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Why Do People Choose Natural Skincare Products?

In recent years there has been a massive increase in the popularity of natural skincare products and many people these days actively choose to buy them over synthetic skincare products.

But whilst it seems like natural skincare products are a new trend, people have actually been using them for centuries!

Let’s look at the reasons why people choose natural skincare products, whether they are right for you and learn about some of my favourite natural skincare products I cannot live without!

why do people choose natural skincare products? Edinburgh natural skincare company

So, why do people choose natural skincare products?

  • They help your skin look and feel better:

Natural products don’t dry out the skin like synthetic products can, and have even been shown to slow down the ageing process due to the natural vitamins and extra moisture found in them. 

Natural products often contain a lot more moisture than synthetic products – not only is this important for people with dry skin, but people with oily skin actually need to keep their skin full of moisture too!


  • less chance of irritation:

As natural products are gentler on the skin, it leads to less chance of irritation.

Changing your beauty regime can seem daunting if you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, and so often sufferers stick to the same products as they don’t know whether a new product will trigger a flare-up or an allergy.

But natural skincare products are actually often the answer as they contain less ingredients and are generally not as harsh on the skin, so there is actually a much lower chance of them causing irritation.


  • synthetic skincare products can be harmful:

Some synthetic skincare products actually have parabens (preservatives) in them which can lead to disruptions in hormone production and an increased risk of cancer.

You see, the ingredients in personal care products actually don’t need to be strictly regulated or approved.


  • they have actually been tried and tested for years!

As I mentioned before, natural skincare in by no means a new thing: what do you think people did hundreds of years ago before synthetic skincare was around?

They used natural remedies – take aloe vera for example, people have known it’s healing properties for centuries!


  • environmentally friendly!

By using natural products that haven’t been tested on animals and that don’t damage the environment, you’re doing your part and making a difference.

What are natural skincare products?

But what exactly are natural skincare products? Essentially they are products that haven’t been made in a lab.

There are varying degrees of ‘natural’ products – with organic being the most pure, unrefined and unprocessed (if you see the word ‘unrefined’ written on a product you know it is organic).

Should you choose natural or synthetic skincare products?

Many millennial women prefer natural skincare products and are actually even willing to spend extra on a skincare product if it is natural. 

On the other hand, you will hear some women claiming that natural products are not as effective as synthetic ones as they haven’t been scientifically tested in a lab.

Whatever your opinion is, whether you prefer natural or synthetic products, or even if you like to use both (there is certainly no rule that says you can’t use a combination of both!), I think the most important thing you can do, to make an educated and informed decision about which products are right for you, is to read the list of ingredients on the back of any product.

Find out what works for you

Find what works for you and your skin – don’t just blindly trust a brand’s word for something! Remember what works for you may not work for someone else – skincare is a personal thing.

If you do choose synthetic products, try where possible to avoid products that contain parabens, and if you choose natural products, make sure they are organic as this means they contain the most pure, active and beneficial ingredients.

Edinburgh natural skincare company

What led me to natural skincare products:

Personally I have preferred natural skincare products ever since I had a bad accident several years ago that left me needing surgery and with a subsequently large surgical wound across my chest (over 10cm long).

Naturally it was upsetting and so I did extensive research into products that could help eliminate the scarring, and I began to realise how powerful and beneficial natural oils could be for our skin, not just to heal scar tissue, but also for our everyday skincare routine.

I started to use the natural oils on my scar and they helped the scar tissue tremendously, so I started looking into using natural oils for my face.

At first the idea of putting oils on my face seemed strange, but now they are the only thing I use on my face, I no longer use synthetic products. There are 2 brands in particular I swear by, which I will talk about below.

Emilia Aguirre Macadamia Oil Products

Emilia Aguirre Macadamia Oil products are made at Valhalla Macadamia Farm just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. Valhalla is a family-run farm that focuses on sustainability practices and helping local indigenous Guatemalan communities.

Valhalla also make pure macadamia oil and cream that is of the highest quality, and when you buy their products (they deliver worldwide!) you are helping to plant more trees in Guatemala as all the proceeds from purchases go to helping these local communities. 

I am really proud to support this company and know that with every purchase I am helping the local people of Guatemala.

How Valhalla has helped local communities:

  • In the last 20 years they have donated and helped plant almost half a million macadamia trees in rural indigenous communities throughout Guatemala.
  • This has been life-changing for poor rural communities who often have a very simple diet. The healthy fats and antioxidants found in macadamia nuts have given them more variety and nutrition in their diet. There were even times when their crops failed so these macadamia trees were what kept people alive.
  • Valhalla have educated these communities about the importance of self-sustainable agriculture.
  • They provide local communities with a constant source of nutrient-rich food and income.
  • Their work has helped to create jobs for local Guatemalans – macadamia farming is an excellent way for indigenous communities to generate income.

Emilia Aguirre macadamia skin cream and oil

How good is macadamia oil for your skin?

More and more people are starting to see the benefits of macadamia oil for the skin as it is increasingly becoming used in many health and beauty products. Let’s look at the ways macadamia oil is beneficial for our skin:

  • Macadamia oil is an excellent skin moisturiser
  • helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • keeps skin youthful looking
  • suitable for all skin types, from sensitive and dry skin to oily skin
  • non-greasy and lightweight
  • penetrates the skin deeper than most oils

Macadamia Face Cream:

I have been using the Emilia Aguirre macadamia oil face cream ever since I visited Guatemala 5 years ago. One pot lasts around one year so it is definitely a good investment. It feels silky soft and has definitely improved the quality and appearance of my skin!

If you would like to order the Macadamia cream or oil, email me at or leave a comment below.

Learn more about Valhalla Macadamia Farm here.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co:

I discovered The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company when I was visiting Edinburgh a couple of years ago. The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company is a family run business focused on natural skincare.

Their products are 100% natural and are eco-friendly and contain no preservatives or colourings. Everything is locally produced and handmade in Scotland!

Anti-ageing face serum:

All the ingredients are pure, with so many natural essential oils, including virgin organic hemp oil, walnut oil, almond oil, blackcurrant seed oil, rose geranium oil, jasmine, bay laurel and rose.

Edinburgh natural skin care company anti-ageing face serum

Advantages of the anti-ageing face serum:

  • deeply moisturising, soothing and replenishing
  • very nourishing whilst not leaving a greasy residue.
  • easily absorbent
  • contains many antioxidants and nutrients
  • is good for acne-prone skin as it regulates oil production and is lightweight and doesn’t block pores.
  • helps fight signs of ageing
  • helps support collagen levels
  • high in omega fatty acids that are essential for our skin.

This is honestly one beauty product I can not go without. 



Emilia Aguirre at Valhalla and The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company are both family-run independent businesses which I am proud to support.

They both have a very high standard of products available and all their skincare products are natural, organic and not tested on animals.

To see why you should support independent family-run businesses, check out my article Why you should always support local independent businesses.


I discovered these skincare companies myself on my travels before I started blogging.

I bought the products mentioned and as I loved the products so much I since collaborated with the companies and thus subsequent products have been gifted. All opinions are however, always my own :).

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