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Bilgola Rockpool – The Best Rock Pool In Sydney According To Locals!

If you’re looking for a total hidden gem of a rock pool in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, head to Bilgola Rockpool!

Nestled amongst famous beaches such as the likes of Palm Beach and Mona Vale, Bilgola Beach is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches that is a bit quieter and less frequented by tourists, but equally beautiful. 

Located at the southern end of Bilgola Beach is the Bilgola Rock Pool.

bilgola rock pool Sydney northern beaches 

Mostly visited just by locals (who claim it to be the best rock pool in Sydney!), the secluded Bilgola rock pool is the perfect place to go if you wish to get away from the crowds at the more popular ocean pools nearby.

From Bilgola rockpool you can enjoy the stunning views of the 60-metre high North Bilgola Headland and all the houses perched on the cliff above, as well as lovely views of the 500 metre beach and spectacular views out across to the ocean.

The rock pool is set in beautiful surroundings and is very charming, with The Sydney Morning Herald even naming it one of the best pools in Sydney!

Enjoy the panoramic views from this secret spot, and even keep your eyes peeled for dolphins or humpback whales during the cooler months on their annual migration!

Whether you’re here for a serious swim or wish to just relax in the shallow wading area, you’re bound to have a great time at Bilgola Rockpool.

Like many of the ocean pools along Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bilgola Rockpool is a 50 metre pool and has two sections, the main, larger pool for doing laps (50 metres x 15 metres), and an adjacent smaller pool for wading and toddlers (50 metres x 5 metres).

bilgola rock pool Sydney northern beaches

The two sections of the pool are divided by a chain railing, and the wading section is actually very popular for adults who want to walk across the pool, as well as being popular for families during the summer holidays!

Being an eight-laned 50 metre concrete pool, it means Bilgola Rockpool does get used frequently by local schools for swimming training.

It gets busy with swimmers, especially on mid-week mornings – yes even at 7am you can find plenty of swimmers in the pool!

And on Saturday mornings during the warmer months of October to March you can find the Avalon Bilgola Swimming Club training here, so you’ll often see more swimmers than surfers at the beach!

The South Bilgola Headland protects the pool from the elements, however as rock fall did occur in the past, in a bit to stabilise erosion and prevent any rocks falling from the headland into the pool area and causing injury or damage, Pittwater Council placed netting all the way up the cliff face.

In addition, they also installed a high fence right along the base of the cliff to prevent rocks from falling into the pool area, so you won’t have to worry about falling rocks! 

Amenities At Bilgola Rockpool

Along the fence running alongside the pool there is a long bench where you can leave your things whilst you go for a dip.

Follow the beach round to get to the toilets, outdoor showers and changing rooms which are just next to the Surf Life Saving Club on the beach.

The facilities are all in good condition and there is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the Surf Club. Opposite the SLSC you’ll also find the beach cafe Zubi at Billy’s that serves great coffee and delicious food.

They’re open daily from around 6am until 2.30pm. Sit inside and enjoy the views, or grab a takeaway coffee, sit under the trees and enjoy watching the waves.

Bilgola Rockpool is in a good condition, and the pool has a ramp leading down to the shallow area, making it suitable for disabled access.

Many ocean pools don’t have lights around the pool, however Bilgola Rockpool does, and the lights here stay on until around 10pm in the summer, making it an ideal place to go for a late-night swim! 

Another unusual quirk about Bilgola Rockpool is that the shallow end of the pool is actually at the furthest end – nearest to the ocean!

The deep end is the side closest to the beach and SLSC, which isn’t what you would expect. The shallow end is 1.5 metres deep and the deep end is 1.8 metres deep.

bilgola rock pool Sydney northern beaches 

When Is Bilgola Rockpool Cleaned?

Bilgola Rockpool is usually cleaned every Tuesday during summer, and every other Tuesday during the winter. Check the Bilgola Rockpool cleaning schedule before you visit as it may occasionally change.

History Of Bilgola Rock Pool

The name ‘Bilgola’ comes from an Aboriginal term meaning ‘swirling waters’. In terms of Sydney’s ocean pools, Bilgola was one of the latest additions, only built in the 1960s.

bilgola rock pool Sydney northern beaches

How To Get To Bilgola Rockpool

If coming by car, access the beach parking from the carpark off The Serpentine. Pay and display parking is available from 7am until 7pm.

There are lots of parking spots, but during school summer holidays and hot weekends it can be difficult to find a spot! 

If coming by public transport you can get the 190X bus from Wynyard to Bilgola. The journey takes just over an hour but the bus stop is just a two minute downhill walk (around 150 metres) through a bushwalk path to the rock pool.

If coming from Manly, the 199 bus goes from Stand B in Manly up to to Bilgola. The bus ride takes an hour, and again it’s a 2 minute walk from the bus stop to Bilgola Rock Pool.

Walks You Can Do From Bilgola Rockpool

You can walk north to Avalon Beach (there’s also a lovely rock pool at Avalon Beach), and even continue the walk from Avalon to Palm Beach.

Alternatively you can walk south to Newport Beach and Mona Vale Beach (the Mona Vale Rock Pool at high tide is my favourite!).


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