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In this article we will give our honest reviews about Likuri Island Resort Fiji. If you’re planning your Fiji holiday and are looking for the best resort according to your needs, read our reviews to see if Likuri Island Resort is the perfect place for your Fiji stay!

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This article is sponsored by Likuri Island Resort Fiji, however all opinions and reviews expressed are our own.


Situated on it’s own tropical paradise island, Likuri is a place where you can get immersed in the Fijian culture, as well as really relax and enjoy the wonderful Fijian hospitality in a laid-back environment.

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There’s plenty going on at this island, and it’s also the place where you will find the best fire dancing show in the whole of Fiji!

legends of the pacific fire dancing show Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

Where Is Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

Likuri Island Resort is located on it’s very own island just south-west of the mainland, super close to Fiji’s Coral Coast.

Click here to see the Google maps location of Likuri Island.

drone photography fiji islands likuri island resort natadola

What Is There To Do At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

Despite being on it’s own island, there is always something fun going on at Likuri Island Resort!

What’s great and rather unique about staying at Likuri Island Resort is that you get to experience the incredible Robinson Crusoe shows and culture experience for free!

Almost every day a day tour of people staying at different resorts come and visit Likuri Island for the day for the Robinson Crusoe cultural experience.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays witness the famous Legends Of The Pacific Fire & Dance show in the evening for free, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays you can see the dance show in the day for free!

Many guests aren’t even aware of this when they arrive, so it’s a nice surprise! The day trips bring quite a lot of people to the island but it never feels crowded which is great.

If you’re ever unsure what’s going on, the chalkboard by the communal area tells you the timetable for the day – there are always many activities throughout the day, and the activities change daily which is great.

Activities include things such as crab cooking and jungle medicinal walks, as well as the Fire Dancing Show and kava ceremony.

The activities are primarily organised for the day tour people, but as guests staying at Likuri Island Resort you are of course free to join in on any activities on the island!

likuri island resort fiji reviews Robinson Crusoe cultural tour dance show

Aside from the organised activities there is the pedalo, kayaks and stand up paddle board that are free to use whenever you wish. The ocean is nice and calm so it is good to paddle board in!

There is also a beach volleyball net you’re welcome to use and the swimming pool for when you need to cool down! The friendly staff will always be able to help you if you need anything.

likuri island resort fiji reviews

You should also definitely take a walk around the island at least once during your stay to get to really admire its unspoilt natural beauty.

The south-west part of the island is lovely and quiet, covered in golden sand, with many gorgeous pink conical shells lying around.

likuri island beach resort fiji reviews shells

At low tide you can walk all the way around the island and see the mangroves on the southeast part of the island. It is a really interesting walk.

There’s also plenty space on the beach and on the sun loungers if you just fancy laying in the sun, chilling and enjoying Fiji time! The sunset views here are perfect from the beach and each evening it was just spectacular to watch it go down.

island sunset fiji paradise

During the evening some of the staff like to wind down over a bowl of kava, which you are always welcome to join in!

Alternatively, there’s plenty soft drinks, cocktails, beers, wines, spirits and snacks to purchase at the bar day and night!

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Also – before or after your stay at Likuri Island Resort, if you get the chance you should definitely head down to Natadola Beach which is only a 5 minute drive from the jetty! Natadola Beach has the widest sand in Fiji and is simply stunning!

Paid Activities:

Snorkelling and spa treatments are additional. You can also take a day trip to The Coral Coast to nearby resorts if you want to do water activities such as diving, jet-skiing and banana boat rides. Just let one of the staff know and they can organise it for you.

Robinson Crusoe Tours also offers the Village & Mud Crab Catching tour for $219 ($99 for children). You’ll get on the boat back down the river and visit a local village, take part in a kava ceremony and then go mud crab catching before returning back to Likuri Island.

likuri island beach resort fiji reviews

Robinson Crusoe Island Tours At Likuri Island

As mentioned above, Robinson Crusoe tours organises cultural island trips to Likuri Island. This is great if you’ve already got your Fiji accommodation sorted but really want to get immersed in the Fiji culture! 

The Robinson Crusoe tours are really convenient for anyone staying in Natadola Bay, Coral Coast or Denarau and are a great way to experience Likuri Island and all it has to offer without staying there overnight.

There are a few tours that Robinson Crusoe organise to Likuri Island, however the best one is the Day & Night Combo tour for $289 ($109 for children), which happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Day & Night Combo tour encompasses the day tour as well as the evening show known as the Legends Of The Pacific, which is an absolute must see when in Fiji!

legends of the pacific Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

This tour really lets you get immersed into the traditional Fijian culture. It starts with a river cruise down to a historical local village, where you’ll get to take part in a kava ceremony and then go on a fun mud crab catching adventure!

You’ll then head to Likuri Island where you can help cook the mud crabs at a Fijian cooking lesson and enjoy lunch on the beach.

mud crab cooking Fijian cooking lesson

Spend the afternoon at Likuri snorkelling, kayaking, visiting the Ancient Pottery site and doing the bush medicine walk (or relaxing on the beach for a few hours if you prefer!). 

Then in the evening is where the fun really starts! You’ll take part in another sevusevu (kava) ceremony on Likuri Island.

kava ceremony fiji

You’ll get to see the lovo (underground) cooking and witness the fire walking demonstration (yes – they actually walk on the hot fire stones!). 

The staff will then take you over to the bonfire on the beach where you’ll watch the sun go down by the bonfire with a band singing songs with the guitar, it’s so lovely!

legends of the pacific Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

Then after dinner it’s time for the spectacular Legends Of The Pacific show, with traditional Fijian dancing as well as knife dancing and the incredible fire dancing, with an big finale on the beach! The people on the tour will then get on the boat and make their way back to the mainland.

The Legends Of The Pacific show is honestly spectacular – the dancers looked great and put on such a show! It really is a unique experience. During our time in Fiji we saw countless shows, but this was truly the best.

The Fire Show in particular is spectacular – it has to be seen to be believed and pictures can’t even do this justice! The fire dancers were full of energy and it was mesmerising to watch!

Not only did we think this was the best fire dancing we had seen, but it is regarded in the whole of Fiji as the best fire dancing show.

legends of the pacific fire dancing show Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

What Is The Accommodation Like At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

At Likuri Island Resort there are a few different styles of accommodation to choose from to suit different budgets and travellers, whether you’ll be visiting on your honeymoon, by yourself, with friends, or visiting Fiji with children. All come with their own bathrooms and outdoor patio.

The most luxurious accommodation on Likuri Island is the Beachfront Bures. There are 10 Beachfront Bures all with ocean views located a little bit away from the rest of the accommodation so more peaceful and offering slightly more privacy.

Built only a couple of years ago, the Beachfront Bures are modern and spacious and are the only accommodation on the island that has aircon (all other accommodation has fans) and comes with complimentary bottled water.

Then there are the Beach Houses that have 2 separate sleeping areas and a living area, so perfect for families.

Slightly cheaper are the traditional Fijian bures complete with thatched roofs. There are family sized ones, as well as smaller ones to accommodate just 2 people.

likuri island resort fiji reviews bure accommodation

During our stay we spent one night in a Beachfront Bure and two nights in one of the traditional Island Bures. It was really lovely to enjoy the variety of accommodation.

I loved staying in the traditional bure as it felt really local and authentic (with a low doorframe so watch your head!), but it was also really comfortable in the Beachfront Bure, especially as you could see the ocean waves as you wake up!

likuri island beach resort fiji reviews

What Is The Food Like At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

When staying at Likuri Island Resort it is compulsory for each person to purchase a meal plan. This is how the majority of island resorts in Fiji run. As the whole island is the resort there aren’t other options to get food and so you need to pay a fixed price for all meals per day when you stay at Likuri.

The meal plan at Likuri is $103 per adult per day, and $51.50 per child per day – regardless of which accommodation you are staying in on the island. This price includes continental breakfast plus lunch and dinner.

Breakfast is a basic continental breakfast, so if you wish you can pay extra to get a cooked English breakfast (bacon, sausage, omelette etc). 

The meal plan doesn’t include drinks – they are added onto your room tab and paid at the end. 

island sunset fiji paradise

Meals are served at a set time each day. Food is simple but varied each day with fresh local ingredients and are served in a buffet style next to the beach. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements it’s definitely best to inform the resort prior to your arrival.

island sunset fiji paradise

The dining area is outdoors with a covered roof but so you can still get views of the sea and the nice sea breeze whilst you enjoy your meals.

The food at Likuri is often cooked in ‘lovo’ style. Lovo is a traditional way of cooking in Fiji that involves wrapping fish, meat and root-crop vegetables in coconut and banana leaves and cooking them underground with hot rocks buried in the earth.

This gives the food an extra delicious unique smoky flavour!

Make sure to go over to the fire pit and watch how the staff prepares this delicious feast, which takes around 3 hours to prepare!

legends of the pacific Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

How To Get To Likuri Island Resort Fiji

Likuri Island Resort is the closest island resort to the main island (Viti Levu) so it is fairly easy to get there. It involves getting to the jetty on the mainland and then from there taking the boat across to the island.

Note that the jetty isn’t at Denarau Marina: the jetty for Likuri Island is located in the south-west of the mainland very close to Natadola Beach: around 1 hour’s drive away from Denarau!

You can organise a TTF coach transfer from Nadi Airport to the jetty point with the resort and then get the boat across. Otherwise if you’ll be arriving from another location in Fiji – here are the instructions:

Type into Google maps ‘Robinson Crusoe Island Jetty‘ – this is where you will get the boat to Likuri Island from. It isn’t a marina – it’s just on the side of the river and there’s nothing here except the jetty, a couple of benches and some parking spots if you’ll be coming by car.

If coming from Nadi, it will take just under an hours drive to get to the jetty. You’ll need to drive south from Nadi on the Queens Road for around 37km until you reach the Natadola Road junction, which is next to the Tuva Sanatan Shiv temple.

Turn right here into Natadola Road, towards Intercontinental Fiji and the Natadola Bay Golf Course. Drive for 5km down the road, then it’s the first right turn after the bridge. You’ll see the sign for Likuri Island and signs pointing you to the jetty.

If you can’t arrange a transfer, you can either get a taxi all the way, or take the local bus from Nadi for most of the way and then get a taxi for the remaining part of the journey to the jetty. If coming by bus tell the driver you want to get off at the Natadola Road junction, next to the Tuva Sanatan Shiv temple.

From there you can then hail down a taxi on the road and take the taxi to the jetty, which will work out a lot cheaper than getting a taxi the whole way.

Boats depart from the mainland to Likuri Island at 10am and 5pm and go along the Tuva River. The ride will take around 45 minutes and is really lovely, calm and very relaxing! A single boat transfer costs $51 per adult or $25.50 per child.

On the way back, the boats depart Likuri Island at 9am and 4pm back to the mainland. You can however organise a private transfer if you wish – this does cost slightly more than the scheduled transfers at $82 per person ($41 per child).

island sunset fiji paradise

What Is Included In The Price At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

Your accommodation is included, as well as several activities on the island.

Use of kayaks, paddle board and pedalo is free. You are free to watch the Fijian cooking lesson plus go on the jungle medicine plant trek and visit the ancient pottery site with the staff around the island.

Plus when you are staying overnight at Likuri Island you get to see the Cultural Shows & Fire Performances for free. We stayed for 3 nights which means we got to see the Dance & Fire Show a couple times which was brilliant!

likuri island resort fiji reviews Robinson Crusoe cultural tour dance show

Things That Aren’t Included In The Price At Likuri:

Meals are not included in the price: a compulsory meal plan of $103 per person per day ($51.50 per child) is charged.

The price of the boat transfers is $102 return for adults ($51 each way), $51 return for children ($25.50 single journey).

Snorkelling trips and watersports are extra, as well as drinks at the bar and any services at the spa.

These are all the usual things that are excluded from the price of a resort in Fiji.

island sunset fiji paradise

However, here wifi isn’t included. If you want wifi, you’ll have to purchase one of their packages to buy. These packages are quite expensive so it’s best to sort out a Fiji simcard beforehand as it works out much cheaper. 

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Why Should You Stay At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

What’s great is that Likuri Island is so close to the mainland but it feels like another world. It’s a lovely sandy island with great vibes and plenty to do, plus the cultural performances that you get to see here are absolutely unforgettable!

legends of the pacific Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

There is a balance on the island between quiet relaxed vibes and a more lively atmosphere. The island is very chilled yet it has a nice buzz to it when it gets busy with people coming and visiting on the day trips with Robinson Crusoe tours. There is plenty space on the island to relax in peace and quiet away from others if that’s what you prefer.

island sunset fiji paradise

But what absolutely makes this island is the staff.

The Fijian staff working at Likuri Island are so lovely, hard-working and multi-skilled, often doing several jobs at the resort!

All the dancers also have other jobs on the island – working in the kitchen or as the gardener or as the tour guide and entertainer on the boat trip! 

From early til late the staff all work extremely hard here, always with a big smile on their face. They were honestly some of the nicest Fijians we met during our stay in Fiji. They really make an effort to get to know you and ensure you have the best stay with them. 

likuri island beach resort fiji reviews

How Long Should You Stay At Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

To really enjoy all that Likuri Island Resort has to offer, I would recommend to stay for at least 3 days. Many people stay for longer however, such as 5 days or a week!

You’ll definitely want to ensure you see The Legends Of The Pacific Show during your stay – so make sure if you’re only staying for a couple of nights that it definitely includes a Monday, Wednesday or a Saturday night!

legends of the pacific fire dancing show Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

What Kind Of People Will Enjoy Likuri Island Resort Fiji?

Likuri Island is suitable for couples as well as families and groups of friends. Adventurous people who really enjoy learning about different cultures as well as exploring and relaxing in an unpretentious environment will definitely enjoy Likuri Island Resort.

There is a really nice social aspect to this place, as well as there being plenty space to spread out if you want some chill time alone.

drone photography fiji islands likuri island resort natadola


Is Likuri Island Resort Worth It?

Likuri Island Resort is really unique with incredible shows and activities available.

legends of the pacific fire dancing show Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

The staff here at Likuri Island Resort are so lovely. The fire show and dancing was simply spectacular, the accommodation was really nice and the setting is fantastic. Overall we had a really pleasant stay here and would definitely recommend visiting when you come to Fiji!

legends of the pacific Robinson Crusoe shoe likuri island fiji resort reviews

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This article is sponsored by Likuri Island Resort Fiji, however all opinions and reviews expressed are our own.

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