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Cafe Lost and Found North Sydney: A Beautiful Hidden Instagrammable Café!

North Sydney is known for its bustling city life, as well as its picturesque views of Sydney Harbour, but tucked away amid the skyscrapers and busy streets is Cafe Lost And Found – a hidden gem that has been making waves in the Sydney Instagrammable café scene.

This charming and peaceful café is not only full of photogenic interiors and Instagram-worthy dishes but the food and drinks are also delicious!

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu French panda toast

This place really invites you to wind down with its relaxing atmosphere and is quickly becoming the go-to cafe in North Sydney!

If you’re looking to try somewhere new, Cafe Lost and Found is the perfect spot to visit for your next Instagram-worthy Sydney brunch!

giant bird cage cafe lost and fouond north sydney

Relaxing Ambiance

The interiors of Cafe Lost and Found are stunning. It is such a beautiful and interesting cafe with an antique garden style and a fresh cosy feeling!

With the lush greenery everywhere, stepping inside Cafe Lost and Found really feels like an oasis of calm – it’s definitely the most relaxing cafe I’ve been to in a long time!

The rustic-chic interiors and vintage décor exude a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere, and every corner of the cafe is beautiful.

From the gorgeous fountain to the giant bird cage, antiques, and many plants, Cafe Lost And Found feels like you’re inside a magical vibrant garden.

cafe lost and found decor north sydney

Plus there are so many photo opportunities and ideal backdrops for your social media photos! 

What also makes this cafe really unique is that you can browse and purchase some of the indoor plants, hand-made candles, or vintage items from the store in the corner of the cafe whilst you’re waiting for your food to arrive! 

cafe lost and found north sydney antique shop

Cafe Lost and Found is located on Miller Street in a popular spot in North Sydney, and It’s great to have such a peaceful cafe in a busy location.

On the weekdays it’s popular with office workers, and come the weekend, it’s a place where the locals like to hang out. It had really nice peaceful vibes, despite being totally full when I visited!

The opening times of Cafe Lost And Found are 7 am – 3 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am – 4 pm Saturday and Sunday, which is great as they’re open a bit later than other cafes in the area!

It’s best to get here by public transport (there are plenty of bus routes and North Sydney train station is a short walk) as there isn’t too much street parking available nearby! 

Great Food And Drinks

Cafe Lost and Found has a great selection of dishes and beverages. The menu is extensive, and whether you’re after a coffee, a hearty brunch, a quick pastry, or a light bite, you’re bound to find something perfect for you.

cafe lost and found menu north sydney

The baristas are skilled, the coffees are delicious, and the dishes are Instagram-worthy for sure! Prices are standard for Instagrammable cafes and North Sydney prices.

The ambiance at Cafe Lost And Found makes it a great place to dine in, relax and enjoy your food, or quickly grab your coffee during weekdays.

Takeaway options are available, and the takeaway coffee comes out pretty fast! Plus, there’s an impressive selection of cakes available on display to tempt you!

Perfectly Presented Food

All the food I saw come out from the kitchen was presented perfectly – from colourful lattes adorned with intricate latte art to vibrant brunch dishes and desserts.

There were plenty of breakfast and lunch options on the menu – available using the QR code, which made choosing my food difficult as I wanted everything!

The signature dish is the prawn pasta, but I decided to go for the pulled pork salad and the sriracha chicken lotus buns, and then finish with the Panda French toast.

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu

I had seen pictures of it on their Instagram page and it looked so cute! If you’re after an Instagrammable dish at Cafe Lost And Found, the Panda French toast is it!

The pulled pork salad was delicious, and fresh, and felt like a good healthy choice.

The presentation was great, and the pork in the salad had the perfect sticky texture. With quinoa, spinach, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, crispy onion, and a lovely lemon mustard dressing in the salad, it was very filling!

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu pulled pork salad

The 3 sriracha chicken lotus buns were also really tasty and satisfying!

cafe lost and found menu sriracha chicken

And for the Panda French toast, wow I could not stop taking pictures! It looked fantastic, and it tasted so good!

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu French panda toast

With seasonal fruits, maple syrup, almond flakes, vanilla ice cream, and panda marshmallows on top of the French toast – it sure was a meal in itself!

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu French panda toast pulled pork salad

To drink, I had a really yummy chai latte. I did see lots of people with really pretty iced teas and sparkling drinks with petals inside – so I’ll definitely have to try them next time!

coffee cafe lost and found north sydney

Customer Service 

The service at Cafe Lost And Found is good – the staff were attentive, polite, and cheerful and more than happy to accommodate any special requests. 

Indoor and Outdoor Seating At Cafe Lost And Found

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options at Cafe Lost And Found. For the full Cafe Lost And Found experience, I would definitely recommend eating indoors.

It is such a beautiful cafe to dine in, and being surrounded by plants and unique decor as you’re enjoying your meal or coffee is really relaxing.

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu

Dog Friendly

If you plan to visit Cafe Lost And Found with your furry friend, it’s best to visit on a Sunday afternoon 2-4 pm, when they offer Human & Doggy High Tea!

It does get booked out quickly and you need to reserve your spot at least 2 days in advance, so definitely plan ahead!

During the rest of the week, dogs are allowed in the outdoor seating area of Cafe Lost And Found, plus if you ring up beforehand and book, there is one tablet inside where you can sit with your dog.

You will definitely need to ring up beforehand and check though, you can’t just walk in with your dog.

The owner has a samoyed dog named Nomi, and if you visit during the weekdays you’ll probably see him as he likes to pop in and receive cuddles from the customers!

Overview of Cafe Lost And Found North Sydney

Cafe Lost and Found in North Sydney is the perfect cafe in Sydney to get not only a relaxed and unique experience but an Instagrammable experience too!

From its charming ambiance to its extensive menu and photo opportunities, this hidden gem is a sure-fire favourite with the locals and those looking for something different.

cafe lost and found north sydney antique shop

Whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to catch up with friends, a picturesque location for your next Instagram post, or simply a place to enjoy great coffee and food, Cafe Lost and Found is definitely the place.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful antique decorations, as well as the nature vibes. This is a great place to go for some delicious food and a great brunch experience and I will definitely be back!

cafe lost and found north sydney instagrammable food menu French panda toast       

This post was sponsored by Cafe Lost And Found.