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If you are looking for a hotel with an amazing onsen with the best views overlooking Mt Fuji then look no further than Hotel Mount Fuji.

Hotel Mount Fuji lies at the foot of Mount Fuji and its outdoor onsen is set in the perfect location, offering some of the best views of Mt Fuji! 

hotel Mount Fuji onsen

Hotel Mount Fuji & Its Famous Onsen Overlooking Mt Fuji

Perched on a hill overlooking Lake Yamanaka – one of the Fuji ‘Five Lakes’, Hotel Mount Fuji offers fantastic panoramic views of both Mount Fuji and the lake.

The views are just incredible – stepping out onto your bedroom balcony and seeing Fuji infront of you is very special.

Not only does Hotel Mount Fuji have fantastic views, but the rooms are spacious, the staff are very accommodating and kind, and the hotel has a really unique onsen!

A Japanese onsen is an outdoor natural hot spring bath where people go to bathe naked (Swimming costumes are prohibited in onsens). There is a separate mans and women’s onsen so you’ll only see people of the same sex. 

This is a popular thing to do in Japan, but it might feel a bit strange for people from other cultures who aren’t used to it! You are sitting in a giant hot communal bath naked with strangers after all!

Even if you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, this practice is so normal for Japanese people and they go to the onsen regularly so they won’t be looking at your body, which definitely should help you relax! 

There are thousands of onsen dotted throughout Japan thanks to its plentiful volcanic activity, so Japanese people really aren’t fazed about being naked in an onsen.

Inside the onsen the water is lovely and warm and relaxing that you won’t want to get out by the end! 

Not only is the water on the onsen at Home Mount Fuji amazing, but having that mesmerising view of Mt Fuji infront of you is just incredible. Infact, the onsen at Hotel Mount Fuji was my favourite place to see Mount Fuji!

How to get to Hotel Mount Fuji From Tokyo by public transport

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To get from Tokyo to Mount Fuji you can take the direct bus either from Shinjuku bus station or Tokyo Station to Kawaguchiko Station. Kawaguchiko is the main location from which to explore the Fuji five lakes area.

A few bus companies operate this journey so buses are quite frequent, however in peak times you definitely should buy tickets in advance as they sell out quickly.

When you buy your ticket you are buying it for a specific bus at a certain time and you get an allocated seat on the bus. 

The journey takes about 2 hours and costs ¥2,100 (£15). The journey is fairly pleasant as the roads in Japan are very smooth.

Note that if you want to hire a car and drive to Fuji you will need an international driving licence AND a Japanese translation of your domestic driving licence. Normal driving licences are not accepted!

Therefore, most tourists take the bus to Fuji as they do not have the valid papers to rent a car in Japan.

Most buses from Tokyo heading in the Mt Fuji direction terminate at Kawaguchiko station, which is 15km from Hotel Mount Fuji.

If you are staying at Hotel Mount Fuji, a taxi ride to Hotel Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko takes around 20 minutes and costs roughly ¥6,500 (£45). Yes taxis in Japan are extremely expensive!

However, there is a cheaper option to get to Hotel Mount Fuji by public transport. There is a direct bus from Tokyo station that drops you off just 2km from Hotel Mount Fuji.

Head to the bus departures at Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Side) and ask for the Tokyo-Yamanakako timetable. Purchase tickets at the ticket counter before you get on the bus – tickets cost ¥2,100(£15). 

The stop for Hotel Mount Fuji is Fujisan Yamanakako. The journey takes around 2.5 hours but pay attention when reading the timetable: whilst buses run to Kawaguchiko every hour, only 3 buses per day continue and stop at Yamanakako.

Therefore make sure you know which bus you’re on. If one of these three times isn’t convenient, take a taxi to Hotel Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko Station.

The timetable is below so you can plan which bus to take if you want to stay at Hotel Mount Fuji.

There are announcements on the bus before you reach each bus stop so listen out and look on the screen at the front where it says what the next stop is.

If you will arrive at Hotel Mount Fuji before 8pm the hotel can collect you from the bus stop in the free shuttle bus – just ring them beforehand to arrange it.

If you will be arriving after this time and the hotel can’t collect you, take a taxi to the hotel. Hotel Mount Fuji sits onto of a very big hill and it is very tiring walking up, even without luggage!

Near the bus stop is a taxi company: Kyowa taxis (0120 38 1313/ 0555 62 1313). They open from 7am-11pm and the staff are really nice. The cost of the taxi should be around ¥1000 (£7).


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