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Fiji Cloud 9 Bar – A Must Visit Floating Bar In Fiji!

If you’re looking for a totally unique experience in Fiji then you need to check out Cloud 9 Fiji – a floating bar and pizzeria. It’s an absolute must when you come to Fiji – click here to book your tickets!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

What Is Cloud 9 Fiji?

Imagine a floating pizzeria and bar in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, complete with a DJ deck that hosts famous DJs, surrounded by crystal clear waters and a beautiful reef. That’s exactly what Cloud 9 is!

But not only is it a day bar and pizzeria – there are sun loungers and day beds for you to relax in, as well as a jumping platform and snorkel kits for you to use to check out the amazing snorkelling here.

If you are looking for a fun lively day out surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and great vibes, you’ll find it here at Cloud 9. Click here to purchase your tickets!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Where Is Cloud 9 Located?

Cloud 9 is located within Fiji’s stunning Mamanuca Islands, to the west of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu.

Lying south-west of Malolo Island, Cloud 9 is situated in a beautiful spot in Fiji within the Malolo Barrier Reef!

Despite being in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but turquoise waters, islands and coral reefs, Cloud 9 is actually super convenient to get to! You can purchase your Cloud 9 tickets here.

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Why You Should Visit Cloud 9 Fiji:

The location for Cloud 9 – in the middle of the ocean surrounded by islands and coral reef is just perfect. You really feel like you are in a tropical paradise – we had not experienced anything like it before!

The layout of Cloud 9 is really great too, with two levels for you to spread out and plenty of shaded and unshaded areas depending on whether you want to soak up the sun and top up your tan or stay cool in the shade with a cocktail.

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

The DJ set – that hosts international DJs and brings in great crowds is located on the lower level, and you’ll find the iconic jumping platform on the upper level!

As Cloud 9 is located within the Malolo Barrier Reef, the snorkeling here is incredible – the reef was so alive plus we managed to spot a couple of turtles!!

In addition, Cloud 9 has two options of what time you would like to spend there. You can either do the morning/afternoon trip (from 9am-3pm) or the afternoon/evening trip (from 1pm-7pm).

We did the 9am trip which we loved, but it would be amazing to see the sunset there so maybe consider the afternoon trip if you’re there during the winter months when the sun sets early and you’re a sunset lover like me!

Click here to book your Cloud 9 tickets! 

How To Get To Fiji Cloud 9:

Cloud 9 is very easy to get to – it takes just under an hour’s boat ride from Denarau Marina to reach Cloud 9.

Plus, return coach transfers from your hotel in Denarau Island, Nadi and Wailoaloa to the marina are included in the cost of your ticket!

Resorts In Denarau:

Nearby resorts in Denarau that are convenient to stay in for your Cloud 9 trip are:

Sofitel Fiji Resort, Radisson Blu Resort and Sheraton Fiji.

Hostels In Wailoaloa:

If you are looking for more budget accommodation, head to nearby Wailoaloa. Not only does Wailoaloa Beach have a great vibe, but you’ll meet lots of locals here – plus there are hostel dorms so perfect for backpackers!

Check out Smugglers Cove, Bluewater LodgeBamboo Backpackers.


The boat to Cloud 9 (known as ‘Saba’) leaves from Port Denarau punctually – boat transfers don’t run on Fiji Time!

The boat ride out is very smooth and you’ll go past several beautiful islands along the way!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

You can of course turn up to Cloud 9 on your own boat if you prefer, or get an independent transfer from your resort if it’s nearby in the Mamanuca Islands to make it more convenient.

It’s free to turn up if you don’t use the Denarau transfer – you just pay for your food and drinks and your own transfer!

Cloud 9 is about a 10 minute boat ride from Tavarua Island (the famous heart shaped island!) and Namotu Island.

It is a 15 minute boat ride from resorts such as Plantation Island, Lomani and Musket Cove so they often get people popping over from the resorts here!

If heading there independently of the Cloud 9 transfer it’s wise to just phone up before you head to Cloud 9 to check it’s okay for you to visit and not closed for a private event or fully booked for example!

At times private boats can sometimes even be queueing to wait for a space for the passengers to get onto Cloud 9!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

What To Do At Cloud 9 Fiji:

Besides eating, drinking and relaxing in the sun and even dancing to the great tunes they play here, you can jump off the platform and go for a snorkel at the nearby reef!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

You can rent snorkel gear for $12 at Cloud 9, and it’s definitely worth doing so as the coral reef nearby is stunning and there is a lot of marine life to see under water if you go snorkelling! Plus the water is always warm! 

Jumping off the ledge at Cloud 9 is always popular! There are a couple of steps up to the ledge and many people have fun jumping off it. It can be quite daunting as it is higher than it looks, but hopefully you’ll have the guts to do it! 

Click here to purchase your Cloud 9 tickets!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

How Long Do You Spend At Fiji Cloud 9?

The boat departs Port Denarau at around 9am and arrives at Cloud 9 at 10am. You will spend roughly 4 hours at Cloud 9 to relax, snorkel, eating, drink and dance! 

Of course if you come on your own boat and not on the Cloud 9 transfer boat from Denarau you can just pop in for a quick drink if you wish, or longer if you prefer – it’s totally up to you!

At one point when we were there, there were so many small boats just popping in for a bit and the place got really busy!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Can You Stay Overnight At Fiji Cloud 9?

Cloud 9 is a day bar and restaurant  – there is no option to stay overnight as there are no accommodation options! Although it would be amazing to wake up in this paradise!

What Should I Bring To Cloud 9 Fiji?

Make sure you bring:

Swimsuit, towel, hat, sunglasses, camera!

Reef Safe sunscreen:
Sadly the chemicals in many sunscreens are contributing to the death of lots of species that live amongst the reef.

Therefore if you are going in the water it is important to use a reef safe sunscreen made of zinc such as Sunbutter Suncream that is reef safe, palm oil free and Vegan friendly!

Zinc sunscreen sits on the top layer of your skin, as opposed to getting absorbed, so it can make your skin a bit paler than it really is.

Luckily the suncream brand WinkiZinc has several different shades of reef safe suncream to suit your skin tone!

Bank Cards:
Cash is not accepted on Cloud 9 – only Visa, Mastercard and AmEx can be used so make sure to bring your card!

It’s always wise to bring a couple of cards just incase you have problems with one and it gets declined for some reason (always happens to me!). 

You don’t need to bring any of your own food or drinks to Cloud 9 – it’s not permitted, plus everything tastes so good here!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

When Is Cloud 9 Fiji Open?

The good news is that you can visit Cloud 9 any day of the week (unless they are closed for a private function)!

Opening hours for Cloud 9 are roughly from 10am to 6pm, so plenty of time to enjoy!

What Food & Drinks Are Available On The Menu At Cloud 9 Fiji?

The food and cocktails are really great at Cloud 9! They have a wide range of cocktails and local and international beers, as well as wine, spirits and soft drinks.

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

When it comes to food, Cloud 9’s speciality is their authentic wood-fired pizzas! In addition to the pizzas they also sell focaccia sandwiches, calzone and salads.

Vegetarian and vegan options are available, and you can ask for extra toppings on your food for an additional price. Plus gluten free bases are available for an additional charge.

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Prices were similar to what you would expect in the resorts – pizzas ranged from $18 (margarita pizza) to $30 for the likes of a pepperoni pizza and focaccia sandwiches were $19.

A Fiji Gold beer was $11, soft drinks like coke and lemonade were $6.60, vigin cocktails were $11 and cocktails were around the $30 mark – just to give you an idea!

You can check out Cloud 9’s full menu here!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

What Amenities Are Available At Fiji Cloud 9?

As mentioned before, Cloud 9 has a bar and restaurant, plus it has environmentally friendly marine toilets! There is also the opportunity to buy some Cloud 9 merchandise such as towels!

How Much Does Cloud 9 Fiji Cost/Prices?

Cloud 9 costs $169 FJD for adults – this includes your boat and nearby hotel transfers to and from Denarau Marina.

All food and drinks are additional, but if you prefer, you can pay $229 FJD which includes a $60 bar tab, which seems to be the popular option!

The boat departs at 9am (or 1pm) and arrives back at 3pm (or 7pm) which means you get 4 hours onboard Cloud 9!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Click on the image below to book your tickets!



Who Is Cloud 9 Fiji Suitable For?

Cloud 9 is suitable for any fun-loving person who wants to explore a piece of paradise in Fiji in an intimate and lively setting!

Whether you’re a water baby and want to spend the day diving off the platform and swimming amongst the fish and coral, or you just want to lay on a sunlounger all day and get food and drinks delivered to you whilst you tan, listen to the music and soak up the good vibes – you’re bound to have a great time at Cloud 9!

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji

Click here to purchase your Cloud 9 tickets!

Is Cloud 9 Fiji Worth It?

Cloud 9 is iconic – it is so famous in Fiji! A trip here is absolutely a must-do when in Fiji – it really is a paradise and was definitely a highlight of our trip to Fiji!                

cloud 9 floating bar in fiji     

Of course you’ll want to get some great photos at Cloud 9 and upload them to your Instagram, so why not check out these Instagram quotes & captions!

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This post is sponsored by Cloud 9. All views however are my own.

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