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Kangaroos In Jervis Bay – Where To See Wild Kangaroo!

Seeing wild kangaroos is always special, and Jervis Bay Territory is one of the best places in Australia to see and get up-close to a wild kangaroo!

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is one of Australia’s top holiday destinations both for Australians and international tourists.

Located just three hours south of Sydney by car, Jervis Bay makes also makes for a popular weekend break away for Sydneysiders, as well as a frequent stop on NSW road trip itineraries and road trips between Sydney and Melbourne.

Jervis Bay is known for its spectacular beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, however it is also known as a place where you can have several wildlife encounters too!

There are lots of places in Jervis Bay where you can spot kangaroos and wallabies in particular – let’s check them all out here!

Kangaroo on the beach Jervis Bay kangaroos booderee national park  

Cave Beach

Cave Beach is probably the best place to spot wild kangaroos in Jervis Bay.

Located in the Jervis Bay Territory (southern end of Jervis Bay area) in Booderee National Park, Cave Beach is a lovely long beach with caves.

On the walk to the beach, you’ll often see several kangaroos on a grassy area on your right-hand side, close to the Cave Beach Camping Ground (a great place to camp overnight but bookings must be made prior and get booked out fast!).

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey Caves Beach kangaroos

It costs from $50 for 2 people for 2 nights to camp at Caves Beach Campground, so it is a very reasonable price.

The kangaroos here by Cave Beach are used to seeing people and some will let you stroke them and they’ll even pose for selfies with you!

However still always remember they are wild animals so be attentive, especially of the large male kangaroos and don’t get close to a mother and her baby.

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey Caves Beach kangaroos

Green Patch

Also located inside Booderee National Park, Green Patch is a lovely hidden spot to see wild kangaroos in Jervis Bay!

Not only is Green Patch Beach absolutely stunning (and full of white quartz sand like Hyams Beach but without the crowds!), but like Cave Beach there is also a campsite here. Again, book in advance online.

Visit Green Patch for the day or stay overnight, whichever you prefer! You’ll often see the kangaroos and wallabies by the campsite in the late afternoon.

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey green patch Beach kangaroos booderee national park

Also when you’re here make sure to look up in the trees and see the beautiful red crimson rosellas and bright-coloured king parrots – there are many and they are pretty tame!

Make sure to head down to the southern end of Green Patch Beach by the rock pools – you’ll probably see a few gloomy octopuses as they’re known to hang out here! It’s a good place to snorkel if you’re keen!

Note that as Green Patch is located inside Booderee National Park you’ll need to pay $13 per vehicle to enter the National Park (the pass is valid for 2 days). This also applies if you are visiting Cave Beach.

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey green patch Beach kangaroos booderee national park

Honeymoon Bay

Another fun place to see kangaroos in Jervis Bay is at Honeymoon Bay, located on Beecroft Peninsula on the northern part of the bay.

We saw a few kangaroos on the grassy area here about an hour or two before sunset. The backdrop of the sunset and the ocean behind the kangaroos was stunning.

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay sunset

Honeymoon Bay is a great place to go to watch the sunset in Jervis Bay as it is one of the only beaches that is western facing. However, access is not always open!

Generally access is only from 1pm on a Friday until 2.30pm on a Sunday, with last access on Friday and Saturday evenings at 6pm. 

Honeymoon Bay kangaroos at sunset Jervis Bay Beecroft Peninsula

Jervis Bay Golf Course at Sanctuary Point

Located in St George’s Basin, you’ll find hundreds of kangaroos at the Jervis Bay Golf Course, located a 20 minute drive from Cave Beach. You are allowed to walk around the golf course to see the kangaroos, they are pretty chilled.

The Golf View Motel on Paradise Beach Road is a great affordable place to stay if you wish to see the kangaroos from your bedroom window! Sometimes they may even come right up to the bedroom windows in the morning!

There’s also a seating area just behind the motel where you can sit and watch the kangaroos!

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay

The Woods Farm

A 7 minute drive from the Jervis Bay Golf Course will take you to The Woods Farm at St Georges Basin. The Woods Farm is a great place for families to stay in the Jervis Bay area.

The relaxed farm resort has glamping tents and cottages for you to stay in. There are plenty of farm animals that children are encouraged to feed, plus often the kangaroos hop over to say hi!

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay Village

If you head to Jervis Bay School in Jervis Bay Village you may be able to see several wild kangaroos in the school fields!

There are signs here that say don’t approach the kangaroos as they are dangerous, so just admire them from the road.

Wreck Bay Village

4 miles from Jervis Bay Village lies the only other village inside Jervis Bay Territory: Wreck Bay Village.

Whilst there are several wild kangaroos at the entrance of Wreck Bay Village, it is not advisable to go there as the Aboriginal Wreck Bay Village in Jervis Bay Territory is a private village for the Aboriginal Community members and only their invited visitors should enter Wreck Bay Village.

When Is The Best Time To See Wild Kangaroos?

Kangaroos are most active the hour or two before sunset and after sunrise, so late afternoon is a great to time to see kangaroos.

Be careful when you are driving around sunrise and sunset as this is when they are most likely to hop out into the road.

Always pay attention to any kangaroos at the side of the road and slow down. 

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay

Those were our favourite places to see kangaroos in Jervis Bay. Let us know if you have seen them in any other spots around Jervis Bay!

Other Wildlife Encounters In Jervis Bay:

Besides kangaroos, Jervis Bay is also known as a great place to spot bottlenose dolphins year-round, as well as humpback whales during their annual winter migration (May-November).

A boat trip is the best way to see these creatures, as well as admire the stunning landscapes of Jervis Bay, including the caves and secluded bays at Beecroft Peninsula.

When it’s summertime, you can even watch the dolphins from the comfort of a boom net at the front of the boat, or even whilst you are paddleboarding or kayaking! Boat trips depart from Huskisson.

You can also sometimes spot fairy penguins at Murrays Beach, as well as this resident giant stingray at Murrays Beach Boat Ramp in the picture below (you can often spot dolphins from here too!), plus pelicans at The Pelican Waterfront Cafe & Restaurant in St Georges Basin!

stingray murrays beach jervis bay booderee national park

For more incredible wildlife encounters in Australia check out:

Other Places In Australia Where You Can See Kangaroos:

If you can’t make it down to Jervis Bay, or simply you want to see more wild kangaroos in Australia, check out:

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, QLD
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Currumbin, QLD
  • Cape Hillsborough Beach at sunrise, QLD
  • Kangaroo Island, SA
  • Bawley Point, Pretty Beach, Depot Beach, Durras North – Murramarang National Park, NSW

kangaroo australia lone pine koala sanctuary


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