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Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?

The question can Flight Attendants have piercings is a very common question that gets asked. Can having facial piercings prevent you from landing a job as a Flight Attendant?

Can Cabin Crew have nose piercings or more than one piercing per ear? You’ll find it all out here!

Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?

Similar to the topic surrounding whether Flight Attendants can have tattoos, there are certain requirement for Flight Attendants when it comes to piercings.

Most airlines have policies in place to prevent body piercings being visible on Flight Attendants/Cabin Crew.

In most airlines, female Flight Attendants are only allowed to have one ear lobe piercing per ear and male Flight Attendants are not allowed to have any visible piercings.

Nose, lip and tongue piercings and piercings on other parts of the ear, face or body are not allowed when wearing the Cabin Crew uniform

If a female has more than one piercing in her ear she can only wear an earring in one hole per earlobe.

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Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?

Most airlines require Air Hostesses to not have piercings in visible areas and will not hire someone as a Flight Attendant if they have any visible piercings (other than one earlobe piercing for females).

This is because they want all the Cabin Crew to look uniform and to maintain a simple and elegant image. 

Of course this is absolutely not to say that someone with piercings doesn’t look professional, it’s just that many airlines believe that as Flight Attendants have the most face-to-face contact and impact with the passengers, that they think a ‘clean’ image looks better as an image for the company.

Plus piercings other than traditional ear and nose piercings are considered haram (forbidden) in Islam, so some other facial piercings may offend some Muslim passengers (and of course non-Muslim passengers too).

If the Cabin Crew don’t have any piercings besides the regular ear piercings in women, it avoids potentially offending any passengers who may think that they piercings look unprofessional or offensive.

In some cultures the additional piercings still carry a negative stigma, and despite facial piercings becoming more common, many people believe they are still not appropriate for the workplace.

United Airlines Nose Piercing Flight Attendant Policy

Restrictions like this may be perceived by some as one of the cons of being a Flight Attendant as it may be seen discriminatory. Times are slowly changing however.

Since September 1st 2021, United Airlines has allowed their Flight Attendants to have nose piercings.  

United Airlines listened to feedback from their employers and they believe that these revised and modernised Style & Image standards provide a more authentic representation of the people that make up United Airlines.

It is possible that more airlines will follow in the future, however currently the other major airlines in USA – American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and JetBlue have made no announcements to change their Style & Image standards.

If you have a nose piercing I would recommend you check the guidelines for the specific airline you want to apply for.

Some airlines, especially in regional carriers America, Europe and Australia may be more laidback than others and may start to introduce new Style & Image guidelines like United Airlines have done.

Airlines in Asia and The Middle East are the most likely to be the strictest on refusing to change their current Style & Image guidelines of only one earlobe piercing for female Flight Attendants.

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What If I Turn Up To A Flight Attendant Assessment Day With Visible Piercings?

If you will be going to a Flight Attendant Open Day/Assessment Day or have your Cabin Crew Interview coming up then make sure to remove any piercings beforehand.

Females can wear one set of earrings in their earlobes – a safe bet is to go with a set of pearl stud earrings. Other than that, take any other piercings out.

If you turn up to a Cabin Crew Open Day with piercings in (such as in your lip, nose or tongue or other piercings in your ears besides in your earlobes) and the airline specifically states that no piercings are allowed (except one female earlobe piercing), the assessors will most likely send you home straight away, even before you have had a chance to hand in your Cabin Crew CV.

So make sure to not forget to remove any piercings! Be aware though that even if you have taken a piercing out, if it still leaves a visible mark then it will severely reduce your chances of getting hired (for example if you have a ‘plug’/flesh tunnel piercing on your ear lobe (a large gauge piercing).

If you can take the piercing out and it doesn’t leave a visible mark, it shouldn’t hinder your chances of getting hired as Cabin Crew.

I do know Flight Attendants who have their tragus pierced, and multiple ear piercings and this didn’t prevent them from getting the job.

The hiring process for Cabin Crew is extremely competitive, and the assessors are looking for any reason to send someone home early so as to reduce the number of applicants they have to choose from.

If you have a nose, lip or tongue piercing you must take it out before you arrive at the Assessment Day. Also I would hold off on any new piercings you are planning to get, if you are to attend a Flight Attendant Assessment Day shortly.

These guidelines about piercings apply not only to prospective Flight Attendants, but also current Cabin Crew – they are not allowed to get any visible piercings during their flying career besides the ones permitted (one in each earlobe for females).

Summary – Can Flight Attendants Have Piercings?

Most airlines do have policies in place to prevent any body piercings from being visible on Flight Attendants/Cabin Crew. These policies will vary between different airlines and some are more strict than others.

Therefore check the guidelines for the specific airlines you want to apply for.

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