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The Grounds of Alexandria: An Instagrammable Sydney Gem!

If you’re looking for a fabulous Instagrammable place in Sydney to spend the afternoon, then head to The Grounds of Alexandria.

This charming and stunning destination seamlessly blends lush greenery, artisanal food, and a lively and unique market, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike!

Situated within a former 1920s industrial precinct, the one-acre space lies on the fringe of the inner west city suburb of Alexandria, 7km south of Sydney CBD, making it very easy to reach.

the grounds of alexandria instagrammable car sydney

The Grounds of Alexandria is so enchanting and there is so much to do here, whether you’re after some food, you want to peruse the weekend market, visit the ever-changing seasonal displays, the rustic coffee house, or entertain the children with a visit to the animal farm.

Every corner of The Grounds Of Alexandria is perfect for taking photos, which is why it is a total hotspot for social media enthusiasts and photographers and you’ve probably seen it all over Instagram!

The Grounds is divided into four distinct areas — The Markets, as well as three great places to go for food and drink: The Potting Shed, The Garden Bar & BBQ, and The Grounds Roastery Café.

Things to Do At The Grounds Of Alexandria:

Seasonal Installations & Displays

The Grounds Of Alexandria is famous for its seasonal installations and displays, and chances are you’ve seen them on social media!

Throughout the year, The Grounds transforms into different seasonal displays that are all really stunning and so unique!

From blooming flower arches to festive Christmas decorations, they’ll keep you coming back again and again!

The seasonal installations are one of the most Instagrammable places in The Grounds Of Alexandria, and they also serve as the walkways between the different areas of The Grounds, so if you want to get photos without people in the background, it’s best to arrive first thing in the morning when there are fewer people around!

the grounds of alexandria christmas instagrammable display sydney

The Markets

On weekends, explore the bustling day market at The Grounds and browse the variety of unique stalls that support farmers and local artisans.

From organic fresh local produce to handcrafted jewellery, gourmet donuts, and handmade cards, it’s a lovely place to stroll around and take in the atmosphere.

My favourite stall was the lemonade stand and the florist – SO Instagrammable!

the grounds of alexandria lemonade stall instagram sydney

Farm Animals

The Grounds is also home to some resident farm animals, which are always popular with families. You’ll find goats, chickens and a pig in the small farm section.

The farm animals are located next to the beautiful outdoor water fountain, under the flower archway next to The Garden Bar & BBQ. The water fountain and flower archway are also a popular spot to take photos!

the grounds of alexandria sydney instagrammable fountain

Food At The Grounds Of Alexandria:

The Garden Bar & BBQ

Adorned with vibrant flowers, sculptures, and rustic pathways, The Garden is a lovely tranquil place to have lunch or relax with a drink.

An outdoor bar, it has a lovely vibe, and even if you’re not stopping for food or a drink, it’s such a photogenic place to stroll through and admire! If you are after food, there is a great BBQ menu available here!

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed, dubbed the ‘local watering hole,’ is a really great spot for lunch, dinner, and drinks. It has such a calming relaxing vibe, and it really feels like you are stepping into a magical botanical garden!

the potting shed restaurant the grounds of alexandria sydney

This rustic restaurant offers a garden-to-plate dining experience, full of seasonal local produce. They have a really great cocktail selection, I had the cocktail served in a plant pot with a sunflower on top!

the potting shed sunflower cocktail the grounds of alexandria sydney

The venue is also home to a lovely blue parrot in the corner, adding to the tropical garden vibes! Of all the places to eat in The Grounds, this is my favourite.

The Grounds Roastery Café

If you’re after a great coffee, pastry or hearty breakfast, head to The Grounds Café. Known for its farm-to-table approach, ensuring a culinary experience that is both sustainable and delicious, this is such a cute Instagrammable cafe.


The Grounds Of Alexandria is free to walk around and is open seven days a week. The best time to visit, however, is during the weekends when the market is open!

The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney is a great place to go to get some magical photos and spend a few hours enjoying the great food, artisan markets, unique displays and great vibes. 



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