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The 5 Most Instagrammable Cute Cafes In Sydney!

The vibrant cafe culture in Sydney is far more than just great coffee and delicious well-presented food – it’s all about the Instagrammable backdrops, the Instagrammable vibes, the creative food, and the fun experience at these cute cafes!

From chic minimalist spaces to lush botanical gardens, these Instagrammable cafes are the perfect place to spend a couple of hours with friends enjoying and getting some great photos!

the grounds of alexandria lemonade stall instagram sydney

There are so many amazing Instagrammable cafes in Sydney, all with their own unique charm, but here are my 5 favourite ones to visit:


1. Social Hideout – Waterloo and Parramatta

With two locations in Sydney, Social Hideout is a total haven for Instagrammers, blending flower walls with cute vibrant backdrops and a lot of pink!

social hideout waterloo sydney instagrammable cafes

The coffee and food here are delicious, and the presentation of them is absolutely incredible with so much attention to detail!

Social Hideout is an absolute must-visit if you’re after a brunch spot to take lots of photos! At the Waterloo cafe, even before you get inside you can feel the Instagram vibes!

social hideout waterloo instagrammable cafe sydney

The bike outside the front next to the flower wall and the ‘Wish you were here’ sign, as well as the pretty pink umbrellas and floral arches.

social hideout wish you were here instagrammable flower wall sydney

If possible, when you get inside, try to get the table in the far corner by the ‘You Are Breathtaking’ flower wall. Here you can get lots of Instagrammable shots with the perfect backdrop!

social hideout waterloo you are truly breathtaking instagrammable flower wall high tea

The whole menu at Social Hideout Café is Instagrammable, but popular sweet options that are perfect for those Instagram shots include the taro hotcakes, the Famous Rose Panda Cotta, the Pretty in Pink and the Ferrero Rocher French Toast!

If you’re after hearty breakfast options, they’ll still come out looking oh-so-Instagrammable too!

ferrero rocher french toast breakfast social hideout waterloo sydney

They also do a fantastic high tea!

social hideout waterloo you are truly breathtaking high tea instagrammable flower wall

2. Cuppa Flower – Waterloo

Cuppa Flower is both a florist and a cafe, making this floral paradise the perfect spot for photo opportunities and one of the prettiest and most Instagrammable cafes in Sydney!

Adorned with fresh flowers, Cuppa Flower is a haven for those seeking a cute backdrop and Instagram-worthy food.

cuppa flower instagrammable cafe waterloo sydney

The dishes are like a work of art, often featuring edible flowers, and Cuppa Flower really is a must-visit for Instagram enthusiasts.

Located just a few doors down from Social Hideout Waterloo, this is another really popular Instagrammable cafe in Sydney and one you should definitely add to your list!

3. The Grounds of Alexandria

Situated in a former industrial precinct, The Grounds of Alexandria is without a doubt one of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney.

the grounds of alexandria sydney instagrammable fountain

With seasonal ever-changing displays and a selection of different cafes/restaurants to get food and walk around, The Grounds is a really great place to spend a couple of hours.

the grounds of alexandria christmas instagrammable display sydney   

Every corner of The Grounds offers stunning backdrops where you can take great photos, and there’s always something going on – day or night!

the grounds of alexandria instagrammable car sydney

The enchanting garden and fountain, the artisanal food at the rustic coffee house, the weekend market, and the beautiful decor honestly makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale!

the potting shed restaurant the grounds of alexandria sydney

Don’t miss popping into The Potting Shed – it feels like you are in a magic garden. Plus, you can even enjoy cocktails out of plant pots with sunflowers coming out of them! 

the potting shed sunflower cocktail the grounds of alexandria sydney

4. Cafe Lost and Found – North Sydney

If you’re after a slightly lesser-known but equally stunning Instagrammable cafe, head to Cafe Lost And Found in North Sydney.

Cafe Lost And Found is a total hidden gem that is so unique, with an antique garden style and lush greenery everywhere.

coffee cafe lost and found north sydney

This charming and peaceful café is not only full of stunning photogenic interiors and Instagram-worthy food and drinks that are delicious, but you can also purchase some of the indoor plants or vintage items and candles from here!

cafe lost and found menu north sydney

Plus, on Sunday afternoons they do Human And Doggy High Tea so you can bring your furry friend along to join in the Instagrammable snaps!

With rustic-chic interiors and vintage décor including the gorgeous fountain, the giant bird cage, antiques, and so many plants, Cafe Lost And Found feels like you’re inside a magical vibrant garden.

giant bird cage cafe lost and found north sydney

The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming, and every corner of the cafe is simply beautiful. Plus, the Panda French Toast is a must!

 cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu French panda toast

5. Hyde Hacienda – Circular Quay

Hyde Hacienda, nestled in the heart of Circular Quay on the third floor of Pullman Quay Grand, offers a tropical escape from the crowds below with vintage Cuban-inspired decor.

With wisteria and lush tropical greenery hanging from the ceiling and panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this rooftop oasis is a haven for Instagrammers! Plus, the cocktails are so Instagrammable!

The venue’s unique blend of colonial charm and contemporary flair creates an atmosphere that is both visually striking and inviting.


Sydney has so many Instagrammable cafes, full of stunning food and decor.

Whether it’s the lush greenery of Cafe Lost And Found, the enchantment of The Grounds of Alexandria, the floral paradise of Cuppa Flower, the tropical allure of Hyde Hacienda, or the thousands of flowers at Social Hideout, each cafe offers something different and provides the perfect backdrop for those unforgettable moments.