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The Best Places To See Everlasting Daisies In Australia!

Everlasting daisies are one of the most famous flowers native to Western Australia, and the great thing is that there are so many places where you can see them for free, both in WA and elsewhere in Australia!

Read on for all the best places to spot blankets of the colourful white, pink, and yellow everlasting paper daisies in Australia!

paper daisies Sydney Mount Annan Australian botanical gardens  

What Time Of Year Is The Blooming Season For Everlasting Daisies?

The arrival of everlasting daisies marks the start of spring.

The daisies are at their best only for several weeks, so the best time to see them in full bloom is at the beginning of spring – particularly during the month of September. 

It’s best to see the everlasting daisies on a sunny day as opposed to on grey or wet days or in the evening.

This is because the daisies actually close their petals in the evening and when it isn’t sunny! Seeing them on a sunny day means you get to see them in all their glory!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

Where To See Everlasting Daisies In Australia

As everlasting daisies are wildflowers, you can see many growing wild throughout Western Australia!

You’ll find them mostly in the area inland of Geraldton, as well as areas of the southwest of Western Australia.

A great spot in particular to see everlasting daisies is in the Coalseam Conservation Park, about 100km east of Geraldton.

Here you will see blankets of everlasting daisies as far as you can see! The nearby town of Mullewa also has many stunning everlastings you can see!

paper daisies Sydney Mount Annan Australian botanical gardens

If you don’t plan on doing a road trip or going inland though, the great thing is that there are two cities in Australia where you can see stunning everlasting daisy displays every single year – Perth and Sydney!

Kings Park – Western Australia Botanic Garden, Perth

Located in the heart of the city, Kings Park is a must-visit when in Perth.

It’s not only a great place to admire panoramic views of the skyline at sunrise and sunset, but it is also one of the best photo spots in Perth.

In addition, it is home to The Western Australian Botanic Garden, where you’ll find roughly 3,000 species of flora native to WA!

The Western Australian Botanic Garden is free to visit, and showcases the world’s largest display of Western Australian flora, including the native everlasting daisies!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

Visitors to Kings Park can find the colourful everlasting daisies spread out in various sections of the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

I found the best area to photograph them was between the Wadjuk Car Park and the roundabout with the statue of Lord Forrest in the middle.

There’s a little corner flower bed with everlasting daisies and kangaroo paw (another beautiful WA native wildflower) that make for nice photos.

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

If you visit Kings Park during the last two weeks of September you can experience the Everlasting Kings Park Festival. The festival is full of wildflower exhibitions and guided tours so is a great time to visit.

You can, however, visit Kings Park whenever you want. It’s free and it’s open 24 hours a day. 

Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, Sydney

The Australian Botanic Garden located in Mount Annan, 60km southwest of Sydney CBD has a fantastic display of everlasting daisies.

Every year the Australian Botanic Garden transforms into a sea of everlasting paper daisies, with over one million of them blooming in an area of almost 2,000 square metres! 

You’ll find the everlasting daisies altogether in a couple of giant flower beds at the Connections Garden inside the Botanic Garden.

There’s a footpath around them, making this an excellent place to see everlasting daisies and get nice photos of you with them. This is a great photo spot in Sydney if you want to get some Instagrammable photos!

paper daisies Sydney Mount Annan Australian botanical gardens 

The Australian Botanical Gardens are open from 8 am until 5 pm every day and are free to visit. It does get very busy here at the weekends though so try to either arrive first thing, or during the week!