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Jervis Bay Stingrays – Where To See Stingrays In Jervis Bay & Bendalong!

Did you know that there are so many opportunities to spot stingrays in Jervis Bay and nearby Bendalong? I was so pleasantly surprised to learn this during my 5 weeks staying in Jervis Bay!

There’s nothing better than seeing marine life in its natural environment. And as someone who has swum with humpback whales, swum with manta rays and with reef sharks, it’s fair to say I have a total love for all marine life creatures.

What’s great about seeing stingrays in Jervis Bay and Bendalong is that you don’t have to be in the water swimming with them or on an expensive boat trip – you can see them for free whilst staying dry, which is great for those not confident in the water!

Here I’ll show you all the best places to see stingrays in Jervis Bay and Bendalong.

stingray elephant cove Western Australia south coast


Woollamia Boat Ramp Stingrays

You’ll find some large resident stingrays at the Woolamia Boat Ramp, located just a couple of kilometres from Huskisson on Currambene Creek.

The stingrays here weigh around 200kg – they are certainly big! They often come at the end of the day, following the boats as they come in from their day fishing, hoping to catch some leftover fish scraps or a feed. 

They will come up to you and you can feed them fish from your hand – it is really special!

Murray’s Beach Boat Ramp Stingrays

Located in Booderee National Park next to Murray’s Beach – one of the best white sand beaches in Jervis Bay, is the Murray’s Beach boat ramp. There is a resident stingray that you can see here every evening before sunset.

He’s a big guy and you can just sit on the side of the jetty and watch him swimming around for ages. The water is very clear so it’s very easy to see him, and sometimes a stingray friend joins him.

You can also sometimes spot dolphins from the boat ramp here – I saw them a few times. Plus I also managed to spot a kangaroo here on the beach, so maybe you’ll be lucky to see one here too!

If not, don’t worry though as there are plenty spots where you can see a wild kangaroo in Jervis Bay – the most popular place being Cave Beach.

stingray murrays beach jervis bay booderee national park

Boat Harbour Beach Stingrays – Bendalong

Bendalong Beach is the most well-known place to spot a stingray in the area. Whilst the town of Bendalong is out of the Jervis Bay area, it is still in the Shoalhaven region and just a 45 minute drive from Huskisson (about 50 km away).

Here at Bendalong Boat Harbour Beach you can swim with the stingrays, or just stand shin-deep in the shallow waters and spot them – both incredible experiences!

It has started to become popular with tourists as it’s a really fun, unique and free thing to do!

Just walk from the sandy beach into the water – it’s easy to wade out in the shallows, and you can buy some prawn bait at the Bendalong Tourist Park for around $8.50 to entice the stingrays to come near you.

Sprinkle a bit in the water, keep still and watch them swim to you!

If you fancy getting deeper, grab your snorkel kit and swim with the stingrays, or even your kayak! The beach here is generally quite calm and protected from waves, making it safer.

Stingrays are friendly and gentle creatures, but of course remember to never ever touch a stingray tail. They will whip their tail (which contains a large barb) and use their sting if they feel threatened or scared, and we all remember what happened to Steve Irwin.

They are wild and powerful animals, so it is always important to respect that. Never ever chase them, let them come to you and enjoy the magic!

We used our Gopro and 3 metre long pole to get the photo below so we weren’t in the water with the stingray but were able to get some underwater shots. Check out how long that barb is!

stingray elephant cove Western Australia south coast

Scottish Rocks Stingrays

For those of you who enjoy snorkelling, Scottish Rocks – located in Booderee National Park close to Green Patch Beach is known as a good snorkelling spot! Here you can spot stingrays, turtles, starfish, sea dragons and lots of colourful fish!

Blenheim Beach Stingrays 

We spotted a few baby stingrays when we were snorkelling by the rocks on the southern part of Blenheim Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in the Jervis Bay area that makes up the White Sands Walk!


Overall, Jervis Bay is a great place to spot stingrays in the wild. Have you spotted stingrays anywhere else in the Jervis Bay area? Let me know if so!

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