Desktop Lightroom Presets


You can now get all of my Desktop Presets here! These are all the presets I use to edit my pictures! There are 12 different preset styles here that can be used to edit pictures in any environment: indoors, beach, cities, rainforest, sunrise, sunset, sunny days, cloudy days. The presets are also compatible for Lightroom Mobile so you actually get a total of 24 presets!

With these presets you have options to create different styles to your photos too such as vintage, moody or bright. There are a variety of pastel tones, soft tones, warm tones and bright tones to suit any type of editing style!

Upon purchase you will also receive an Installation Guide to show you how to download and apply the presets as well as some of my top editing tips.

Whether you just take pictures for fun or you have been serious about photography for years, these easy to use presets will transform your photos in just one click! The presets are compatible with photos taken on phones and on cameras. You just need to unzip the files on a laptop or computer. After the download completes the presets will be there. Any problems just send me a message on

You can read more about the specific presets below and which situations they are perfect for!

Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the presets as much as I do!