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How To Visit The Sacred Islands In Fiji On A Day Trip

The Sacred Islands in Fiji are four uninhabited volcanic islands that hold a lot of spiritual significance to the people of Fiji.

These islands are extremely beautiful and remote, with dramatic secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters, and it is possible for you to visit these incredible islands on a day trip with a guide. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Sacred Islands in Fiji, including where they are, how to get there, what to do there, and why they are considered sacred to the people of Fiji.

fiji sacred isles Yasawa Islands

Where are the Sacred Islands?

The Sacred Islands are located 35 miles west of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu.

They are located just south of the Yasawa Island group, in the northern end of the Mamanuca Island group. More specifically, they are located to the north west of Tokoriki Island and to the south west of Kuata Island.

The four islands that make up the Sacred Islands are: Vanua Lailai, Navadra Island, Eori Island and Kadomo Island.

Why Are They Called the Sacred Islands & What Is Their Significance?

For the Fijian people, the Sacred Islands are a place of spiritual connection with their ancestors. 

It is believed that it was here on the Sacred Islands where Fijian culture was born as this was where the first peoples arrived by canoe when they reached Fiji.

From here, the country’s legends were passed down from generation to generation as there was no written language at the time.

These islands are also believed to be the resting place of the ancestral spirits and are considered sacred by the local communities.

For these reasons, the Sacred Islands hold great spiritual and cultural significance for the Fijian people.

These islands are highly respected by Fijians, and traditional Fijian ceremonies are still practiced on these islands. 

Before visitors step foot onto the Sacred Isles, the crew from the boat will go to the islands and pay tribute to the forefathers of Fijian culture by performing a gift giving ceremony (sevusevu).

Visitors are asked to show respect for the land and its traditions and are free to do an offering.

When the second group of settlers arrived to Fiji and saw the Sacred Islands had already been settled, they sailed on until they arrived to Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

How to Get To The Sacred Islands In Fiji

The Sacred Islands are accessible by boat, and there are a few companies with which you can go with to reach the islands:

Boat Ride Day Trip

There are two companies that offer a day trip to the Sacred Islands:

Deep Blue Fiji do a tour to the Sacred Islands, with the boat journey lasting around 40 minutes each way from Denarau.

If you prefer to do a private tour, can do a bespoke private trip to the Sacred Islands with Tokoriki Diving.

By Cruise Ship

If you will be doing a Blue Lagoon Cruises or Captain Cook Cruise around the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands, one of the stops will be to the Sacred Islands.

We did a cruise with both of these companies and honestly can really recommend them both as you got to see and do so much.

Note that there are no ports on the Sacred Islands. Vessels moor in the sandy passages between the islands and depending on the tide you may get your feet wet.

fiji sacred isles Yasawa Islands

What Is There To Do At The Sacred Islands?

With the Sacred Islands being a remote group of islands, there are no amenities whatsoever here, but it is an absolute paradise and there is still a lot to do!

Whether you want to go for a swim, snorkel, walk along the white sandy shoreline or just relax in paradise, these islands are so untouched that you won’t want to leave!


The crystal-clear waters surrounding the Sacred Islands are full of a wide variety of marine life and colourful coral reefs, and make such a great place for snorkelling when the tide is high.

If you love snorkelling, you’ll love it here. We even managed to spot a turtle when we were snorkelling!

Enjoy The Beach

Relax on the stunning beach, enjoy the views, and be on ‘Fiji time’ as the locals say! Fiji is known for its stunning landscapes, and the Sacred Islands are no different!

Bush Walking To Historic Sites

On the islands there are Sacred Caves where ceremonies and rituals are held, and the remains of the fortress built for the first people to arrive on the island can still be seen here.

Can You Stay Overnight On The Sacred Islands?

The Sacred Islands are uninhabited and there are no amenities or accommodation options on the islands. You can only visit as part of a day trip.

Therefore, remember to bring everything you need – sun cream, swimming costume, a towel, sunhat, plenty of water, a go-pro/camera, and anything else you may need!