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Rainbow Containers Fremantle: The Containbow Complete Guide!

The Rainbow Containers art installation in Fremantle often referred to by locals of Perth as ‘The Containbow’ is incredibly unique and definitely a must-see on any trip to Fremantle!

The vibrantly coloured Rainbow sculpture is one of Fremantle’s most recognisable structures, made of nine recycled shipping containers!

The shipping containers are painted in different colours of the rainbow and joined together into an impressive giant arch to form a rainbow.

The Rainbow Containers sculpture is a very eye-catching work of art and is a popular spot in Perth to take photos. Here’s all you need to know about the Rainbow Containers – one of the best places to visit in Fremantle!

rainbow container perth Fremantle the Containbow shipping containers artwork

Where Is The Rainbow Containers ’The Containbow’ In Fremantle?

The Rainbow Containers “Containbow” sculpture sits between the bridges on Beach Reserve, next to Canning Highway at the entrance to Fremantle City. It is in the perfect vantage point overlooking the Swan River and Fremantle Port. 

The Rainbow Containers sculpture offers a vibrant welcome to the port city of Fremantle, whether you’re arriving by car, train or boat and can be easily spotted as you approach Fremantle! 

Google maps location of The Containbow.

How Big Is The Rainbow Containers ’The Containbow’ In Fremantle?

The arch of the colourful Fremantle Rainbow sculpture is 19 meters long and 9 meters high at its highest point. It weighs 66 tonnes, with the shipping containers moved into place by multiple cranes. 

How To Get To The Rainbow Containers ’The Containbow’ In Fremantle?

If coming from Perth, take the Fremantle train from Perth to Fremantle (platform 7), it takes around 30 minutes. Fremantle is the last stop.

To get to The Containbow Rainbow Containers sculpture you can walk from the centre of Fremantle or the cruise port – it’s 1.6 kilometres from Fremantle Train Station and is a fairly easy walk.

Alternatively, you can hire a free bike from Fremantle Visitor Centre or take a bus. Many buses from Fremantle Train Station go past The Containbow.

It’s about a 5 minute ride to the Rainbow Containers from the train station – you’ll see the sculpture very close to the side of the road!

The bus stops in both directions are just a few metres from the Containbow so there’s very little walking required.

Alternatively if you’ll be driving to the Rainbow Sculpture there is parking at East Street Jetty on Beach Street. It’s then a short walk up to the sculpture. 

rainbow container perth Fremantle the Containbow shipping containers artwork

What Does The Rainbow Containers ’The Containbow’ In Fremantle Symbolise?

This colourful and creative work of art was designed by well-known Perth artist Marcus Canning and built in 2016.

The Rainbow Containers sculpture is an acknowledgement of Fremantle’s maritime and artistic heritage. It pays tribute to Fremantle’s significant maritime history and the shipping industry at Fremantle Port. 

Also, Fremantle is known as being one of Perth’s most artistic and creative suburbs, so the symbolism of the rainbow colours resonates with Fremantle’s creative scene and really encapsulates the spirit and diversity of Fremantle.

The shape of the shipping containers in a giant rainbow is a universal symbol of inspiration and hope.

The sculpture overlooks the container port from which it draws part of its inspiration and is a nod to Fremantle being Western Australia’s largest cargo port. 

It’s therefore very fitting that from the sculpture you can see the iconic cranes in the background. 

When To Visit The Rainbow Containers ’The Containbow’ In Fremantle?

Any time of day is a great time to visit the cheerful Rainbow Containers sculpture and have fun getting some photographs.

As people only tend to spend a few minutes here, you’ll never have to wait long to wait for people to move to get a picture.

As well as during the daytime, sunset is a lovely time to visit The Containbow as it offers spectacular views as the sun sets over the ocean, plus you can get some great sunset photos.


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