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Jervis Bay Passage Cruise With Jervis Bay Wild!

If you’re heading to Jervis Bay and are looking for the perfect day trip tour then the Jervis Bay Passage Cruise with Jervis Bay Wild is a must!

The Jervis Bay Passage Cruise shows you all the best bits of Jervis Bay in a 2 hour boat ride.

It is perfect for those who just have a few days to explore Jervis Bay, those who don’t have a vehicle to visit all the spots in Jervis Bay only accessible by car (or boat!), as well as those who want to just sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful views from a different perspective.

hyams beach Jervis Bay passage boat trip cruise

It takes you on a journey past many really unique and impressive spots – from the incredible white sand beaches of Jervis Bay, including Hyams Beach and the beaches along the White Sands Walk, to Green Patch Beach, Captain’s Beach and Bowen Island which is home to thousands of fairy penguins.

Plus the boat also stops at the caves of Jervis Bay and gets very up close to Point Perpendicular – one of the greatest sea cliff climbing destinations in the world at almost 100 metres high!

Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip point perpendicular lighthouse Beecroft Peninsula

There is a lot of natural beauty on this tour so it’s perfect for those who want to get a closer look at and admire the breathtaking Jervis Bay Marine Park!

It is a really memorable tour – plus you’ll probably spot the resident bottlenose dolphins on the trip too!

dolphin boat trip Jervis Bay wild            

Jervis Bay Passage Cruise Boat

The Jervis Bay Passage Cruise has two departures daily – at 11 am and 1.30 pm, so pick the time that is most convenient for you. 

The boat departs from the wharf in Huskisson: the largest town in Jervis Bay so there is plenty to do here before and after your cruise.

Check in for your boat ride at the Portside Cafe, you’ll see the Jervis Bay Wild desk at the back of the cafe and the skipper will call you when the boat is ready.

You may want to get to Portside Cafe early and enjoy a coffee or snack before your boat ride – they have a great selection of food and beverages available.

The boat used for the Jervis Bay Passage Cruise is a rigid inflatable boat. It’s low set which is great as it means you are closer to the water (and any dolphins you see!). If you want a more adrenaline-filled ride sit at the front of the boat!

All seats offer a good view, and you’ll be able to get up and move around several times throughout the trip to enjoy the view from a different perspective if you wish.

point perpendicular Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip sea caves

There are handrails to hold on to if the water gets a bit choppy, and there is also a sun cover so you’re protected from the sun, which we really appreciated as it was a very hot day!

What Is The Jervis Bay Passage?

The Jervis Bay Passage is a narrow channel that connects Jervis Bay with the open sea and can be visited on a boat tour.

What Do You See On The Jervis Bay Passage Cruise?

Of course it depends on sea and weather conditions, but the usual route involves cruising past beautiful Calalla Beach and its kilometres of white sand, then making your way to Honeymoon Bay.

Honeymoon Bay is a small but magnificent crescent-shaped beach on the northern peninsula of Jervis Bay (called Beecroft Peninsula).

honeymoon bay Beecroft peninsula Jervis Bay

You’ll then get to visit some unique spots that are only really accessible by boat – including the secluded Boat Harbour Beach, Silica Cove, the Inner and Outer Tubes used during World War II.

Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip outer tubes wwII Beecroft Peninsula

You’ll also see the Pancake Stack rock formation (looks a little bit like a small version of one of the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road, just with pancake stack rocks)!

Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip Pancake Stack Beecroft Peninsula

The deckhand will also point out several impressive sea caves that are popular for snorkelling and diving in Jervis Bay.

Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip sea caves Beecroft Peninsula snorkelling

The formation of the rocks in horizontal layers is truly incredible.

You’ll also see Point Perpendicular Lighthouse from the base of the 100 metre tall cliff – one of the tallest cliffs in East Coast Australia as well as a cave that has the bioluminescence that Jervis Bay is famous for!

Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip bioluminescent cave Beecroft Peninsula

The towering cliffs here are particularly impressive with sheer 90 degree drops plunging straight into the ocean. The area is so rugged and wild, it’s breathtaking!

Crossing the Jervis Bay Passage (opening to the sea) you’ll cross over to the southern peninsula of Jervis Bay (known as Bherwerre Peninsula where you will find Booderee National Park), going past Bowen Island.

Bowen Island is a nature reserve that is forbidden to step foot on as thousands of fairy penguins live here – the tufts in the picture below are their nests.

Bowen Island fairy penguin home Jervis Bay Marine Park

You’ll then get to cruise past all the powdery white sandy beaches on the southern peninsula of Jervis Bay that the area is famous for – Murray’s Beach, Hyams Beach, Chinaman’s Beach to name just a few.

hyams beach Jervis Bay passage boat trip cruise

You’ll also visit the unique spots such as Hole In The Wall – a popular sunrise/sunset spot to capture the sun in between the rocks, and HMAS Creswell – a Military Base for the Royal Australian Navy.

The turquoise colour of the water is absolutely stunning here!

HMAS Creswell Jervis Bay Captains Beach

The skipper offers you plenty of opportunities to get out of your seat when the engine isn’t running so you can get some nice photos and videos of the stunning scenery.

Plus the deckhand is very helpful and provides you with a commentary with lots of interesting facts!

All in all it’s a fantastic boat trip and we had a wonderful time – it far exceeded our expectations! And at $90 per person it’s very reasonably priced.

We also got to see a couple of pods of dolphins on our trip that came super close to the boat which made the cruise even more special!

dolphin boat trip Jervis Bay wild

What To Bring On The Jervis Bay Passage Cruise Boat Ride:

Even if it’s a hot sunny day you should bring a jacket as the wind can often pick up and as the boat goes fast at times you’ll appreciate a jacket so you don’t get chilly.

Also remember to bring suncream and sunglasses as the sun is strong here. It’s advisable to bring a hat – hats with a tie under your chin or baseball caps are ideal so they don’t fly off if it gets windy!

There aren’t food or drink options onboard so it’s wise to bring some water. Plus of course, you’ll want to bring a camera to capture the great views along the way!

There’s no need to bring towels or swimming costumes as you don’t get off the boat during the cruise.

point perpendicular Jervis Bay passage cruise boat trip sea caves

Other Jervis Bay Wild Tours:

The Jervis Passage Cruise is just one of several fantastic day trips that Jervis Bay Wild offers. Other boat tours around the area that they operate include:

Dolphin Boat Trips

Over 100 resident bottlenose dolphins live in Jervis Bay Marine Park and so the dolphin boat trip is a fantastic opportunity to see the dolphins playing in the bay and get up close and personal to the dolphins!

The regular dolphin cruise is just $40 per person – an incredible price to be able to see these beautiful creatures.

In summer you also get the opportunity to ride on the boom net at the back of the boat which is super fun – it’s like a giant spa! The boom netting experience is $55 per person, again a great price to enjoy 90 minutes of fun!

Whale Watching Trips

In the cooler winter months of May until November get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the majestic humpback whales in Jervis Bay.

Along with Hervey Bay up in Queensland, Jervis Bay is a very popular place for the humpback whales to rest on their annual migration. See whales breaching, tail slapping and spy hopping – they get very close and are absolutely fascinating!

In the latter half of the season you’ll often spot mothers and their calves in the sheltered waters of Jervis Bay before they continue their journey back down to the Antarctica – a truly magnificent sight to see.

The 2 hour boat ride costs $75 per person and there are two boat tours a day. An absolute must if you are here during the winter months!

whale watching Hervey Bay whale tail fluke

Sunset River Cruise

This is a fantastic relaxing 2 hour cruise to do in the evening to wind down after an action-packed day in Jervis Bay!

Cruise down the calm sheltered waters of Currambene Creek (the beautiful creek opposite Huskisson Wharf) on the pontoon boat.

Bring your own drinks and nibbles and enjoy the fantastic views, and you might even spot giant stingrays and pelicans!

At just $45 per person, it’s a great inexpensive tour to end the day!

currumbene creek Jervis Bay

Other Things To Do In Jervis Bay:

Jervis Bay is known for its stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters and powdery white silica sand. Hyams Beach, Greenfield Beach, Murray’s Beach, Green Patch Beach (the latter two located in Booderee National Park) are all a must-visit.

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are really popular in Jervis Bay. There are lots of places where you can rent equipment.

Iluka Beach Green Patch Jervis Bay National Park Booderee

In addition to its stunning beaches, Jervis Bay is known for its wildlife.

If you are looking for more wildlife encounters in Jervis Bay besides seeing dolphins and whales on a Jervis Bay Wild tour:

Kangaroo Jervis Bay joey green patch Beach kangaroos booderee national park

There are also plenty of places to go for food in Huskisson, Club Jervis Bay being a popular one very close to Portside Cafe that also offers fantastic views over Currambene Creek.

How To Get To Jervis Bay

Located just 3 hours from both Sydney and Canberra, car is the easiest way to get to Jervis Bay.

If you will be coming by public transport from Sydney you can take the train to Bomaderry (changing in Kiama) and then take the public bus from Bomaderry Train Station to Huskisson shops, which are right next to where the Jervis Bay Wild tours depart.

Jervis Bay is truly a stunning area of New South Wales that you must visit. We hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the Jervis Bay Passage Cruise!



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This post was sponsored by Jervis Bay Wild. All views and opinions however are my own.

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I just booked onto this scenic cruise for my upcoming Jervis Bay trip. It sounds amazing!