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The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company Review

I discovered The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company one day when I was visiting Edinburgh. Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company is a family run business that was established 8 years ago and their focus is all about natural skincare.

All their products use 100% natural ingredients and are eco-friendly and vegetarian. Many are even vegan too – the only animal products used are local Scottish beeswax and honey!

None of their products are tested on animals and also they contain no preservatives, no colourings or no artificial fragrance oils – all the skincare products are natural, locally produced and hand made in Scotland!

Anti-ageing face serum:

Their product that caught my attention straight away was the anti-ageing face serum. When I looked at the ingredients on the back of the product, I was so happy to find all the ingredients were pure and there were so many natural essential oils!

Almond oil, virgin organic hemp oil, walnut oil, rose geranium oil, blackcurrant seed oil, rose, bay laurel and jasmine.

When I tried the serum, it felt super nourishing but without leaving a greasy residue. It absorbed so easily into my skin, which was just what I needed as I had often struggled to find a facial moisturiser that deeply moisturised my skin but at the same time was easily absorbent.

My skin felt softer and I noticed it really gave my skin a plump, supple and energised look – my skin actually looked alive!

Edinburgh natural skincare company

Advantages of the anti-ageing face serum:

As a flight attendant, my skin is exposed to such harsh and dry conditions (and at risk of premature ageing!) and so I need a product that can really deliver.

Not only that, but my skin is naturally dry and sensitive and sometimes it can break out, nightmare! This serum however is so soothing, moisturising and replenishing for my skin.

Travel sized product:

What is also great for a frequent flyer about this product is that it comes in a small glass 30ml vial: it is great as it is compact and you can bring it on flights in your hand luggage and even use it during the flight (Read my article How to survive long haul flights for my top tips!).

Don’t underestimate the size though: it is a small but super powerful bottle and I have used this same bottle every day for 2 years, that’s how long this stuff can last! Just use a couple of drops morning and night and you’ll see the difference!

This is honestly the one beauty product I can not go without, and if there is only one product you are going to buy for your skin, I really advise to invest in the anti-ageing face serum!

Can be used as a primer too!

Another bonus about this anti-ageing face serum is that it can be used as a primer before applying your makeup, so no need to waste money (or space in your make-up bag) on a primer!

As I mentioned before, it has some really quality ingredients inside – take for example Virgin Organic Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a really good oil and one to definitely look out for on the back of the ingredients list as it contains omega 3,6 and 9, which are essential fatty acids.

It also contains many antioxidants and nutrients and is really good for acne-prone skin as it is light and doesn’t block your pores.

Omega fatty acids

Oils like this that are high in omega fatty acids (acids our bodies need for cell health but can’t produce on its own) are essential for our skin.

Whilst we can ingest foods that are rich in essential fatty acids, often a topical application is a more effective method in nourishing and protecting our skin. Oils that contain essential fatty acids help fight wrinkles and support collagen levels.

Omega 3 is particularly important as it acts as a great natural UV protector and so lessens UV induced photo damage on your skin. It has also been known to help fight signs of ageing as it helps the skin retain it’s moisture, maintain elasticity and regulates oil production.

Omega 6 is helpful in fighting breakouts, restoring the skin’s natural balance and nourishing the skin. 

As general rule, omega 6 (linoleic acid) is more suited for oily skin, and omega 9 (oleic acid) is more beneficial for dry skin as it provides more hydration, and omega 3 is great for all skin types.

Gift boxes:

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company makes some really nice gift boxes that come in a beautifully presented box and smell SO nice! Perfect for a gift for loved ones or to treat yourself!

Included in the large gift box is a hand cream bar, luxury lip balm, cold pressed soap and whipped body butter. There are several ones you can choose from, with different scents: I went for the Queen Bee one which smelt so good!

Edinburgh natural skincare company

Hand cream bar:

At first you may think the hand cream bar is a soap as it is solid and resembles a bar of soap, but you rub it gently onto your hand and the cream balm melts in your hand.

As it’s a solid bar, it’s great as it doesn’t take up any of the liquid allowance for your hand luggage when going through airport security, another bonus for us frequent flyers!

The compact hand cream bar comes in a lovely protective keepsake tin box and is perfect for popping in my flight bag and reapplying during the flight to prevent dry and chapped hands!

Luxury lip balm:

The Luxury lip balm is Geranium and Sweet Orange scented (it smells so yummy you could eat it!) and it really helps to lock in moisture and nourishes your lips.

Petroleum and paraben-free, it provides long-lasting protection to your lips. Again it is a nice compact size so you can carry it around everywhere with you!

Cold pressed soap:

The St Clements cold pressed soap builds up a really nice lather under warm water and the fragrance is so lovely: sweet orange and lemongrass  – my two favourite scents!

The soap is full of powerful antioxidants that help to reduce the signs of ageing, as well as eco-sustainable palm oil which is full of natural vitamins.

It is really refreshing and moisturising due to the essential oils, softening organic unrefined Shea butter, coconut oil and cold pressed extra Virgin olive oil present.

It is sure to leave your skin feeling luxuriously smooth, and it also comes in a gorgeous eco-friendly reusable canvas bag (no single use plastics, yay!).

The handmade soaps at The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company all are cold pressed, meaning they are made over the course of 4 weeks and then crafted to perfection.

This is a traditional method of making soap, and the slow method ensures the soap lasts a lot longer than regular soaps, without losing it’s efficiency or fragrance.

Whipped body butter:

After your bath or shower, apply the creamy whipped body butter. Containing similar ingredients to the St Clements cold pressed soap, the St Clements whipped body butter further helps prevent the signs of ageing. 

It is also easily absorbed into the skin and softens and strengthens your skin with regular use, and of course it smells delicious! Definitely one of my favourite products!

Edinburgh natural skincare company

Other products:

And the range doesn’t stop there: The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company has hair care, facial skin care, lip care, body care, hand care, baby care and men’s care (yes, they even have men’s beard balm!).

Their “baby I love you” range is specially for babies with sensitive skin, but is also very popular with people suffering from eczema and psoriasis (and the picture of the baby on their baby products is actually their baby, which adds a nice personal touch!).

Their hair care range is really good too – I particularly loved the Wild Thing natural hair conditioner – it really deeply conditions and strengthens your hair and made even my dead ends super soft (and of course the lemongrass and lime smell is soooo good too)!

My verdict? Great products!

I have tried a fair few of The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company’s products, and all I can do is sing their praises. Not only are the products of the highest quality, but they care about their customers AND the planet.

They cater to all types of skincare, and their products are particularly great for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema as all the ingredients are natural. 

The staff are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to advise which products are most suitable for you according to your skin needs.

They care about our planet!

By using natural and eco-sustainable products, as well as never using single use plastics, The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company shows to us that they care about the environment.

They can package items for free in their cute hemp drawstring bags for you, eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Also they are using an innovative idea to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles for shampoos: their fabulously scented 100g Lemonazing Chunky Shampoo bar is packaged in a small canvas bag (like the hand cream bar it comes in solid form so doesn’t take up any of your liquid allowance in airport security – you just rub the bar to turn it into a lather). 

They also have a type of soap that is available by the gram and will be sliced and weighed for you, so you only buy what you need.

How to buy?

They currently have 2 shops in Edinburgh city centre less than a 7 minute walk from each other – one in Cockburn Street and their newest shop in Victoria Street.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company products are great as a souvenir from your trip to Scotland, but don’t worry if you can’t get down to the store or aren’t planning to visit Scotland any time soon, because they do worldwide shipping, hoorah!

Edinburgh natural skincare company

Shop address: 57 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BS. Open 7 days a week 10am-6pm. Location on Google maps.

Second store recently opened: 32 Victoria Street, Edinburgh EH1 2JW.  Victoria Street is one of the most famous and picturesque streets in Edinburgh so it’s definitely worth visiting!

Edinburgh natural skincare company

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company is a family run business which I am proud to support

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