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As a flight attendant over the years I had more layovers in Melbourne than I’ve had hot dinners, meaning I got to discover all the Instagrammable places in this city!

Melbourne has a nice selection of Instagrammable places both in and around the city and here I am going to uncover them all for you! The best part? They are all FREE to visit! Enjoy!

instagrammable places in Melbourne


Graffiti Lanes

Melbourne is known for it’s graffiti and you can easily explore all the graffiti laneways as they are all within walking distance of each other.

The most popular ones are Hosier Lane and ACDC Lane, located just a couple of minutes walk from Flinders Street Station.

Melbourne graffiti street art

Hosier Lane

The most famous and busiest graffiti street in Melbourne is Hosier Lane. It is a popular place with tourists so come here early if you want to escape the crowds.

I have been to Hosier Lane perhaps 5 times, and each time the graffiti has been different from the last time, with new wall murals constantly on display.

Melbourne graffiti street art

Old wall murals are continually getting replaced with new ones so the all murals below may not be there when you visit!

Melbourne graffiti street art 


Just a couple of streets away from Hosier Lane is ACDC Lane – a tribute to the Australian band.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

As you get to the end of ACDC Lane it turns into Duckboard Place, where you’ll see the ‘Melbourne’ wall murals.

I actually prefer it here as opposed to Hosier Lane as it is much quieter and seems more authentic. The art work here changes a lot less frequently.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Railway Station is high on the list of Instagrammable places in Melbourne. The station is incredibly large and the architecture is stunning – both inside and out!

instagrammable places in Melbourne

It can be very hard to get a photo here without the crowds, so be prepared to come here early in the morning when there is less traffic! You might even be lucky enough to get a picture of a tram in your picture too.

Lit up at night Flinders Street Station is very impressive and definitely very Instagram-worthy.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

Shine of Remembrance

Built in 1934 The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria’s National War Memorial and pays tribute to all Australians who have lost their lives at war.

Melbourne war memorial

Whilst normally out of respect many people don’t take photographs of memorials built to commemorate the tragedy of lives lost, people are encouraged to take photographs here providing they are respectful.

Melbourne war memorial

Inside the Memorial you’ll see the different Australian flags of service as well as the Poppy bowl. The architecture inside is just as impressive as the outside.

Melbourne war memorial

If you go up the stairs onto the balcony you’ll get a stunning view over Melbourne’s skyline.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

Head downstairs to see lots of artefacts as well as the Poppy wall – made of knitted poppies, that is totally Instagrammable!

ANZAC Melbourne war memorial poppy

The Shrine of Remembrance is free to visit although donations are greatly received. Opening times are from 10am – 5pm 7 days a week.

Melbourne war memorial 

Royal Botanic Gardens

All Botanic Gardens in Australia and New Zealand are free to visit and The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is no exception. The Botanic Gardens are a lovely place to stroll around especially on a sunny day.

The gardens are a lovely little oasis just a short walk from the CBD and you’ll find lots of photo-worthy spots here.

There are lots of rare and exotic plants and cacti as well as beautiful rose gardens. You’ll also see several lakes including a lily lake, a rose pavilion, a tropical glasshouse and a cute rest house.

You can also go on an Aboriginal Heritage Walk whilst you’re here, or enjoy some high tea at the cafe. Click here to see a downloadable map of the gardens.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located very close to The Shrine of Remembrance. They are open from 7.30am until sunset 7 days a week.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

Yarra River

Stroll along the Yarra River that meanders through Melbourne and you can get some really nice pictures of the modern skyscrapers along the river.

24 hours in Melbourne

There are also lots of restaurants, bars and shops along the river by Flinders Street Station that you can visit.

24 hours in Melbourne

Arcades and Architecture

Melbourne is full of laneways and beautiful 19th Century shopping arcades. The architecture in Melbourne is very European inspired and there are many grand buildings and arcades, including 333 Collins Street and Block Arcade.

24 hours in Melbourne

The State Library of Victoria also is located inside a very impressive architectural building that is very photogenic.

instagrammable places in Melbourne 

Melbourne is a city that is really hot on it’s coffee culture. Sit outside one of the cafes on the laneways or the arcades and watch the world go by.

24 hours in Melbourne 24 hours in Melbourne

Brighton Beach Huts

Probably the most Instagrammable place around the immediate vicinity of Melbourne is the iconic Brighton Beach Huts!

instagrammable places in Melbourne 

Located in Brighton, an affluent beach suburb of Melbourne easily accessed from the CBD by train, the 82 colourful beach huts are all decorated in a unique way.

instagrammable places in Melbourne

The beach huts are over 100 years old and can only be sold to local residents – many have been passed down through families for 50 or 60 years!

instagrammable places in Melbourne

They very rarely come up on the property market, perhaps once or twice a year one will be up for sale – so when they do they sell for a very high price (the last one sold for $340,000!).

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

As this is a popular Instagram spot it gets pretty busy here, although it is fairly easy to get pictures without people in.

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne

There are some beach huts that are more popular and Instagrammable than others – for example many people love the one with the Australian flag, the one with a VW beetle on, and one with a kangaroo on.

The rainbow coloured ones are also very popular too!

Brighton beach boxes Melbourne 

St Kilda

A great place to get away from the city and enjoy the beach is St Kilda – Melbourne’s closest and most well-known beach. The area of St Kilda is very lively, with a bohemian vibe and young crowd.

The beach is perfect and you can catch some great sunsets here at the beach.

st kilda Melbourne

You can get some really nice photographs on the pier, and if you walk to the end you’ll also see blue penguins there at sunset! These are the smallest penguins in the world and are so cute!

You can also get a lovely view of the Melbourne CBD skyline, Port Phillip Bay and the boats from St Kilda Pier.

A short walk from St Kilda Pier is Luna Park – Melbourne’s amusement park. You can get a really great Instagrammable picture of the park entrance with the clown face!

There is also a Luna Park in Sydney, also with the same iconic clown face entrance.

st kilda Melbourne

Eureka Tower

Pay to go up the Eureka Skydeck for sweeping views of the Melbourne skyline. Located on the 88th floor of the Eureka Building the views stretch out for miles.

Melbourne Rooftop Bars

Melbourne has some great rooftop bars that offer  the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures. Popular rooftop bars include Naked for Satan and Eureka Bar.

Instagrammable Places on a day trip from Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road

The most well known day trip from Melbourne is of course to The Great Ocean Road. Here you can see absolutely stunning coastline, rugged beaches and the famous Twelve Apostles.

the twelve apostles great ocean road

The Twelve Apostles is not only the busiest and most Instagrammable part of The Great Ocean Road, but probably the most photographed place in Victoria too!

loch ard gorge great ocean road

The 12 Apostles and The Great Ocean Road can be visited on a day trip from Melbourne. Alternatively you can do a road trip and spend a couple of days making the journey!

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instagrammable places in Melbourne instagrammable places in Melbourne instagrammable places in Melbourne