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K’Gari (Fraser Island) Jet Ski Experience With Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours!

If you’re looking for a fun way to experience K’Gari (Fraser Island) by sea, it’s worth checking out Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours.

Situated in Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours take you on a unique action-packed tour around the Fraser Coast to see some of the most beautiful locations and remote sandy islands. 

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Where Do You Visit On The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tour?

Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours has two main tours: The Fraser Explorer and The Hervey Adventure. The Fraser Explorer is by far the most popular one.

It aims to show you the best sights and is more adrenaline filled (as the ride is a bit more bumpy!), whereas the Hervey Adventure is designed for those who want to explore the more calmer waters of Hervey Bay up to Point Vernon as the ride is a lot smoother.

On the Fraser Explorer tour you’ll be riding the jet ski through the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park.

It isn’t called the Great Sandy Straits for nothing! The marine park is full of shallow sand banks, so just follow the guide to make sure you avoid any shallow passages! 

The Great Sandy Straits Marina is a busy marina, however the jet ski tours usually depart at a different time to the majority of the whale watching tours and peak hours for boat traffic.

The guide will ensure you navigate the marina safety, nevertheless always be on the lookout for boats!

The places that you will get to stop at can vary each day depending on the tide and wind direction, but the usual route is to go past Big Woody Island, Round Island and Moon Point (the widest point of Fraser Island K’Gari) – where you might even get off for a quick dip in the water.

Then it’s usually a stop off at either Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island or Pelican Banks – a stunning tropical island remote paradise with the whitest sand, to give your legs a stretch and admire the beautiful scenery.

Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours also does custom tours, so if you fancy visiting a different spot such as Wathumba Creek (if the conditions allow) – one of the most beautiful and remote spots on Fraser Island full of beautiful sad banks that rival The Whitsundays, then you can arrange a custom itinerary.

Note that the tide and certain wind directions can really affect conditions here and determine where you can safely go on certain days. 

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How Long Do You Spend On The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tour?

The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Fraser Explorer Tour is a half day trip – from 9.15am to roughly 1pm (an additional trip also happens during busy periods).

The safety briefing at the beginning is roughly 20 minutes, and you’ll spend around 2.5 hours on the jet skis and stop for half an hour at Pelican Banks or on Fraser Island.

Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours operates tours every day of the week and are located at Urangan Marina – their office is located next to the Marina car park and Breakfree Resort. Click here for the Google maps location. Parking is free all day.

How Much Are The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours?

It costs $330 per jet ski (so $165 per person if you will be sharing a jet ski, or $330 if you will be on a jetski by yourself).

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Can Beginners Go On The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours?

Yes! No previous experience or licence is required to ride the jet skis. Everyone from beginners to advanced jet skiers are welcome. 

Everyone will be given a thorough safety briefing beforehand on how to drive the jet-ski and the guide will look out for you throughout the course of the tour and tell you the safe distances to keep from one another. You’ll of course be given a life jacket to wear.

I had never been on a jet ski before so I was a little nervous even though I was just the passenger and not even the one driving!

Everyone actually said I had the hardest job as I had to hold on, but it wasn’t too bad at all, and by the end I was enjoying it eve though it was quite a bumpy ride!

What To Bring Jet Skiing?

Of course put your swimmers on as you’ll probably get a little bit wet! You may want to wear a thermal rashie and some shorts over the top in the cooler months as it can get windy and be quite cold, especially when you get wet.

Make sure to slap on the sunscreen beforehand, and you’ll probably want to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and from the water splashes! You can keen your flip flops on for the ride, or just go barefoot if you came in trainers.

If you’ve got a waterproof camera such as a go-pro you may want to bring it!

There is a big compartment at the front of the jet ski for you to put anything inside that you think you will need, such as the water bottle the guide gives you.

Anything you don’t want to bring with you such as your bags just leave in the office, which will be locked whilst you are out on the water.

pelican banks Queensland tropical island paradise

Photo by Dronecean

Is The Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tour Worth It?

If you’re an adrenaline junkie you’ll have a great time on the jet skis with Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours.

The jetskis are brand new, easy to ride, and whilst you’re out on the water you may get lucky to spot dolphins, dugongs, turtles or even whales during the winter months.

Plus the guide also takes photos of you on the jet ski during the trip and uploads it onto Facebook afterwards so you have some photos of the trip for free!

All in all, the Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours offer a really fun half day trip out on the water and it’s great excursion to add to your list whilst you’re in Hervey Bay. 


This article is sponsored by Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours. All opinions however are my own.

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