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Flight Attendant School To Be A Flight Attendant – Need To Know Info!

Do Flight Attendants need to go to Flight Attendant School to become Cabin Crew or an Airline Stewardess? Or is it possible they can get a job as a Flight Attendant without any prior experience, knowledge or training? Does going to Flight Attendant School increase your chances of securing a Cabin Crew job at the […]

PILOTS WITH TATTOOS – Can Pilots Have Tattoos?

Are you wondering if there are Airline Pilots with tattoos? Can Pilots actually have tattoos – are they allowed to? These are actually very common questions for people to ask who dream to become an Airline Pilot. You’ll find all the answers here! Going back 40 years and it was quite rare to see people […]

Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?

The question can Flight Attendants have piercings is a very common question that gets asked. Can having facial piercings prevent you from landing a job as a Flight Attendant? Can Cabin Crew have nose piercings or more than one piercing per ear? You’ll find it all out here! Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings? Similar to […]


Can a Flight Attendant have tattoos is a very common question aspiring Flight Attendants ask. CAN A FLIGHT ATTENDANT HAVE TATTOOS? With every generation, tattoos become more and more acceptable. Nowadays about a third of people have tattoos, and most people who do have tattoos will have more than just one. People may get tattoos […]

Male Flight Attendants – Can Men Be Flight Attendants?

These days you will find many Flight Attendants who are male. There was a time though when this was not the case and airlines wouldn’t hire men to be Flight Attendants. Times have changed and nowadays a male is absolutely more than welcome to apply to become a Flight Attendant if he meets all the […]

Flight Attendant Requirements – Age, Height, Weight & More!

There are several requirements to become a Flight Attendant (such as age, height and weight), as well as several questions that surround them. The requirements to become a Flight Attendant have changed over the years and vary from airline to airline so it can easily cause confusion amongst aspiring Cabin Crew. It’s important to know […]

Editing Sunset Photos – How To Edit A Sunset Photo In Lightroom!

Editing your sunset photos well can literally transform your photos from average to spectacular! But how to actually edit a sunset photo and make it look dreamy? You’ll find all the information here! Over the years I have mastered the art of editing sunset photos and I just love the process to edit my photos […]

Sunrise Predictor: How To Predict A Good Sunrise Or Sunset!

Are you a photographer or lover of sunsets and sunrises, and looking for sunrise sunset predictor websites and apps on how to predict a good sunrise or sunset? You’ve come to the right place. As a photographer myself, I love chasing sunrises and sunsets and the colours and lights that come with it – whether […]

Dating A Colombian Woman Or Man – All You Need To Know!

So you’re dating, or thinking of dating a Colombian man or woman? Whether you are in Colombia or have met a Colombian who now lives abroad, here is all you need to know about dating a Colombian! DATING A COLOMBIAN – COLOMBIAN DATING CULTURE Colombians love dancing and music! If you are dating a Colombian […]