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Dreamland Beach In Bali – How To Have The Best Day At Pantai Dreamland

Uluwatu in South Bali is home to rugged coastlines that are dotted with some of the most beautiful golden sand beaches in Bali, including Dreamland Beach (also known as Pantai Dreamland or even sometimes New Kuta Beach).

Dreamland Beach has stunning turquoise waters, good surfing, a great atmosphere, and is a popular spot to visit in Uluwatu.

It’s definitely somewhere you shouldn’t miss on your Uluwatu or Bali itinerary. Here’s all you need to know, including things to do at Dreamland Beach, how and when to visit, and more!

dreamland beach uluwatu bali      

Where is Dreamland Beach?

Dreamland Beach is situated along the western coastline of the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu, South Bali.

As you can guess from the name, it has a dreamy setting with its crystal clear water and golden sands, surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. 

Dreamland Beach lies between two other popular beaches in Uluwatu: Bingin Beach and Balangan Beach.

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

How To Get To Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is easy to get to: the road that leads here is probably the only decent road in Bali – that’s no exaggeration! 

It should take around 15 minutes to reach Dreamland Beach from the main area of Uluwatu. From the Canggu area, it will take around 1 hour to reach Dreamland Beach. 

You may wish to get to Dreamland Beach using a scooter as it is the cheapest option, but personally I feel much more comfortable hiring a car or a driver or using the Grab or Gojek apps to catch a lift.

It’s too hectic riding a scooter around Bali and there are potholes and traffic everywhere these days.

If you aren’t comfortable driving a scooter around South East Asia, Uluwatu definitely isn’t the place to be riding one – the roads are very busy and there are some steep hills.

If you do choose to arrive by scooter and you’ll be renting one, remember to have your International Driving Permit with you, as well as wear a helmet.

Scooter hire costs roughly IDR 100,000 if renting for the day, although you can get it cheaper if you’ll be hiring one for longer.

If you arrive to Dreamland Beach on a scooter, you’ll be able to drive almost all the way down to the beach.

If you’ll be arriving by car, you’ll park in a different car park but it’s literally only about 150 metres from the beach and you’ll walk past some nice souvenir shops so it’s a pleasant stroll.

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

Is There An Entrance Fee For Dreamland Beach?

If you aren’t staying at one of the nearby resorts that has beach access, there is an entrance fee to access Dreamland Beach.

It costs 5,000 IDR for scooters and 10,000 IDR for cars. This is payable in cash only so make sure you bring cash with you!

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dreamland Beach?

Dreamland Beach can be visited year-round. As long as the sun is out, this beach is beautiful!

The months between April and September generally bring sunnier days and the least rain, but also this is definitely the busiest time to visit!

Early or mid-morning is a good time to visit before the crowds appear. At this time, the beach is in the sunshine, and you can still find a beach chair available.

After 11 am until the afternoon you’ll see the biggest crowds, so you may even prefer to visit late afternoon and stay for the sunset, as most day trippers have left by this time so the beach is quieter.

Dreamland Beach is a fantastic place to watch the sunset in Bali due to its prime west-facing position.

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

Tips For Visiting Dreamland Beach

 – Bring cash as you’ll need to pay for parking. Plus if you wish to rent a sun lounger, beach umbrella or surfboard, or you want to buy some souvenirs, you’ll need cash.

 – Dreamland Beach is a great place for surfing if you’re keen to give it a go! Just always check the conditions before you go in the water as there can be rips.

 – If you’ll be driving to Dreamland Beach – by scooter or car, ensure you have a valid International Drivers Permit and always carry it with you. 

 – If you plan to arrive to Dreamland Beach by Grab or Gojek, make sure you have the apps downloaded to your phone beforehand.

Things To Do At Dreamland Beach

There’s a nice rugged charm about Dreamland Beach that’s unlike the other beaches in the area.

While it’s not the most Instagrammable beach, there is soul here! We loved the atmosphere here, the hustle and bustle – as well as the towering cliffs and surfboard everywhere reminded us of our local beach in Sydney – the famous Bondi Beach.

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

It was actually one of our favourite beaches in the whole of Uluwatu!

Whether you’re keen to surf, relax on a sun lounger all day, swim amongst the waves or sit at one of the beach restaurants enjoying the views, there is plenty to do here at Dreamland Beach.


Dreamland Beach is one of the most famous surfing spots in Uluwatu, so if you’re keen to go surfing then this is a great spot!

You’ll find several places along the beach where you can rent a surfboard or boogie board for around 50,000 IDS. Plus you can also get a 1 hour surfing lesson for around 100,000 IDR.

While the waves at Dreamland Beach are generally suitable for beginners, sometimes the waves can get really big here and there can be big swells, which brings the advanced surfers down to Dreamland.

Therefore it’s always best to check the conditions and ask someone before you get in the water if you’re not a strong swimmer.

You can even check the conditions before you head down to the beach – check out the live stream video on the Dreamland Surf Cam!

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

Relax On The Beach:

If you don’t fancy surfing, there are plenty of spots on Dreamland Beach to relax and enjoy the sun.

Lifeguards are on duty if you want to head for a dip in the water, just be cautious of strong currents and big waves here, especially if you aren’t a strong swimmer.

There is minimal shade on Dreamland Beach so it is a good idea to rent a sunlounger and umbrella to protect you from the sun.

But arrive by mid-morning if you want to secure one as they go quickly! It costs around 200,000 IDR to rent for a couple of hours.

Enjoy Food & Drinks At Dreamland Warung:

Dreamland Warung is the main bar/restaurant that overlooks the beach. It is a great place to head for food or drinks and enjoy watching the surfers.

Enjoy The Views From The Hill:

The hill by the entrance of Dreamland Beach offers some breathtaking views over the beach and coastline. It’s a short walk, but the dirt path can sometimes get slippery. 

Watch The Sunset:

The sunsets at Dreamland Beach are absolutely stunning, so try and stay here for sunset to witness the epic sunsets that Bali is known for.

dreamland beach uluwatu bali

Things To Do Close To Dreamland Beach

There are so many great activities to do in Uluwatu besides visiting Dreamland Beach.

For example, watching the Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple, visiting the beautiful Bingin Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Melasti Beach and Thomas Beach, heading to the Tanah Barak Cliff Road, Karang Boma Cliff viewpoint, or checking out one of the many luxurious beach clubs in the area.

You can even go paragliding or visit the tallest monument in Indonesia!

Hire a car or scooter for one or two days and explore all the sights in Uluwatu, or alternatively book on this full-day tour of Uluwatu to have someone organise everything for you! This is a great way to see Uluwatu if you are short of time.

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Where To Stay In Uluwatu

There are so many accommodation options available in Uluwatu that it can seem daunting knowing where to start!

On our latest visit to Uluwatu we stayed at Ronja Boutique Hotel, a lovely little paradise located a short walk from Bingin Beach.

With just 7 suites available, it was peaceful and stepping out from our room right into the pool was so amazing! Here you can read more about our stay at Ronja Boutique Hotel.

In conclusion, Dreamland Beach is a great place to relax for a few hours, go for a surf, catch a tan on the sunbed or just to grab a bintang and watch the sunset! It is honestly one of our favourite beaches in Bali and we can’t wait to go back!