Waek Sandbar – A Hidden Gem In Krabi, Thailand

Thale Waek, also known as Talay Waek or the “Separated Sea” is a stunning sandbar located just off the coast of Krabi, Thailand.

The sandbar appears during low tide and connects three islands: Chicken Island (Koh Gai), Tub Island (Koh Tup), and Mor Island (Koh Mor) in a T shape.

koh tub sandbar chicken island 4 islands tour

At low tide it’s possible to walk across the sandbar between the three islands which is a really unique experience!

Here’s all you need to know, including how to get to Thale Waek, the best photo spots, and how to ensure you get there at the right time!

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Thale Waek?

As Thale Waek sandbar only appears during low tide, you’ll want to time your trip during this time. Low tide is without a doubt the best time to visit to experience Thale Waek in all its glory! 

It’s easy enough to check tide times online for different days so you can plan what day or time to visit in advance.

Tours are generally timed to coincide with the tide timing, but it’s definitely wise to check before you book! Check out some of the best tours below:

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You can still visit Thale Waek at mid or high tide, but the sandbar will be mostly underwater and it won’t be possible for you to walk across to Chicken Island. The experience won’t be the same and you won’t see the sandbar at its best!

The sandbank connecting Koh Tub to Chicken Island is around 200 metres long, so its definitely worth visiting at low tide so you can walk across.

On Chicken Island there is a viewpoint where you can get a really nice view of the sandbank.

koh tub sandbar chicken island 4 islands tour thale waek

Plus, Chicken Island is a lot quieter than the other part of the sandbank that gets very crowded, so you can relax and enjoy without the crowds. 

This sandbank is the first one to disappear as the tide gets higher. The 70 metre long stretch of sand that connects Koh Tub to Koh Mor remains as a sandbar above water so if you visit at mid tide you can walk between two islands instead of three.

Note that Thale Waek is a popular tourist destination and one of the most popular beaches in Krabi. If you arrive during the day, you definitely won’t have this place to yourself!

It does get crowded, with lots of people and boats around, so if you prefer to visit when there are less people, time your trip to be as early or as late in the day as possible.

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How To Get To Thale Waek

Thale Waek is becoming an increasingly famous tourist destination and is a highlight on every Krabi Four Islands Tour.

The Four Islands Tour is one of the most popular island hopping boat trips in the area. The four islands are Koh Tub and Koh Mor (Thale Waek), Chicken Island and Koh Poda, as well as Phra Nang Beach on the Krabi peninsula.

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As the islands are all only around 10 or 15 minutes from the mainland, it is very easy to reach the sandbank so it’s super easy to get to!

So many tour operators offer the 4 Islands Tour, departing from Ao Nang Beach or Railay, meaning if you’re staying in the Krabi area then Thale Waek is very accessible. You can opt for a speedboat tour, a longtail boat tour, or hire a private longtail boat.

railay eco tour four islands longtail boat

The tours typically last half a day, in which time you’ll have the chance to visit four different islands, relax on the beaches and go for a swim, as well as have a nice lunch.

The four islands are all very close to the Krabi peninsula which is super convenient, so you really get to see a lot in a short amount of time!

Most tour operators organise half day trips of the 4 Islands – departing in the morning or afternoon, but you can also book on sunrise or sunset tours, where there will be considerably less people at the islands!

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Things To Do At Thale Waek

Besides walking between the three islands and enjoying the views from different perspectives, Thale Waek is a great place for swimming and snorkelling.

The water is crystal clear and the visibility is excellent, so you can spot many colourful fish around you and observe the beautiful coral. Snorkel kits are generally included in the price of the tours.

The water is shallow and very calm, perfect for families with young children.

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Why Is Thale Waek A Must Visit Destination?

Thale Waek is one of the few places in the world where you can walk between islands on a natural sandbar – a really cool experience!

It is also incredibly beautiful with the crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand, meaning you can get some stunning photographs here.

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It’s perfect for visitors of all ages with its shallow water and gentle tides and is very easy to get to from Krabi. Enjoy snorkelling, relaxing on the sand or exploring all the islands!

Thale Waek is a really stunning and unique spot, and is absolutely one of the best places to visit in Thailand, so make sure to add it to your Thailand itinerary!