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Travelling solo around Arabic countries as a Western woman

desert wadi rum Jordan

Having lived in the Middle East for 3 years now, and having travelled solo around almost half of the 22 Arabic countries, I want to share my knowledge with you, as a Western woman, about travelling around Arabic countries. Arabic countries are not usually the top of most people’s holiday destinations, infact France alone sees […]

How to get Antelope Canyon all to yourself!

antelope canyon Arizona

So you’ve seen the incredible pictures of Antelope Canyon but you’ve also heard how busy it can get, with big groups of tourists being herded in and out so quickly that you can’t even get one decent photo without someone else ruining your picture? Wanting to have a more quiet and relaxed experience at the […]

Humpback Whales Hervey Bay – Whale Watching Boat Trips!

With 60 per cent of the world’s whales found in Australia’s waters, the country is blessed with some incredible whale watching spots. Hervey Bay in Queensland is infact dubbed the whale watching capital of the world! Every year from July to October you can get right up close to humpback whales in the waters of […]

How to survive long haul flights – Ultimate Top 10 Tips!

Chances are, if you’re headed on a long haul flight soon, you’ll be excited as it means you’re most likely going somewhere awesome! However, you’re probably not looking forward to the actual flight. Long flights can really take its toll on your body. Working as an international flight attendant for over 3 years now, working […]

Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich – The Ultimate Day Trip!

Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

Interested in doing a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich? Neuschwanstein Castle is the most iconic castle in Europe, if not the world! It looks like it is straight out of a fairytale with its many turrets and towers, and actually is the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella castles! Neuschwanstein Castle […]

24 hours in Mui Ne – Sand dunes, fairy spring & village!

24 hours is the perfect time to explore Mui Ne: a small fishing town in south east Vietnam, only 180km from Saigon. A lesser known part of Vietnam, but certainly worth a visit for the beautiful beaches and incredibly unique scenery found nowhere else in Vietnam. Over recent years Mui Ne has become popular not […]

See the quokkas at Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island is a beautiful island paradise in the Indian Ocean that can be easily reached as a day trip from Perth, Western Australia. Less than 20km from Perth’s coastline, Rottnest boasts 63 brilliant white sand beaches, clear blue waters, bays and secluded coves, however it is most famous for the quokka! The quokka, which […]

Garbage City: the side of Cairo no-one wants you to see

coptic christian cave church Cairo garbage city

Garbage City. Sounds like a joke right? I wish it was, but there is actually a neighbourhood in the Egyptian capital of Cairo named Garbage City. The name is on the tin: this small city is piled high with garbage and many people live here. I recently went round this poor, almost forgotten slum of […]