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Whale Beach Rock Pool – A Hidden Gem In Sydney!

Whale Beach Rock Pool sits at the southern end of Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is a total gem!

whale beach ocean pool Sydney northern beaches

The rock pool has a lovely sandy bottom and isn’t very deep, which is quite unique compared to other ocean pools in Sydney. The sandy base and shallow depth makes it a great pool for families to visit. 

Whale Beach Rock Pool is one of the more quieter Northern Beaches rock pools, mainly just visited by locals, who seem to like it that way as they are keen to keep it under wraps!

whale beach rock pool

It’s a lot quieter than the likes of Mona Vale Rock Pool, Palm Beach Rock Pool, Fairy Bower Rock Pool and all the other rock pools along Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but the views of Whale Beach from the rock pool are simply stunning! 

South of Whale Beach rockpool is a big flat rock platform which is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun. 

Amenities At Whale Beach:

Toilets, changing rooms and showers are 100 metres along the beach from Whale Beach rock pool.

There’s also the Whale Beach Reserve – a grassy area next to the beach where you’ll find a picnic area, electric BBQs and a playground so you can really make a day of it! Bring some food, relax and enjoy the views! 

palm beach to Avalon walk

The Whale Beach SLSC is opposite the Reserve on the other side of The Strand, and you’ll also find the Whale Beach Deli here next to Moby Dicks.

It’s run by the same people who run the classic and chic Boat House cafes in Palm Beach, Patonga and Balmoral Beach. Pop in here for a hot drink and snack after your swim!

whale beach ocean pool Sydney northern beaches

How Long Is Whale Beach Rock Pool?

Compared to other ocean pools in Sydney, Whale Beach Rockpool isn’t that big, measuring around 25 metres long.

And seeing as the water is quite shallow and there is lots of sand at the bottom covering the rocky pool floor, it makes it feel even smaller! 

Whilst Whale Beach Rock Pool is shallow, you can still do lengths – just stick to the deeper end near the ocean side of the pool!

Many people love the sandy base at Whale Beach Rock Pool as it covers the sharp rocky floor – much more pleasant!

Stone stairs and a ramp run down into the rock pool, but at high tide you’ll need to take your shoes off and wade across the sand through shallow water for the last 50 metres or so to get to the pool due to the waves.

It’s fine to swim here at high tide, but if the waves are too rough the pool does get closed.

whale beach rock pool

History Of Whale Beach:

It is unknown where the origin of the name Whale Beach came about. It could have been named after a beached whale, or perhaps it was named after the shape of the headland. If anyone knows, let me know!

When Is Whale Beach Rock Pool Cleaned?

Whale Beach Rockpool is usually cleaned every Friday during the summer (and every other Friday during winter). Check here for the Whale Beach Rock Pool cleaning roster as times and days may vary occasionally.

How To Get To Whale Beach Rock Pool:

If coming to Whale Beach Rock Pool by car, park at the car park at the end of The Strand at Whale Beach. The parking is Pay & Display, so make sure to purchase a ticket.

To reach Whale Beach by public transport from Sydney CBD, take the B1 bus from Wynyard to Mona Vale for around 55 minutes.

Then get the 199 bus to Whale Beach (approx 30 minutes), getting off at the junction of Surf Road and Barrenjoey Road.

It’s then a 1km (15 minutes) walk – an uphill climb and then back down again on the other side, to Whale Beach Rockpool. 

palm beach to Avalon walk

If you’re coming from Manly, take the 199 bus up to Whale Beach for Stand B, then walk the 1km (15 minutes) to Whale Beach Rockpool from Barenjoey Road.

Do note that on busy sunny weekends in the summer, the traffic can be slow so it can take a while to get here!

However, as the rock pool isn’t the easiest to access and it is a fair walk to the bus stop (unlike many of the Northern Beaches Rock Pools that are just a couple of hundred metres from the nearest bus stop), it does mean that this is one of the quieter rock pools in Sydney, which is great if you want to escape the crowded rock pools on the lower half of the peninsula!

Coastal Walks From Whale Beach:

Whale Beach is in the middle of the Avalon to Palm Beach Walk, so you can stroll north to Palm Beach and the beautiful Palm Beach rock pool, or stroll south to Avalon and enjoy the rock pool at Avalon. 


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