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Social Hideout Waterloo: The Perfect Instagrammable Cafe In Sydney!

Nestled in the heart of Waterloo – Sydney, Social Hideout Café has become a hotspot for visitors and locals alike, offering a unique blend of delicious food, a cosy ambiance, and an undeniable Instagrammable experience!

With its popularity soaring and it being well-documented all over Instagram by influencers, it’s no surprise that Social Hideout has become a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and people looking for Instagrammable spots in Sydney!

After several years living in Sydney and seeing Social Hideout plastered all over social media, I finally made it to the famous Sydney Instagrammable cafe for brunch – and it didn’t disappoint!

social hideout waterloo you are truly breathtaking high tea instagrammable flower wall

Instagrammable Backdrops At Social Hideout

Social Hideout Café has gained acclaim not only for its Instagrammable food and drinks, but also for its Instagrammable backdrops. Even before you reach the inside of Social Hideout you can feel the Instagrammable vibes at this Sydney cafe.

The bike outside the front next to the flower wall and the ‘Wish you were here’ sign, as well as the pretty pink umbrellas and floral arches all beckon you to start taking snaps!

social hideout wish you were here instagrammable flower wall sydney

As you walk inside, the café’s interior is full of photogenic spots, you’ll see thousands of flowers hanging from the ceiling, and Instagrammable walls galore.

If possible, try to get the table in the far corner by the ‘You Are Breathtaking’ flower wall if you want to get lots of Instagrammable shots with the perfect backdrop!

Instagrammable Food & Drinks At Social Hideout

The whole menu at Social Hideout Café is totally Instagrammable, so whatever food you order, it’s going to be perfect for the ‘gram!

Popular sweet options that are great for those Instagram shots include the taro hotcakes adorned with fresh fruits, pistachio crumbs, taro lychee ganache, and a generous serving of black sesame ice cream, as well as the Famous Rose Panda Cotta, topped with chocolate crumble, berry mascarpone, popping candy and seasonal berries – delicious!

The Pretty in Pink is also beautiful – coming in a cute mug with flowers, pink dragon fruit, and raspberry and coconut crumble!

Or if you’re after something more hearty, there are plenty of meal options that are still totally Instagrammable such as the Tonkotsu Benedict or Pull my Pork!

We went for the Ferrero Rocher French Toast and the Social Breakfast and they were both so yummy and filling!

ferrero rocher french toast breakfast social hideout waterloo sydney

And the Instagram-worthiness doesn’t just stop at the food – the drinks here are also so stunning! You can get iced drinks in custom signature bathtub cups, and even a simple hot chocolate is served to Instagram perfection!

There’s such a great choice of food and drinks at Social Hideout. Choose from the All-Day Breakfast menu, lunch, coffee and cake, or cocktails and bottomless brunch.

Vegan and gluten-free options are available, plus there’s a kids menu for the little ones! Social Hideout also does a fabulous High Tea – perfect for your Instagram!

social hideout waterloo you are truly breathtaking instagrammable flower wall high tea

Why Is Social Hideout So Instagrammable?

What sets Social Hideout Café apart is that it delivers not just a meal that looks great on Instagram, but the whole experience!

The mix of delicious and well-presented food, as well as a welcoming and photogenic atmosphere, makes this the ideal place if you’re after an Instagrammable cafe in Sydney.

There’s a really lovely vibe at Social Hideout Café, which manages to perfectly combine charm and Instagram chic.

social hideout waterloo sydney instagrammable cafes 

Social Hideout Opening Times & Prices

Open seven days a week, the café is open from 8 AM to 2.30 PM on weekdays, and until 3 PM on weekends. So whether you’re after a leisurely breakfast or a laid-back weekend brunch with your pals, there’s plenty of time to enjoy!

The staff are very friendly and really accommodating, and of course will help you take photos if you need!

Prices at Social Hideout are comparable with other Instagrammable cafes in Sydney.

Note that weekends have an additional surcharge of 15% added to your bill, and public holidays have an additional 20% surcharge, so the prices can add up if you visit during these times!

social hideout waterloo instagrammable cafe sydney

Social Hideout Parramatta

If you’ve been to Social Hideout Café before and wish to try out something new, or Waterloo isn’t convenient for you – they have a sister branch in Parramatta, Western Sydney, which has its own distinct charm, but still provides the same delightful experience.

How to Get To Social Hideout Waterloo

The nearest train station is Green Square Station, and it’s just a short stroll away to 4/5 Allen Street, Waterloo – where Social Hideout is located.

For the Parramatta location, take a train to Parramatta Station, and you’ll find the café conveniently located nearby. Both locations are easily accessible by public transportation which is super handy!

Overall Thoughts Of Social Hideout, Waterloo:

Social Hideout Café in Waterloo, Sydney, is one of the most popular Instagrammable cafes in Sydney, both amongst Sydneysiders and visitors – and for good reason!

From stunning dishes to beautiful Instagrammable backdrops, Social Hideout totally redefines the brunch experience, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking the best of Sydney’s Instagrammable cafes.

If you’re looking for other Instagrammable cafes in Sydney, check out Cuppa Flower just down the road from Social Hideout Waterloo, or head to The Grounds of Alexandria or Cafe Lost And Found in North Sydney!