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Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs – Requirements & Tips!

There are many people dreaming to get jobs as a Flight Attendant for Alaska Airlines. Here are the requirements and what to expect during the Alaska Airlines interview and hiring process!

The competition to become a Cabin Crew member at Alaska Airlines, one of the major US airlines, is tough.

This article aims to break things down for you, and guide you on everything you need to know to help you achieve your dream jobs as a Flight Attendant. 

As someone who worked as an Air Hostess for nearly four years, I understand your concerns about the assessment process and the interview, so this guide is aimed to help you.

It will provide you with valuable information about Alaska Airlines such as the recruitment process, schedule, Salary for Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants, and other important information so you know what to expect, to help prepare you for success!  

The Flight Attendant application process consists of multiple stages, and you must pass each stage to progress to the next.

Failure to pass one stage prevents you from advancing to the next stage so it’s important to try your best at each stage!

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Requirements

Alaska Airlines Application Process:

  1. Apply online
  2. Face to Face Interview Day (group exercises, orientation and interview)
  3. Flight Attendant Training

  1. Apply for the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs position online

Visit Alaska Airlines careers website and complete the online application. The webpage contains essential information and criteria regarding the application process, so read it carefully.

You’ll need to submit your resume and complete an online Assessment Form that assesses if you’re suitable for the job. It typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 

2. Attend the Face To Face Interview Day

If you’re selected to move forward after the initial screening, you’ll receive an email invitation to the Interview Day!

This is a high energy day with lots of tasks and physical activities (which is different to many other Flight Attendant assessment days!), including group exercises, orientation, group interviews and a one on one interview.

If you pass everything and you’re one of the top performers, you’ll be offered a job as a Flight Attendant at Alaska Airlines!

3. Flight Attendant Training 

The Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant training is a 6 week training program in their headquarters at Seattle, Washington. It prepares you for a wide range of situations you may encounter as Cabin Crew.

Does Alaska Pay For Flight Attendant Training?

The 6 week Flight Attendant training program at Alaska Airlines is tuition-free. So whilst you aren’t getting paid for your training, at least you aren’t paying for it – which happens in some airlines!

The training is 6 days a week for the 6 weeks initial Flight Attendant training at Alaska Airlines. It’s intense but it equips you with all the important information you need to know before you start flying.

Your accommodation expenses will be covered during your training, where you’ll be sharing a hotel room with one of you batch mates.

All required background checks and the Flight Attendant training must be completed before you can receive your flying license. 

Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive your wings and become a member of the Alaska Airlines Cabin Crew team.

You’ll first be placed on reserve when you start flying – which basically means you’ll be on call a lot (standby), and will often get called last-minute for a flight.

This is similar to a lot of airlines in the USA, and as you become more senior you’ll get less reserve and more scheduled flights.

How Long Will The Whole Application Process With Alaska Airlines Take?

The hiring process to become a Flight Attendant can be a time-consuming process, and the length of the application process can vary greatly among applicants.

The time it takes to get hired often depends on the number of Cabin Crew required at the time.

The field is highly competitive, with only a few spots available despite the thousands of applications received. While waiting for a response from the recruiters, stay patient since it can take some time for them to reply.

You will always receive an email if your application is unsuccessful, so if you don’t hear anything, hang on!

If there are no available Flight Attendant positions, I’d advise to subscribe to job alerts for Flight Attendant positions.

As soon as a position becomes available it is crucial to apply straight away. Airlines receive many applications, and vacancies may close earlier than expected.

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What do you include in your Alaska Airlines Cabin Crew Resume CV?

To increase your chances of securing a job as a Flight Attendant, it is essential that your Cabin Crew CV  stands out from the crowd. The competition for these positions is tough, and your CV is a key component of your application.

It is the first point of contact that recruiters use to assess and select candidates, making it imperative to make a good first impression and increase your chances of advancing to the next stage.

When crafting your Flight Attendant CV, it is crucial to include details of your relevant education, work experience, and accomplishments.

It is also important to customize your CV to match the airline’s requirements, and reviewing the Flight Attendant job duties description on Alaska Airlines’ website can provide valuable insights.

Recruiters usually spend only about 20 seconds scanning through your CV, so its presentation is crucial. Therefore, your CV must look professional and be concise.

Canva offers several free CV templates that provide a visually appealing structure and a professional look.

To demonstrate your ability to be concise, your CV should be limited to one page only. It is recommended to use easy-to-read fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman, and clear, formal language.

Using bullet points and short summaries instead of lengthy explanations is also advisable.

Proofreading and spell-checking are essential to ensure that there are no grammar or spelling errors, and it is recommended to have someone else review it as well.

Printing your CV on white paper, without folding it, and keeping it in a folder will ensure that it looks neat and tidy.

Cabin Crew CV Layout:

 1. Personal Details
At the top of the CV include your name, personal email address, phone number, Nationality and date of birth, as well as a professional head shot of you on the CV.

2. Work experience/professional experience
Put your current job first so the recruiters can immediately see your current work status. Then work backwards and sit your previous jobs in reverse chronological order.

Include the start and end date, as well as the company name, your job role held there and where you were based.

Write a brief description of your position held and the job responsibilities you had (in bullet points). Aim for around 4 short sentences for each job role.

It is really important that you include the transferrable skills that you gained that can be applied as a Flight Attendant.

3. Education
Only include your highest qualification. Include the dates you attended, what qualification you received, and the name and location of your school/University/College.

4. Transferable Skills
Identify three or four of your most notable attributes that are relevant to Flight Attendant roles.

There are no right or wrong answers, but qualities such as problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, initiative, excellent communication, responsibility, and customer service are good examples of transferable skills.

Highlight the skill in bold, and then provide an example of how you possess this quality. It is critical to provide a specific instance of how you have demonstrated this attribute in your previous positions.

When it comes to transferable skills, it is always helpful to check Alaska Airlines’ website to see which skills they are specifically seeking, ensuring that you emphasize those not only in your CV but also in your interview.

Applying Online For Flight Attendant Jobs With Alaska Airlines

When applying for Flight Attendant jobs with Alaska Airlines, it’s essential to upload a CV/resume. A concise and impactful Cover Letter that highlights your experiences and expertise can help you stand out.

Including references, certificates, and work experience such as Flight Attendant School that you believe to be beneficial is also wise.

What happens once you have applied online?

Once you’ve submitted your application online, you’ll receive an email notification if your application is successful. You’ll be invited to the next stage, which is the interview day.

How to stand out on the Alaska Airlines Interview?

To leave a memorable impression during the interview, it is crucial to appear confident without coming across as arrogant.

Demonstrate your suitability for the position by acting like Flight Attendant, maintaining good posture, and carrying yourself with poise.

Keep smiling, be authentic, and engage with fellow applicants to showcase your social skills, as assessors will be observing how you interact in group situations.

Make an effort to connect with other candidates – it never looks good when you’re just sat on your own and everyone else is socialising. 

Although it’s natural to feel nervous, it’s best to focus on your strengths and avoid comparing yourself to others. The goal is to create a positive impression of yourself that showcases your abilities and suitability for the role.

What are you required to bring to the Interview?

For the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview, bring a copy of your CV, passport, and a photocopy of it, along with your highest education certificate.

To protect these important documents from damage, it is a good idea to keep them in a smart plastic wallet. If you’re a female applicant, it is recommended to bring a black handbag that is spacious enough to hold your CV.

It’s also very wise to bring along some makeup, a hairbrush, spare clips and hairbands, as well as a bottle of water!

What outfit should I wear for the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview?

When it comes to what outfit to wear for the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview, it is necessary to dress in business attire. For men, this means wearing a smart suit.

For women, it is recommended to wear a black blazer, white shirt, a knee-length black skirt (or smart trousers), and black heels.

If you wear a skirt, make sure to wear skin-colored tights and button up your blouse quite high to maintain a neat and professional appearance.

It’s not about looking trendy, it’s about looking professional at this stage, so even if you’d normally prefer to unbutton your blouse a bit more, keep it buttoned up to show you can respect guidelines and standards.

How should I do my make-up for the Alaska Airlines Interview?

Looking presentable is crucial for a Flight Attendant. Therefore, it is advised to wear a full face of makeup, including foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick.

Avoid extravagant eye makeup and eyelash extensions, but if you must wear eyelash extensions, make sure they are subtle.

Keep in mind that you need to present yourself as a Flight Attendant during the interview to make a positive impression on the recruiters and enhance your chances of being selected for the role.

How should I style my hair for the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview?

It’s important to create a professional image during your Flight Attendant Interview, and your hairstyle plays a big role in achieving this.

Look up the hairstyles Flight Attendants commonly do and try to replicate them as closely as possible.

Buns and French twists are popular choices for female Flight Attendants with long hair, but if you’re not comfortable with a French twist, it’s better to stick to a neat bun.

Don’t forget to use enough hair spray to keep any flyaways in place, and try to keep your use of kirby grips to a minimum, making sure you use grips that blend in with your hair color.

How early should I get to the Alaska Airlines Interview?

Being punctual is crucial for a Flight Attendant. Most Flight Attendant Assessment Days start early in the morning, so arriving on time demonstrates your reliability and punctuality.

Remember, arriving late can negatively impact your chances of progressing further in the assessment day. In aviation, it’s common to say “if you’re on time, you’re late,” so don’t assume that a 9 am start means arriving at 9 am.

It’s recommended to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled start time, and even earlier if you’re more comfortable. This is also a good opportunity to socialize with other candidates and calm your nerves.

Remember to check your appearance beforehand and carry a small mirror in your bag if needed since the interviewers may call you into the conference room just a few minutes before the start time.

What Questions To Expect At The Alaska Airlines Interview?

Whilst you will never know which exact questions they will ask you in the interview, you can ALWAYS prepare yourself.

Airlines will always ask you questions along the lines of:

  • tell me a bit about yourself
  • why do you want to be Cabin Crew
  • why do you want to work specifically for Alaska Airlines?
  • why should the airline pick you?
  • how do you feel about having to relocate?

I recommend preparing bullet points for your answers ahead of time, which can be expanded upon during the interview.

Practicing your responses in front of a friend or on your computer can help you communicate effectively and highlight your relevant qualities and experiences.

Don’t assume that the interviewers have read everything in your CV, so make sure to mention anything important, such as a background in healthcare or experience at a previous airline.

During the interview, you may be asked scenario questions, so brainstorm potential situations and be ready to provide specific examples. For instance, you might be asked to describe how you dealt with a difficult customer.

Providing a real-life example of a similar experience can demonstrate your problem-solving skills. It’s also a good idea to research Alaska Airlines’ destinations and any new routes they may be opening up.

The final interview may only last around 20 minutes, so make the most of your time by showcasing your skills and experiences.

Additionally, prepare thoughtful questions to ask at the end of the interview, avoiding anything related to salary or any obvious questions that suggest you haven’t researched the company.

Why Do You Want To Work For Alaska Airlines?

This question will probably come up at some stage during your interview, so it’s wise to have an answer prepared already. Do some research about the company and see what is appealing to you.

Here is a bit of background information about Alaska Airlines that you might like to base your answers on:

  • Alaska Airlines is the 5th biggest airline in the USA
  • Alaska Airlines has been running since 1932
  • Alaska Airlines flies to 115 destinations worldwide
  • Alaska Airlines currently has a fleet of over 320 aircraft.
  • Their base is in Seattle, Washington.

Keep in touch with the other candidates who made it through to the final interview!

After the final interview, those of us who had made it to that stage exchanged WhatsApp numbers and created a group chat.

This proved to be an invaluable source of support, providing motivation and excitement even before our training began! We used the group to share information about any emails we received and seek advice from one another.

Even though some of us are no longer flying, we still remain close friends to this day, bonded by the shared experience of going through the process together.

I highly recommend that you do the same with your fellow candidates during the Assessment Day.

If you make it through, having a group of people who understand what you’re going through can make the experience even more supportive and exciting, as you can rely on each other throughout the journey.

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Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Requirements:

Here are the requirements to become a Flight Attendant for Alaska Airlines:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Must have the right to live and work in the United States without restriction 
  • Must have the right to enter and exit Canada and Mexico without restriction 
  • Must have a valid passport with at least 18 months validity
  • Able to attend 6 weeks of training, and relocate immediately to allocated base once employed
  • Must be able to pass a full medical, including hearing test and sight test (vision must be correctable to 20/40)
  • Must have at least 2 years of customer or community service experience
  • Must be able to reach 80 vertical inches
  • Must have good level of health and fitness to be able to meet the physical requirements of the job
  • Must be able to pass a swimming test
  • Must have a tidy, well-groomed appearance 
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule
  • Be willing to represent the Alaska Airlines brand.

Alaska Airlines also takes preference for applicants who have lots of enthusiasm and a high-energy personality.

Being a Flight Attendant is a challenging job that can take a toll on both your physical and personal life. You may need to make sacrifices like being away from your family or working night shifts. You should also be ready for:

 – Extensive travel, including consecutive nights away from home and exposure to varying climates

 – Flexible work schedules that may include evenings and weekends

 – Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to provide friendly customer service

 – Physical demands like pulling, pushing, reaching, bending, walking and lifting

 – Long periods of standing and speaking

 – Skilled in managing difficult situations, resolving complaints, and de-escalating conflicts

 – Potential hazards and noise associated with airport ramp operations

 – Professional representation of the Alaska Airlines brand while in uniform.

Other Flight Attendant Requirements

Some other requirements for Flight Attendants include:

 – Citizenship/Ability to legally work in that country: Applicants need to be either a US Citizen, a legal resident alien (Permanent Resident), or have work rights to work as a Flight Attendant in the USA.

 – English Fluency: Fluency in English (written, spoken, and reading) is required to be a Flight Attendant in the USA.

  – Passport: Applicants must possess a valid passport to become a Flight Attendant.

 – Drug Test: Applicants must pass a pre-employment drug screen and be subject to random drug and alcohol testing in the future prior to operational duties. Keep in mind that some drugs such as marijuana can stay in the system for a longer time than alcohol.

Flight Attendants are encouraged not to smoke and must not be seen smoking in their uniform before or after a flight while at the airport.

 – Criminal background test: At some point in the Flight Attendant hiring process you will be required to provide a criminal Background Check.

 – Eyesight: Eyesight must be 20/40 or better, and Flight Attendants are allowed to wear contact lenses or glasses. If so, they should carry a spare pair of glasses onboard.

Alaska Airlines Hubs & Home Bases

All Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants should be willing to be based at any of the Alaska Airlines bases, which includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • Anchorage
  • Seattle
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego

You’ll be assigned a home base when you pass your training, and then as you get more senior you’ll be able to bid for a different base if you wish.

To determine if Alaska Airlines is the right fit for you, it’s crucial to consider whether you’re able to be based at one of their designated locations.

If this isn’t possible, you may want to reconsider applying to Alaska Airlines and instead look for other airlines based elsewhere that may be more suitable for you.

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Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Salary

The Flight Attendant salary at Alaska Airlines is pre-determined and agreed by Alaska Airlines and the Union: Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) in a formal contract agreement.

Flight Attendants earn an average of $26 per hour and $45,000 per year at Alaska Airlines when they start flying, which is higher than the national average. 

As they get more senior their hourly rate increases, and they can earn more than $60 an hour if they have been working as an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant for over 10 years!

Flight Attendants at Alaska Airlines can also earn bonuses based to their individual performance, as well as the performance of the company. 

In addition to their flying hours, Flight Attendants are paid a layover payment to cover expenses when away from home on a layover, and Alaska Airlines covers the cost of their hotel stay and transportation to and from the airport.

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Benefits

Benefits for Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants include:

  • Unlimited free standby flights on Alaska Airways and Horizon Air for employees as well as their dependents and their parents
  • paid holidays
  • health insurance (including vision care and dental plans)
  • 401K plan
  • Performance bonuses
  • Annual as well as monthly bonuses

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Requirements:

When applying to become a Flight Attendant, it’s important to understand the requirements for the specific airline you’re interested in.

Requirements can vary between airlines and have changed over the years, leading to confusion for aspiring Flight Attendants.

Some people have made it to the interview stage before realizing they don’t meet the requirements, while others don’t apply because they assume they don’t meet them.

To avoid these situations, it’s crucial to double-check the requirements for the airline you apply for.

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Height Requirements:

Height requirements for Air Hostesses are in place not to discriminate, but for safety reasons.

To meet the safety requirements of accessing overhead compartments that store vital equipment such as oxygen bottles, fire gloves, fire extinguishers, Emergency Medical Kits, Defibrillators, and PPE, Flight Attendants must be able to do so unassisted. For this reason, Alaska Airlines has set an arm reach requirement of 80 inches.

Alaska Airlines Age Requirements For Flight Attendants:

Alaska Airlines requires Flight Attendants to be at least 21 years old. While some may wonder if there is an upper age limit for Cabin Crew, the answer is no.

The USA has laws and Equality Acts in place to prevent age discrimination in employment, ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals who meet the necessary requirements and can safely perform the duties of a Flight Attendant.

Therefore, age should not be a barrier for someone who wishes to pursue this career.

It’s not uncommon for people to start a career as a Flight Attendant later in life, and in the USA, the average age of Flight Attendants is in their mid-40s.

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Weight Requirements

While there aren’t specific weight requirements for Flight Attendants at Alaska Airlines, they should have a relative level of fitness to perform their duties safely and efficiently and to be able to fit into the Flight Attendant uniform.

Being a Flight Attendant involves physical work such as lifting items, being able to open heavy doors in emergencies, and spending hours on their feet all day and keeping up with the busy Flight Attendant schedule, so airlines generally look for relatively healthy individuals.

Applicants who are slightly overweight should not be deterred from applying for the position of Flight Attendant, as long as they can fulfill their duties safely and effectively, including being able to sit in a jumpseat and fasten their harness securely.

Flight Attendant Appearance Requirements

Flight Attendants are often considered the face of the airline and interact the most with passengers, making their appearance crucial.

While it is not necessary for Flight Attendants to have model-like looks, they must maintain a clean and professional appearance and adhere to specific style and image standards.

This includes neat Cabin Crew hairstyles and appropriate makeup for female Flight Attendants.

During the Flight Attendant Assessment Day, it is important to present yourself as smartly as possible and pay attention not only to your physical appearance but also to your posture, behavior, and speech.

Aim to have your hair and makeup styled as closely as possible to that of real Flight Attendants. 

Can You Be A Flight Attendant With Tattoos?

Regarding tattoos, like most airlines, Alaska Airlines will take preference for Flight Attendants not having visible tattoos while wearing the Cabin Crew uniform.

Regarding piercings on Flight Attendants, one piercing per ear lobe for female Flight Attendants is allowed, but not on other visible body parts.

Should I Attend A Flight Attendant School Beforehand?

Paying for a Flight Attendant Course prior to applying for a Flight Attendant position is NOT mandatory and the majority of Flight Attendants I know never went on one of these courses! 

Personally – I think they are a waste of money to the majority of people. Most of the information needed to prepare for the Assessment Day can be found online through Flight Attendant blogs or YouTube channels.

Simply attending a Flight Attendant School is not a guarantee that you will be successful in getting the job. To increase your chances of success, it is important to have a well-written CV and to thoroughly prepare for the Assessment Day.

While having a strong CV is important, your success ultimately depends on your performance on the day and how well your personality shines through.

This will determine whether or not you are invited for a Final Interview and ultimately become a part of the Cabin Crew team.

After How Long Can You Reapply For Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs If You Got Rejected?

If you don’t make it to the final stages, don’t get discouraged. It’s important to remember that competition for this job is fierce, and only a select few are chosen.

Don’t give up on your dream, as some outstanding Cabin Crew had to apply several times before landing the job. Use setbacks as a learning experience and keep pushing forward.

If you want to reapply, you can do so after six months from the last email communication from Alaska Airlines about your previous application, provided there is a new Flight Attendant training opening. 

There’s nothing to stop you applying through a different email sooner than this though, so I have heard.

Summary of Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Requirements:

Hopefully this article provided you with lots of helpful information about the requirements for your Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant application. Though the process may seem long, it is worth the wait.

Many Flight Attendants had to apply several times before getting hired, so don’t give up. Research and preparation are key to success, and if you do your research and prepare for the interview beforehand, you’ll put yourself in a good position to be accepted.

My best advice is to prepare thoroughly, find out as much information as possible, and prepare answers for potential questions that may come up during the Final Interview.

Working for Alaska Airlines as a Flight Attendant is a great opportunity. The work environment, salary, and benefits are all excellent.

I wish you the best of luck with your application!

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