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Jervis Bay, located on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, is known for its stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and incredible natural beauty.

The beaches in Jervis Bay are infact some of East Coast Australia’s best beaches! 

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of months in Jervis Bay exploring all the best beaches, so this is the ultimate guide to all the best beaches to visit in Jervis Bay!

Blenheim beach Greenfield beach NSW                

Where Is Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is located on the NSW South Coast, roughly a 3-hour drive south of Sydney and 3 hour drive east of Canberra.

Click to see Jervis Bay location on Google Maps.

How To Get To Jervis Bay

If you have your own vehicle, that is by far the most convenient and quickest way to get to Jervis Bay.

If you need to use public transport however, it is still possible to get to Jervis Bay from Sydney, you’ll just need to check timetables beforehand, especially if you’ll be travelling on a Sunday (when trains are often every 2 hours).

From Sydney take the train to Bomaderry (changing in Kiama) and then take the public bus from Bomaderry Train Station to Huskisson shops.

Huskisson is the main town in Jervis Bay so it’s a convenient place to base yourself when in Jervis Bay.

From Huskisson you can get around on the local 102 bus that stops off at several of the beaches in Jervis Bay. You pay when you get on the bus.

currumbene creek Jervis Bay

How To Visit The Beaches In Jervis Bay

Whilst you’ll definitely need a car to get to some of the more secluded beaches in Jervis Bay, many of the main Jervis Bay beaches are connected by the scenic coastal walkway known as the White Sands Walk so you can walk between them.

If you don’t fancy walking however, you can drive to each beach – they all have car parks.

If you’ll be getting around by public transport, the 102 bus goes from Huskisson to the start of the White Sands Walk by Nelsons Beach.

The White Sands Walk finishes at Hyams Beach, where you can get the 104 bus to the Woolworths in Vicentia, and then the 102 bus back to Huskisson.

Always remember to check timetables as the buses around Jervis Bay aren’t very frequent.

You can see in the picture below all the beaches in the White Sands Walk – from Nelsons Beach at the top to the start of Hyams Beach at the very bottom.

best beaches in Jervis Bay Hyams Beach NSW

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is a great destination to visit year-round. That being said, it is an incredibly popular tourist destination and so it is packed during the summer months of December and January when the school children are on holidays.

This is also when accommodation prices are at a premium in Jervis Bay and options may be limited. The Easter and September school holidays are also popular times for families to visit Jervis Bay, so bear that in mind.

If you’re not limited to travelling during the school holidays I would recommend visiting towards the end of summer when the children are back in school and Jervis Bay is less busy.

February is a great time to visit Jervis Bay as the crowds have gone but the sun is still out and the sea is perfect for swimming in.

Autumn and spring are also great to visit as the weather is a little cooler for the coastal walks.

It’s a little bit too cold to be sunbathing in the winter months in Jervis Bay, plus there can be a lot of seagrass washed up on the beaches around at this time.

However this is when you’ll get to see the humpback whales on their migration, so it’s a great time to visit! The whales like to stop off and rest in Jervis Bay so often they’ll come up so close to the boat!

How Long Should You Spend In Jervis Bay?

Lots of Sydneysiders, as well as people living in Canberra visit Jervis Bay for the weekend. It’s a great weekend break, but to really explore all the area has to offer you should plan to spend at least a few days here if that’s possible!

There are many things to do in Jervis Bay besides visiting all the incredible beaches – from seeing the kangaroos to getting on a boat to see dolphins or whales (seasonal), to diving and more!

If you’re short on time, it’s also possible to book on a tour to visit Jervis Bay on a day trip from Sydney. All transport is included, as well as a bike ride along the beaches and a visit to the world-famous Hyams Beach.

Blenheim beach Greenfield beach NSW

Best Jervis Bay Beaches

If you’re only in Jervis Bay for a couple of days you may choose to visit the Jervis Bay Beaches one at a time going clockwise or anti-clockwise down the bay.

Or you might just choose to visit a few of the very best ones if you’re short for time and prefer to relax at a few beaches as opposed to visiting them all.

If you choose to visit them all, it’s best to get Google maps out to ensure you don’t miss any beach as they aren’t all easily signposted.

I have listed the beaches here in order of must-visit beaches, so if you’ve only got a short time in Jervis Bay you’ll be sure you’re seeing the best of Jervis Bay in a limited time!

Also note that this isn’t an exhaustive list of beaches in Jervis Bay – there are lots more but these are the best ones!

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

Here are the 17 best beaches in Jervis Bay:

  1. Hyams Beach
  2. Blenheim Beach
  3. Murrays Beach
  4. Honeymoon Beach
  5. Caves Beach
  6. Green Patch Beach
  7. Chinamans Beach
  8. Greenfield Beach
  9. Nelson Beach
  10. Huskisson Beach
  11. Myola Kite Beach
  12. Collingwood Beach
  13. Bristol Point Beach
  14. Iluka Beach
  15. Callala Beach
  16. Steamers Beach
  17. Hole In The Wall Beach

Blenheim beach Greenfield beach NSW

Hyams Beach 

First on the list of best beaches in Jervis Bay has to be Hyams Beach. Hyams Beach is the most famous beach in Jervis Bay – and home to the so-called whitest sand in the world according to The Guinness World Book Of Records!

Known for its spectacular white sand and clear turquoise water and beautiful lush rainforest surrounding it, Hyams Beach is also considered one of the best beaches in Australia.

If there’s only one beach you visit when in Jervis Bay, it should be Hyams Beach!

Hyams Beach is located just south of Chinamans Beach, at the end of the White Sands Walk. The colour of the sand here is simply spectacular!

hyams beach Jervis Bay passage boat trip cruise

The beach is very long so it will be crowded near the entrance point by the car park, but there is so much space to spread out further down the beach.

Hyams Beach is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing. Literally everyone who visits Jervis Bay will go to see Hyams Beach so it can get quite busy, especially during the summer holidays.

Parking can be tricky here, so it’s best to arrive early or to visit when during the week outside of school holidays. 

best beaches in Jervis Bay Hyams Beach NSW

Blenheim Beach

Blenheim Beach is one of my favourite beaches! It is so beautiful yet I feel it is so underrated as it is never crowded! It is tucked away in a little cove, surrounded by lush rainforest. 

Blenheim Beach is a great beach to visit if you want to escape the more crowded Jervis Bay beaches!

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

The water here is calm and a spectacular colour, plus snorkelling here is great – we spotted some baby stingrays on the southern end of the beach!

You’ll find Blenheim Beach just south of Nelsons Beach: it’s the first beach you’ll reach on the White Sands Walk. Alternatively if you want to drive, there’s a car park here, with toilets and picnic tables.

There’s also a children’s playground here, next to the car park.

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

Murrays Beach

Another favourite beach amongst locals and visitors to Jervis Bay is the stunning and secluded Murrays Beach.

Murrays Beach is a large cove located right at the far end of Booderee National Park and is surrounded by beautiful rainforest.

It’s definitely worth the effort to visit here – it is very remote and peaceful here, although on sunny days it definitely brings the crowds in. It has calm waters so makes a great place for families with children.

It’s also a great spot for swimming, snorkelling, and fishing – plus you might even spot some dolphins here! 

There is a large car park here, plus the walk to the beach is about 300 metres. There is also a boat ramp here to the left of the car park where you can see a resident stingray!

As mentioned, Murrays Beach is located within Booderee National Park. There is a $15 entry fee into the National Park, which allows you access for two days.

It is definitely worth the fee as some of Jervis Bay’s most beautiful beaches are located within Booderee National Park!

Murrays beach

Honeymoon Beach

Located on the northern peninsula of Jervis Bay (Beecoft Peninsula) near to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, Honeymoon Bay is a stunning secluded beach that is in a perfect crescent shape!

And what’s great about Honeymoon Beach is that it is one of the only beaches inside Jervis Bay that faces west so watching the sunset from here is amazing!

Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay NSW Australia aerial drone shot

The water is so calm at Honeymoon Bay which makes it a great beach to visit if you have children – plus you can often see kangaroos here!

Honeymoon Beach is the furthest beach to get to in Jervis Bay – it is a 45 minute drive from Huskisson but it is definitely worth it!

Access to Honeymoon Bay is usually only on Friday and Saturday nights as well as public holidays and NSW school holidays. Therefore it’s always best to check beforehand before you drive over!

Telephone the Beecroft Weapons Range on 0244483411 or check the Booderee Weapons Range Facebook page for access updates.

Access to Honeymoon Beach is via a 5km unsealed bumpy road, but it’s fine for 2wd providing you drive carefully! The car park is roughly 200 metres from the beach and there are picnic tables here.

kangaroo Honeymoon Bay Jervis Bay sunset

Caves Beach

Another one of Jervis Bay’s beaches located inside Booderee National Park is Caves Beach. Caves Beach is known for three things: great surfing, sea caves and kangaroos!

caves beach jervis bay territory booderee national park

The beach faces out to the ocean and not to the bay, so it is very good for surfing. It also has impressive rock formations and unique sea caves that are fun to explore! 

In addition, Caves Beach is one of the best places in Jervis Bay to see kangaroos! Walking down to Caves Beach from the car park you’ll see several kangaroos on the right-hand side just after the Caves Beach Campground (which is a great place to camp by the way!).

The kangaroos are pretty tame here, so you can get some selfies with them if you wish!

Despite not having the bright white sand that other Jervis Bay beaches are known for, Caves Beach is extremely picturesque and is another must-visit when in Jervis Bay.

The long beach is perfect for sea goers, plus there are picnic facilities available. 

The walk down to Caves Beach from the car park is 450 metres. It’s a pleasant walk that should take 5 or 10 minutes. 

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey Caves Beach kangaroos

Green Patch Beach

Green Patch is another lovely sheltered beach in Jervis Bay, again located in Booderee National Park. The colour of the sand and the turquoise water here is just mind-blowing!

The beach has calm waters, making it ideal for families with young children. 

Iluka Beach Green Patch Jervis Bay National Park Booderee

Green Patch is also great for snorkelling, so if you’ve got your snorkel kit with you, get into the water and see if you can see any gloomy octopuses. The south end of the beach near the rocks is famous for them!

Green Patch Beach is surrounded by bushland, and there are plenty of picnic tables and barbeque facilities available in the shade for you to enjoy some lunch or a picnic.

A 20 minute drive from Huskisson, or a 10 minute drive from Hyams Beach will take you to Green Patch Beach.

There is plenty parking here, a 5 minute walk down to the beach, as well as the Green Patch Campground if you wish to camp overnight.

On the walk to Green Patch Beach from the car park you’ll most likely spot some kangaroos in the picnic area on the left hand side!

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey green patch Beach kangaroos booderee national park

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach is another one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, just south of Greenfield Beach.

It can be accessed via the White Sands Walk or by driving towards Hyams Beach, then turning left at the end of Booderee Avenue and heading all the way to the end.

There’s lots of free street parking, just remember to double-check street signs.

Hyams Beach whitest sand in the world

Chinamans Beach is a nice long relaxing stretch of beach, with the usual Jervis Bay turquoise waters and white sands.

You can get lovely pictures of Chinamans Beach from the stairs at the northern end of the beach (by the White Sands Walk).

best beaches in Jervis Bay

Greenfield Beach

Also located on the White Sands Walk, Greenfield Beach is another great beach to visit in Jervis Bay. Similar to Blenheim Beach it also lies in a cove, plus on the northern end it has a rocky headland.

The Greenfield Beach picnic area is located just behind the beach under the trees, as well as some public toilets.

white sands walk Hyams beach Greenfield beach Chinamans Beach Jervis Bay best beaches

Nelsons Beach

Located a few beaches down from Huskisson is Nelsons Beach in Vincentia. It lies just south of Plantation Point, a popular picnic spot, and a place that is also common to see dolphins.

Nelsons Beach is very beautiful, and like the majority of Jervis Bay beaches has calm turquoise waters perfect for swimming in and soft white sands. It’s also a popular spot for fishing and snorkelling.

The views of the bay from Nelsons Bay are spectacular, and you can start the White Sands Walk from here.

The White Sands Walk is a spectacular 2.5km (one-way) scenic coastal walk that hugs the coastline and takes around 1.5 hours to walk non-stop. However, the beaches are so beautiful you’ll want to stop off at each one and make a day of it!

The White Sands Walk is clearly signposted so it’s easy to follow!

Plantation Point Nelsons beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach and adjacent Moona Moona Creek are very convenient to get to if you’ll be staying in Huskisson.

Moona Moona Creek is great for paddleboarding when the tide is high, and lots of people have fun jumping off the bridge and into the creek at high tide, despite signs stating otherwise.

In the late afternoons Huskisson Beach turns into a dog beach, so if you’ve bought your furry friend with you bring them down to the beach!

Myola Kite Beach

Whilst not the easiest of beaches in Jervis Bay to get to – this is one of my favourites as it looks epic from above! It’s the beach you can see if you are in Huskisson town centre and look across over Currambine Creek.

There’s a ferry that goes from Huskisson Wharf to Myola Kite Beach. It takes 10 minutes and runs hourly on the weekends. An adult return costs $15.

Currambine Creek Myola Kite Beach Huskisson NSW best beaches

Alternatively you can drive to Myola Kite Beach from Huskisson but it wil take 35 minutes as you have to drive back on the Princes Highway to get to Callala Beach and down, so the ferry is a much more convenient way!

The village of Myola consists of only one street so there isn’t much to do in the area besides enjoy the beach, so it’s much easier to just hop on the ferry from Huskisson with your beach gear!

If you have your own paddleboard or kayak you can paddle across! Just be careful of the boats and the rips to the right of the wharf.

Currambine Creek Myola Kite Beach Huskisson NSW best beaches

Collingwood Beach

Collingwood Beach is one of the beaches in Jervis Bay that the locals love to visit as tourists barely come to this long, widy, white sandy beach, despite it being so central!

You always feel like you get the beach to yourself which is amazing! There’s plenty parking on the side streets behind the beach and the views here are truly spectacular. Definitely one of my favourites!

Collingwood Beach Vincentia Jervis Bay NSW Australia

Bristol Point Beach

Bristol Point Beach lies to the east of Green Patch Beach and at low tide you can walk along the rock shelf from Green Patch to Bristol Point Beach. You’ll also go past a stunning tiny unnamed beach!

It’s so rugged and wild here and there’s often not a soul in sight! Paradise.

There’s also a campground at Bristol Point, and the car park for day visitors is about 200 metres from the beach, along a bush track.

Bristol Point Green Patch beach booderee National Park Jervis Bay

Iluka Beach

Just to the left of Green Patch Beach is Iluka Beach, the quieter version of Green Patch Beach. The beaches join together so you can walk from one to the other.

Iluka Beach is another beautiful expansive beach with the most beautiful coloured water and white sand. There’s a car park here, or you can just stroll up from Green Patch Beach and wander back.

Iluka Green Patch beach booderee National Park Jervis Bay

Callala Beach

Calalla Beach is the longest beach in Jervis Bay and is truly stunning. Located on the northern shores of Jervis Bay, Callala Beach is great if you want a more relaxed and quieter vibe than Jervis Bay, but still want to enjoy stunning white sands.

Callala Beach is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing and boating, as well as a great spot for fishing, with a jetty located nearby. There are also picnic and BBQ facilities available, plus a dog-friendly beach here!

It’ll take around 25 minute to drive to Callala Beach from Huskisson town centre.

Steamers Beach

Whilst all the other beaches in Jervis Bay are very close to the car parks, Steamers Beach is located roughly 2.5km from the car park down a bush trail. It’ll probably take about an hour each way walking to get to the beach.

It’s a lot more remote than the other Jervis Bay beaches, and as it is harder to get to you’ll most likely have the beach to yourself!

If you do make the effort to get here, it will most definitely be worth it. It’s a lovely cove surrounded by cliffs and filled with turquoise waters. Definitely be careful in the water here as there are flash rips and sometimes sharks.

Steamers Beach faces out to the ocean and not to the bay, so the water is a bit rougher here.

Hole In The Wall Beach

Whilst the Hole In The Wall Beach is an interesting spot to visit, I have placed it at the bottom as the beach can only really be visited at low tide! The rest of the time the narrow beach pretty much disappears.

It is called Hole In The Wall Beach because of – you guessed it, a hole in a rocky headland. 

It’s a short 200 metre walking bush trail to reach the Hole In The Wall Beach from the lay-by on Jervis Bay Road (you’ll see signs) just east of Green Patch Beach in Booderee National Park.

When travelling along Jervis Bay Road to the east of Green Patch Beach, you’ll see signs for Hole In The Wall so you won’t miss it.

Hole In The Wall Jervis Bay National Park Booderee

Jervis Bay Accommodation

Jervis Bay has so much holiday accommodation as it is such a popular holiday destination. Here are the best places I recommend according to budget:


Worrowing Jervis Bay


Huskisson Hotel

Huskisson Beach Bed & Breakfast

Jervis Bay Motel


Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Jervis Bay Tours
As mentioned earlier, Jervis Bay has some great tours. Here are my favourite ones:



Jervis Bay Beach Summary

Overall, Jervis Bay has plenty of stunning beaches to explore, each with their unique charm and beauty.

Whether you’re looking for calm waters for swimming, opportunities for snorkelling or fishing, or simply a beautiful spot to relax, you’re sure to find it in Jervis Bay.

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