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Mobile Lightroom Presets


You can now get all of my Mobile Presets here! These are all the presets I use to edit my pictures! There are 12 different preset styles here that can be used to edit pictures in any environment: indoors, beach, cities, rainforest, sunrise, sunset, sunny days, cloudy days.

With these presets you have options to create different styles to your photos too such as vintage, moody or bright. There are a variety of pastel tones, soft tones, warm tones and bright tones to suit any type of editing style!

Upon purchase you will also receive an Installation Guide to show you how to download and apply the presets as well as some of my top editing tips.

Whether you just take pictures for fun or you have been serious about photography for years, these easy to use presets will transform your photos in just one click! Upon purchase you’ll receive an email with DNG files to download. They will save in your camera roll, then you import them to the Lightroom app and save the preset. Any problems just send me a message on

You can read more about the specific presets below and which situations they are perfect for!

Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the presets as much as I do

Note these Presets are meant for Lightroom Mobile only. They will not work on the desktop version of Lightroom CC. If you edit most of your photos on your computer, you will need to get the desktop pack as the mobile presets cannot be transferred onto the desktop version.

Since this is a digital product I can not offer refunds so all sales are final.




24 Hour Presets

There are currently 12 presets in my preset package. You can use whichever preset you like to edit a picture – each of them have a unique mood so you can create whichever look you like! Here is a bit more information about what each preset was designed for:

You like dark, moody pictures? Then ‘Mood’ preset is the one to help you achieve this and create some rich tones in your images!

Use ‘Mystery Greens’ if you want to create a sun-kissed skin look, whether the photo is taken indoors or outdoors!

‘Distant Days’ adds warmth and pink tones to your picture giving it a tropical feeling.

If you want to create a dreamy look, use the ‘Far Off Lands’ preset.

You want a vintage, classy look? Use the ‘Vintage Times’ preset. I find it is perfect for Old Colonial style buildings to bring out the grandeur. When used on portraits it also creates a nice vintage look.

‘Desert Dreams’ and ‘I Got Sunshine’ are the most versatile of the presets and can be used on literally any photo! They make photos bright and vibrant and really make your photos pop!

The everyday preset perfect for outdoor pictures is ‘Rainforest Vibes’.

Use ‘Brighten My Day’ when your photo is a bit dark or underexposed and it needs an extra lift!

The ‘Tropical Sunsets’, ‘Wind Down’ and ‘Carefree Days’ presets are made specifically for sunrises and sunsets and they literally transform any sunrise or sunset, creating a truly eye-catching image. Each preset has different settings, whether you want dramatic sunset colours or a more subtle pinky orange sunset.

What are Lightroom Presets & Why Do You Need Them?

Editing photos can be incredibly time consuming. When I started off editing my photos it would sometimes take me half an hour to edit just one photo! With Lightroom Presets however you can edit your photo in one simple click so you save so much time!

From those starting out all the way up to professional photographers, Lightroom Presets benefit everyone. They do however especially benefit those who are still developing their own editing styles and working out what kind of edits work for them! Presets make the editing process fun as it takes away all the hard work and makes learning about editing a lot less intimidating. You’ll get to learn how different factors affect your images, and you’ll gain inspiration and creativity from them!

Through my website I have always wanted to make all aspects of travelling easier for people: from the planning to packing, to the actual trip and even ensuring you get the best pictures!

You can choose from desktop or mobile presets – whichever one is most convenient for you! You’ll also get my detailed Guide to Editing as well as some of the best editing tips!



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