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tokyo capsule hotels

Ever thought about spending the night in one of the capsule hotels in Tokyo? Spending the night in Tokyo can be pretty expensive as hotels are quite pricey here in the world’s largest city. However don’t let this put you off! A cheaper and actually a really authentic Japanese alternative is to experience staying in […]

10 things you must experience in Saigon, Vietnam!

There are so many things to experience in Saigon – one of my all-time favourite cities! Saigon (also known as Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC for short) is like a whirlwind. It may feel chaotic and overwhelming at first, but stick around long enough and you’ll discover a lively city with a contagious energy […]

24 hours in Mui Ne – Sand dunes, fairy spring & village!

24 hours is the perfect time to explore Mui Ne: a small fishing town in south east Vietnam, only 180km from Saigon. A lesser known part of Vietnam, but certainly worth a visit for the beautiful beaches and incredibly unique scenery found nowhere else in Vietnam. Over recent years Mui Ne has become popular not […]

How to explore Singapore on a budget!

Singapore instagrammable places little India

So you want to explore Singapore on a budget? But what words come to mind when you think of Singapore? Futuristic architecture, clean, safe, modern, pricey alcohol, world’s best airport, but above all, you probably think it is expensive. Whilst Singapore IS a lot more expensive than the rest of south-east Asia, don’t let it put […]

Discover Hong Kong – Best Things To Do In 24 Hours!

There is so much to discover in Hong Kong: one of the world’s most vibrant cities, overflowing with people and eternally short on space. It is a modern futuristic city – one of the busiest and most developed cities in Asia, with a perfect blend of east and west whilst still retaining its culture. Tourists automatically associate […]

What To Do In Langkawi For 3 Days – Langkawi Malaysia Itinerary!

Are you heading to Langkawi and wondering what to do in this beautiful island for 3 days? The archipelago of Langkawi, Malaysia is a paradise made up of 99 islands just a half hour boat ride from Thailand (one of the most famous places nearby in Thailand is the James Bond Island in Phuket). Langkawi […]