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Where To See Everlasting Daisies At Kings Park, Perth – Western Australia

If you’re looking for the best place to see everlasting paper daisies and other beautiful wildflowers native to Western Australia in Kings Park, Perth, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ll show you exactly where in Kings Park Botanic Garden to find the everlasting daisies so you can get some stunning photographs. 

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden   

Where Are The Everlasting Daisy Wildflowers In Kings Park?

There are lots of everlasting daisies in Kings Park and the Western Australian Botanic Garden, however, they are spread out and not all in one place.

The biggest flower bed of them that I found at Kings Park was on May Drive, just after the Wadjuk car park entrance, and right in front of the roundabout with the statue of Lord Forrest in the middle.

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

There are also some beautiful red and green kangaroo paw flowers here – another stunning wildflower native to Western Australia, amongst the everlasting daisies, which really makes for some stunning Instagrammable Perth photos!

The flowers look stunning from above, as well as when you bend down to their level to photograph them from the side!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

When Is The Best Time To See The Everlasting Daisies At Kings Park?

The arrival of the everlasting daisies (also known as paper daisies) marks the start of spring, and so the best time to see them in full bloom is throughout September and October.

The Everlasting Kings Park Festival runs during the last two weeks of September so this is a great time to visit.

This free Festival celebrates all the unique wildflowers native to Western Australia, and they do lots of free events, including guided walks, and lots of staff and volunteers are available if you have any questions!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

You can, of course, see the everlasting daisies before or after the Kings Park Festival as they are free to visit.

It’s best to see the everlasting daisies on a sunny day as they actually close their petals in the evening or during grey or wet conditions.

Their name actually comes from “day’s eye”, reflecting how they close their petals at night and reopen them in the morning!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

Therefore seeing them on a sunny day means you’ll get to see them fully open in all their glory. If you stay around until sunset, you’ll get to see them start to close their petals which is amazing!

The colours of the everlasting daisies range from deep pink to white colours, and they have beautiful yellow and even sometimes black centres. 

paper daisies perth WA kings park

Where Else Can You See Everlasting Daisies in Western Australia?

Everlasting daisies are mostly found in the area inland of Geraldton in Western Australia.

At Coalseam Conservation Park, about 100km east of Geraldton, you will see blankets of everlasting daisies as far as you can see! 

In Perth, besides Kings Park, there are a few nice small flowerbeds of them outside Council House.

And if you can’t make it over to WA in time to see the everlastings bloom, then fear not as there is another place in Australia where you can see everlasting daisies!

Despite being native to Western Australia, it is actually possible (but rare!) to see everlastings in another state in Australia besides WA! 

If you are over in New South Wales, you can also see a really impressive display of everlasting daisies in the Mount Annan Botanic Garden in Sydney!

These everlasting daisies are particularly impressive to see as there are over a million paper daisies here all together in a couple of giant flower beds, whereas at Kings Park the everlasting daisies are more spread out.

paper daisies Sydney Mount Annan Australian botanical gardens


And if you’re looking for some more spring blooms in Perth, make sure to check out the Tulip Festival at Araluen Botanic Gardens, and the Cherry Blossom Festival at S&R Orchard in the Perth Hills!